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At the behest of numerous readers, I finally started a Patreon subscription page, after almost a decade of writing this blog, for free, between this site and the old (gone) blogspot site. The Patreon site has been a resounding success, if I do say so myself, with over 600 subscribers, at the moment (some come, some go, most have stayed). I publish a MINIMUM of 3 articles per week, one for the First Tier Subscribers ($10/month), and two for the Second Tier and above subscribers ($5/month).

Generally once a month, I will make one of the posts public access, and will post a link and some of the text here. Come check it out. If it piques your curiosity, go ahead and subscribe. For a one month subscription, you get access to all the back content on that tier anyway, and with an average article length of something like 8 pages, that’s a Hell of a value, even just for leisure reading. I suspect though, you’ll stick around.

I would like to continue posting articles here as well, but honestly, it doesn’t make sense from my perspective. I’m already taking a lot of time from my family for what is essentially a hobby (admittedly, a paying hobby, which is kind of a nice change). So, I will post the monthly public access article there, and a link here, but for more new content, in more depth than even what I’ve typically done here on the MG blog, you’re going to want to subscribe.

The Patreon Page can be found HERE.

Good hunting, and thanks for your support.


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