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  1. Lisa permalink

    You have a lot of good, pertinent information…but, the language is repulsive.

    • I know, ain’t it grand how bad people use such cultured, refined language when they’re raping you?

      • Alex Dusan permalink

        So someone talking in an uncouth manner is automatically a saint and friend?

      • If you’re referring to me, I am not a Saint. Not even the right belief system for sainthood to be an option. And, I don’t count people as my friends unless I know them in person, so I’m not sure I get the point. As far as “uncouth” language, I’d be fuck all more worried about the uncouth BEHAVIOR of someone trying to cut your head off.

    • Jay permalink

      I agree with lisa you don’t have to be a foul mouth to make a point. I believe if J.S. Mosby were here to listen to your trash under his name you would be called out with a glove. Grow up!

      • Knowing soldiers as I do, I believe you’re wrong. In fact, he kind of sort of said something along those lines, in a letter he wrote to Sam Chapman, in 1907 (this was after he had served as the US Consul to Hong Kong): “Now while I think a badly of slavery as Horace Greeley did I am not ashamed that my family were slaveholders. It was our inheritance. Neither am I ashamed that my ancestors were pirates and cattle thieves. People must be judged by the standard of their own age. If it was right to own slaves as property, it was right to fight for it.” (emphasis added)

        Considering I write in the exact same vernacular which I speak, I would suggest that perhaps, the Colonel might disprove (although, knowing actual fighting men as well as I do, I suspect he would not give a shit either way), he’d probably view it as simply an expression of my culture.

        In closing, having discussed this particular issue, ad nauseum, I would suggest you go fuck yourself with a coil of razor wire, and have a very SF day!

      • Shawn permalink

        You know what, you don’t like the language stay off the site, it is that simple. I really hate when people come to a site for free info and then have the audacity to criticize how you give that free info. These are probably the same people that get offended about breast feeding. They would also complain if you gave them $100 free asking why did I only get $100 and not $200 this is B.S.


      • DAN III permalink


        Are you one of these stooges who gets paid by the Soros scum to attack blogs not in alignment with the Progressive/statist/collectivist/Marxist/Communist mentality ? If you don’t like what is written by the blog owner, then take your controlling, liberal mindset elsewhere. That, or quit whining about the presentation and digest the good, no-cost-to-you information. Simple, eh ?

      • D00M permalink

        Yeah. Jay and Lisa you can take your PC culture and shove it up your collective ass. 14S 1CAV 4/5ADA

    • DAN III permalink

      So Lisa, if you are so repulsed by the language of Mr. Mosby, why are you here reading it ?

      The Huffington Post beckons you.

    • Neil Cahill permalink

      Lisa, “Forging” is actually a serious work- one of the best treatises of history I’ve ever read- & provides many good references not just his fckn opinion. If u are repulsed just don’t read the footnotes- for the most part he keeps the text straight up. I get tired of the fckn fckn fkcn this and that but want the info in the Part 1& 2 books , but wht the fck, he likes the word so, what-th-fck-ever. did “it” help make my point? You need to be able to transpose the concepts over and into whatever Bander-log Orlog you got going on, which point the author makes. Its not an off-the-shelf-do-this-lifestyle recommendation- its a go thou and do likewise, but, DO. ONE OF THE BEST HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES IVE EVER SEEN- AND IM 62- much appreciated!

  2. John DeWitt permalink

    John, you make me happy dude. I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to find this blog. I can’t wait til I can scrimp enough dough together to get your book brother….

    Wow this was about to get long so I’ll save it for an email but for here, I’ll just say, I’m Mormon dude. I served a teo year mission for my church. I’m married in our temple to my awesome wife & I have two little kids. But I’m also a firefighter/paramedic who is no stranger to flavorful language. That being said, don’t change a thing brother. You just keep on keepin’ on dude! I’m excited for what’s coming from FO & everybody on here who’s bitching about language can just calm the hell down!

