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Volume Two (and Volume One) is available through the Forward Observer Store site.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to continue accepting orders through the mail for anonymity. In light of this, for those who do not want to use Paypal or Credit Cards to order on-line, I have done another print run of Volume One (this time in the larger format of 8×10) and Volume Two.

Cost of Volume One is still $70. Cost of Volume Two is still $50.

To order in this manner, send cash, or an unaddressed money order (in other words, leave the “Pay to” area blank….) to:


c/o 2184 Channing Way

Idaho Falls, ID 83404




By the Way

While waiting for WordPress to hook a brotha up and export everything to the new site, here’s a link for those that were asking…

(We’ll be transporting subscriptions to this blog, and content, to the new site, as time permits.)

Open Enrollment Vehicle Class

Well, despite my best intentions, I’ve been asked to offer an open-enrollment vehicle-based operations class.

This will be in the vicinity of Prescott, Arizona, from 26FEB-1MAR (that’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for those who lack a calendar). This class covers basic vehicle patrolling formations and techniques, and includes battle drills for two-man and four-man single vehicle, as well as two, three, and larger vehicle convoys.

THIS IS SOFT-SKINNED VEHICLE CENTRIC. I don’t own a MRAP, and I’m betting you don’t either.

This is a physically demanding class and requires above-average gunhandling for safety. Day one will largely consist of refresher on IMT and buddy-team movements, as well as an evaluation of marksmanship and gunhandling. Failure to achieve a quantifiable level of skill will not preclude participation in the rest of the class, but you will participate in a dry-fire only mode,

Cost for this class is $500 per shooter. To register, contact HH6 at

Alright, Sam Culper at Forward Observer is in the process of sending you emails right now—to all of the email addresses, including any I had that were victims of typos or my own transcription errors—so you should have your copy of The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground in your inbox soon.
(If you notice MAJOR errors, like photos in the wrong place or something, or something was not covered that you were specifically hoping to see, let me know via email, and I’ll try to get the changes made before it goes to the printer)

In the meantime, as of today, there are 1513 people who subscribe to this blog. As many of you know, I’ve been writing articles for Forward Observer for a while now. For the most part, it has turned out really well. There have been some complaints about my language, but ironically, this time they’re about my language having been cleaned up for FO. As of Wednesday, 1JAN15, Sam and the FO crew are changing the face of the website and the magazine.

In addition to the awesome content that Sam is already sending you, there’s going to be a free monthly web seminar, and a digital library that has gigabytes worth of documents, ranging from DoD and Intelligence community manuals and reports, to articles from professional journals, and more.

Sam is also changing the way I interact with the site and magazine.

I will still do a weekly article for FO magazine’s main page, and a quarterly article of more depth for the print journal. In addition however, there will be a sub-domain…a carryover of this blog, if you will… Having discussed with with Sam and the other SF veteran on staff, that blog sub-domain will allow me to write—weapons-free on language and content. So, I can go back to writing the way I talk.

The new site will also allow me to do more than “just” write lengthy expositions. I will use it for shorter commentary on a variety of subjects, relevant to preparedness and the reluctant partisan. While I’m a pretty big fan of lengthy narrative, this will also allow me to make shorter, almost Twitter-like comments when appropriate, and I can post links to articles others do, that I like.

So, here’s the catch…..there’s 1513 of you who are getting a notice from your email, when I post this. I know not all of you are going to be willing to do it, since you won’t buy the books even, but I do need you to do ME a favor, for a change….

Go, log onto and consider—seriously—subscribing to the magazine.

An annual digital subscription is a measly $24, and an annual print subscription is only $40. I don’t know about you, but I spend more than that on shit that won’t do me nearly as much good—even in the short-term.

As inexpensive as that is, a lifetime digital subscription is an even better deal. From now until 1JAN15, the lifetime subscription is only $120. After the 1st, it goes back to $240. That’s not an inconsiderable amount to pay for a lifetime subscription to a brand-new publication, admittedly. Here’s the thing though…three years ago, no one thought the Mountain Guerrilla blog would still be around. Now though, I’m still here, and there’s two full-length training books as a result.

How much amazing is going to come out of the combined contributions of Sam, myself, and the other members of the crew over there, in the next three years? The next six?

You don’t have to subscribe. You will still be able to read the tawdry raving nonsense that I write. You’d be doing a solid good thing though, if you could actively support the effort.
Sam informed me to tell readers from here, if you use the discount code MOSBY, it’ll get you 10% off. So, there is that…..


