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Upcoming Open-Enrollment Classes


Idaho Falls, ID

Combat Rifle Applications 28-30APR17 (this is Fri-Sun)

This course focuses on training drills to apply the fundamental techniques of rifle handling to the combative application. It specifically focuses on skill-building exercises that combine marksmanship/precision and speed of execution, with heavy cognitive loads and decision-making drills. This is an intermediate-to-advanced level course, although we have had relatively novice shooters attend and perform well. It does require at least familiarity with your rifle’s manual-of-arms and the basic shooting positions.

Tuition for this course is $500. Deposits are due no later than 17APR17. For full details, or to enroll, contact HH6 at


  1. Az1912 permalink

    Sent you and hh6 an inquiry for enrollment last week for either Idaho or az. Are you still accepting students?

  2. Any pistol classes planned?

    • Not currently. Have some stuff potentially coming up in AZ again, in February, but probably not a pistol class. Wanna host one?

  3. Matt permalink

    Any plans for any more patrolling classes? I hope that you and the family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    • KAPG permalink

      Matt, or anyone else interested in a Small Unit Patrolling class, I would like to hear from you directly to see if maybe we can put together a class for John to teach. This class has only been advertised once that I know of in 2 years. Please contact me at

  4. KAPG permalink

    If anyone else out there is interested in a Small Unit Patrolling class sound off. I’ve been waiting for one (not in the middle of my family’s 1 week of vacation) for two years. If anyone else sees the value in active patrolling around your cabin, block or bug out location, maybe we can conspire to put together a class for John. Let me know at

    -MATT, I will respond to you next.

  5. KAPG permalink

    Awesome BR55!
    I answered you directly yesterday.
    Anyone else interested in this unique class that will soon be of far more use than square dancing at the range, email me so we can get you in the head count.

    Matt, are you still out there?

  6. KAPG permalink

    The Mosby’s don’t believe me when I tell them there are a bunch of people who want a Small Unit Patrol class. PLEASE WRITE THEM and ask them to please schedule a class before the Fed’s break the bank and the EBT cards stop working, or the North Koreans send US an EMP for lunch!

    I have 5 contacts interested, some with multiple team members who want a SUP class. These are in addition to several of my own. PLEASE CONTACT HH6 at

  7. Cochise permalink

    Cochise says….kill em all! 😉

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