    Thanks for all your hard work & thank HH^ for putting up with it!

  3. Mike L permalink

    This is by far the most non bullshit I have ever read. This is legitimately the first resource I have found that reinforces my ideas and sharpens my philosophies. I really appreciate all the useful information, and the down to earth presentation. I’m so sick of the ultra lightweight modern operator sheepdog bullshit that everyone is regurgitating everytime someone opens their fucking mouth about anything SHTF.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. Curt permalink

    how do I get a hard copy of your book(s)? don’t see a link. are they available?? thank you.

  5. Scott Gudmundsen permalink

    Sir, quick question, what does Cat-t stand for? Thanks, Scott. In Loveland, Colorado.

    • Combat Applications Tourniquet. Since we abbreviate it to CAT, the extra T got added on somewhere, probably from someone saying, CAT tourniquet.”

  6. Tom Magner permalink

    I ordered your book on October 23 and received an order complete message from Forward Observer on November 2. Sent a message to FO asking for status and your email as well and never received a response. The money to gone from my account but I have no book. Can you help?

  7. Maybe I missed it. How can I order either books, digital or otherwise?

  8. Oh, and by the way, I find your language in your posts, which someone commented on previously, to be hilarious in the context of the issues you were addressing.

    I sometimes forward your messages to people, telling them that I was choking on my spit when I read them because I was laughing so hard.

    Keep up the good work and don’t let the critics get you down.

  9. Mike permalink

    Hi John, have you emailed vol 2 yet? I haven’t received it. I got an email from MountainGuerrilla tonight and reading the links above I can’t tell if you’ve shipped the book or not.

  10. Do you prefer the lanyard or belt loop in the VG-2? Thanks. Outstanding blog

    • I run the belt loop. I have a lanyard version from a different maker, but I’m always worried I’m going to lose my gun in a scuffle.

  11. S cauble permalink

    I per ordered the Relucant Partisan Vol 2 in December and still haven’t received a copy. I have attempted to reach Forward Observer on the web and get a server unavailable notice. I just tried to send John an email to and get message undeliverable message.
    Can someone help me out here?

    • Sam has an editor fixing the formatting errors in the pdf currently. I actually do not have Volume Two anymore. He should get it out soonest.

  12. permalink

    What model of Keens are you wearing now, and which Vasques would you reccomend? Just killed my feet w/Danner Mountain Lights rucking. Thanks

    • I’m actually not. I’m wearing Salomon GTX 4, that a reader sent me a pair of to T&E (which reminds me, I need to write the review of, now that I’ve been wearing them for so long)….I love them.

    • DAN III permalink


      I’ve a pair of those same Danners. Been trying to break them in for 2 months now. Problem I’m having is the tongue on the left boot cuts into me if not positioned just so.

      I may just go back to GI issue.

  13. permalink

    Thanks, I’ll check them out

  14. Sam permalink


    Most stuff on the web caters to the vidiot or weekend warrior, or worse, the guy who is looking to fit in by knowing the “tacticool” stuff.

    It’s 0344 local. After a random search, I came to your site. Some years ago, while a passenger in the back of a CH-46 flying over Umm Qasr, I wondered aloud, “Why the fuck am I the only Marine aboard this aircraft with a rifle and ruck?” My counterparts looked at me as if I were stupid, they, armed only with M9 and two pistol mags. We ended up in a place called An Nasiriyah. I thought I knew the dark art of swearing…how wrong I was.

    You are clear, concise, and with a humor that, near tore me to fits. It’s nice to be a civilized and decent American. Education has changed me, but if I may, sometimes you have to revert to the “old way” and mutter some incantation of immense bodily harm, toss someone across a room, or failing diplomacy, bring a weapon to bear in order get the point across. Violence isn’t for everyone, but it pays to know that there is always comedy to be found in dire straits!

    Serious shit, for sure. But fuckin funny. Thank you, I haven’t had this much PME or yuks in the same moment in awhile!

