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Required Reading Before Attending a Patrolling Class

In a recent class, we were fortunate to have two very professional former USMC small-unit leaders who contributed a great deal to the course, by sharing the relevant portions of their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan. During the AAR portion of the class, one of these gentlemen, a former 0302 (Infantry Officer), O-3 type (Captain), pointed out to other students that, prior to attending this class, they should have read three very relevant articles from this blog. I am now making them required reading prior to attending this class.

On packing a patrol ruck:

Tactical Intelligence Collection, including a description of terrain analysis

An Introduction to Battle Drills

  1. tom k. permalink

    sorry about this post but I need your opinion on coverting my 556 AR to a gas piston conversion using an Adam Arms kit Is it worth the cost to increase operation of the rifle ?Or am I wasting my money,I know ur busy ,but if you could reply that would be great as I am sure I will get an honest answer.tnks tom k. in the Peoples Republic of new Jersey

    • Shawn permalink

      Although gas piston systems are great, unless you are going to be swimming with your weapon save your money and buy other items you may need. Thats just my opinion.

  2. Greg A. permalink

    Don’t waste your money on piston kits. They’re crap. Get good mags, buy AND use lube. Buy ammo and train.

  3. J H permalink

    Read his other post about AR’s. DI is the way to go if you take care of your rifle, lube it properly, and use quality ammo.

  4. Good info. Taking it all in. Can’t wait for the book.

    Also, reading the AAR’s it seems a few guys had some gear issues. Might be a good idea to take your shit on a shake-down cruise before going to class.

  5. Stop asking gear questions in areas pertaining to tactics.

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