Besides, Forward Observer is taking over publishing both of my books, at no great profit for them. The more support they get, the longer the books will be available (and the sooner Volume Two’s hard copy will be available!)

The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground, or…..John is an asshole.

There are some folks wondering where the fuck their copy of the eBook version of The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two is at, since they can’t find it in their inbox. The message below went out via email yesterday, to everyone who participated in the pre-sale of the eBook. If you did not receive the email, that’s because the email address we had for you was invalid.

There were a lot. Fully 1/3 of the emails were returned as undeliverable…. If that includes you, do me a solid and contact me with a valid, working email address.


The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground was due in your inbox today. Please accept my sincerest apologies for its absence. An explanation is certainly in order.

I had completed the book on 15DEC14. On 17-19DEC14, I decided to sit down, re-read it a final time, to ensure it was the quality I intended to produce, and all the requisite information was included. Last year, at this same general time, I sent out the eBook version of Volume One, and ended up making significant changes between it and the hard copy version that became available seven months later. I did not want to repeat that debacle.

Running the very real risk of looking like a complete asshole, I decided that I was NOT satisfied with the final product, and wanted to make significant changes. This led to my decision, on 19DEC14, to perform a complete re-write. Since the material was already complete, I figured six days would be more than adequate. After all, the Israeli Defense Forces managed to kick the dog piss out of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in that time frame, in the 1967 Six Days War. No sweat, right?

In the ensuing six days between then and now, I have spent a minimum of 20 hours per day working on the revisions/re-write. I largely ignored my family, leaving my wife to deal with a four year old, and a brand new baby, born the end of November (In fact, I only spent 30 minutes with my family this morning, while my oldest daughter unwrapped her gifts…). Despite the Herculean effort, I need 2-3 more days of similar hours, to complete the revisions, in order to produce a quality product.

My pledge to you, the customer was, this would be available to you, on 25DEC. In light of that, there are three possible options.

1. I can send the material that is completely revised, thus far. I am pretty satisfied with it, and believe it actually far exceeds the standards of Volume One. This will not be the complete manuscript however. That would require me to re-send the entire manuscript, when it is completed this weekend.

2. I can send the completed manuscript, reflective of the quality of material that I, Warhammer Six Press, and Forward Observer Magazine, would like to be known for, when it is complete this weekend.

3. We can offer you a refund of the purchase price of the eBook.

I will leave it up to the individual to choose which of these options they would prefer to follow. That having been said, if your choice is #2, please DO NOT respond to this email. My inbox is overflowing as it is, having been neglected during the re-write.

If your choice is #1 or #3, please DO respond via email, but simply use TRP2 in the subject line, followed by “#1” or “#3,” also in the subject line. This will preclude the necessity of having to open every email. If your choice is #1, I will reply, with the completed portions of the manuscript attached in eBook format. If the choice is #3, I will forward your email address to Sam Culper at The Forward Observer, to process the refund.

In closing, again, please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay. I am sorry that any faith placed in me was misplaced. I sincerely hope you will understand my drive to provide a quality, completed product, rather than a half-ass effort of dubious value.


De Oppresso Liber


Sam Culper and I have discussed this at some depth. In the future, until I have categorically decided I am satisfied with the final product, and it is in his hands, there will be no pre-sale events like this. It’s an abortion, and I apologize again.




Another TC3/Grid-Down Medical Class in Idaho

The host of the Grid-Down Medical Class I conducted in Southern Idaho last fall has asked me to return and do another, both for refresher training and to allow some of his local folks to get in on the class.

I will teaching the two-day Grid-Down Emergency Medical Course in Idaho Falls, ID on 6-7 FEB (this is Friday and Saturday).

This course includes lecture and hands-on, practical exercises implementing the current US military Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) protocols, including Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, and Casualty Evacuation, under austere conditions, without the benefit of modern hospital care.

This class also goes on to cover civilian preparedness-specific medical considerations including prevention, recognition, and treatment options for common lifestyle and other ailments not common to military personnel and operations.

It will include discussion of some of the recommended changes to the TC3 protocols that came out of the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) Conference this month.

The cost for this two-day in-depth course is $300 per person. Couples and pairs may attend for a combined $500 cost. For information and/or to enroll in this class, please contact the host, Allen, at 208.243.7723.



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