  15. Btroll permalink

    Would you mind doing a breakdown of everything that went wrong here? I don’t have the chops/experience to Monday morning quarterback him but I think this falls in line with what you’ve been stressing lately.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  16. Can you include your thoughts on training with one’s off hand? Whether boxing, shooting pistol or rifle, shooting around cover, incorporating into one’s yearly training program, and any other advice with your real world experiences.

  17. Bucephalus permalink

    Informative site, it brings back lots of useful memories.


    Rgr Class 8-88

  18. Shawn permalink

    Love your site. Keep up the Great work. HOOAH


  19. a.j. clark permalink

    is there any way to get copies of the pics from “you want me to carry what?” and the part 2?

  20. Scott King permalink

    John. I say we talk you into repeating your Oct course, both classes, soon, in Pahrump. And maybe throw in some squats?

  21. wunhunglo2 permalink

    I’m an old Jarhead of the late Vietnam era, and need the Combat Rifle class to see if I’m up for the others. I’ll keep checking what’s available and I live in northern NM.
    As far as the language goes, perhaps those who complain would address an attacker by insisting that he “cease and desist his aggressive actions and offensive words or I shall be forced to resort to an ungentlemanly response”. Sometimes “FUCK” is required. This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, mind, or spine.

  22. Jim griffin permalink

    Sign me up please

  23. Mike permalink

    Ok cock breath where do i get a copy of your fucking book?
    FOmag is out of stock and all I can find is reviews of your repulsive prose.
    I have neither time nor the money to come out and train with you as I spend a good deal of time working and trying to keep my kids from getting indoctrinated in school and the rest of my time I am training on my advanced emt continuing ed hrs. about how not to get shot and start an IV under fire and shit like that.
    If your book is as good as it sounds Ill have my team up to speed in a few months
    Im a 11b mountain warfare/coastie, my brother is 11b mountan warfare/marine so we het stuck as cadre

  24. PRCD permalink

    Just ordered a hard copy of both books. I am interested in the pistol course and emergency medical course. Please contact me through my email address when these courses are available.

  25. Dwayne Somero permalink

    I’m rereading Chapter 3 in Volume 1 and I am wondering if you have any thoughts on Tim Larkins TFT system?

  26. JWUN66 permalink

    I am a recently awoken civi with a clueless wife and two small girls. Im fucked ya I know. But I have been on the road to recovery and soldiering the fuck up. I happened upon your site while researching and it is a welcomed refreshingly harsh punch in the mouth. Some people need the GD truth handed to them on something other than a rubber covered spoon I feed my 6 mo old with. Keep it up, I will be reading on.

  27. Patrick J Sullivan permalink

    I just ordered ( or so l hope ) a copy of reluctant partisan book 1 and book 2. I don’t know if the order wentry through or if I ordered 3 or 4 sets because there was no indication that my order was accepted.
    Is there someone who could check this and let me know.
    Thank you for your help

  28. Brian White permalink

    Hello. I must be a moron. I cannot figure out how to actually order a book. Any suggestions?


  29. John Thomas permalink

    Two very sadly simple questions. Neither dealing with uncouth vernacular.
    1.) Where are you located as far as classes are concerned?
    2.) Battle rifle….I have my beloved SCAR 17 in .308 and .223. Would Prefer to use .308 would that be possible under the broad language of .308. and I’m happily accoustumed to uncouth vernacular. 4th gen US Army Inf. My mother’s oldest brother is number 57 on the the plaque of two star CIB’s at Inf Museum. Dad was a Two war. So I ve heard it all in German, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese and a few more. Patton said his men functioned better on profanity.

  30. John Thomas permalink

    All classes are valid and necessary in today’s climate. I’m coming from NC. Not my home, just where I live. VA is my home. 2019 will be the time for me to travel to your classes. I prefer a SCAR .308 If a choice is possible. Will remain in area for as many classes as you will have me.
    Looking forward to your reading list. Any chance that any of them are audible books?

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