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Developing a Pre-Disposition For Effective Violence

May 7, 2014


I had a student in a class recently (IIRC, it was the Iowa Combat Rifle course, but I could be mistaken), ask the very serious question, “How do we prepare mentally for the act of killing another person?” While, after giving him the tongue-in-cheek answer of “go chop people’s heads off with a pen knife?” I gave the legitimate answer that it’s a matter of overcoming cultural conditioning, it’s a question that’s been nagging at my conscience ever since.


For the most part, neither I, nor any of my friends who have been downrange, has ever voiced a concern over a reticence to drop the hammer and kill the enemy. Unfortunately, because of the prevalence of feel-good, New Age humanist bullshit in the soft sciences like psychology, there is a lot of nonsense in the world about “mankind’s natural, inherent reluctance towards intra-species killing.” All the archaeological evidence to the contrary, too many people have conflated a CULTURAL conditioning that illegitimizes interpersonal lethal violence, with a “natural” human reluctance.


Regardless of the status of the oft-voiced reluctance—inherent at the genetic level, or culturally conditioned—the fact is, it is a very real concern for a lot of people (FYI, before anyone starts citing BG SLA “Slam” Marshall, do more background research into the repudiations of his “research.”). At the risk of getting slightly side-tracked, as we all know I am wont to do, I will point out that I am an inveterate journalist. At any given time, I’ll have anywhere from six to a dozen different journals floating around. These serve as PT records, a means to record ideas I want to develop into articles for the blog, and things I’ve come across in my reading, as well as simply random thoughts that pop into my head. Once or twice a year, I’ll sit down and compile all the notes and records into a single volume, then dispose of the old, partially full journals that now are serving no purpose other than taking up valuable space on my bookshelves. This is important, because I spent much of last night and yesterday on that very task.


As I collated journal notes from a round dozen different journals, I came across an entry on the subject of this article. I am not sure when I recorded it (this particular journal actually has notes from over four years ago, so it’s been stashed away in hiding for quite some time!), or what the original source was, but…..


According to the journal entry (which I obviously agreed with, or I wouldn’t have written it down in the first place), there are six basic facets to developing a predisposition towards effective violence.



One of the first “training” lessons I ever learned was from my grandfather. While I’d like to believe he picked it up during his OSS training in WW2, I honestly never bothered asking him, so I genuinely just don’t know. I’ve since heard the same advice from dozens of different sources, have practiced it myself for well over twenty years, and have repeatedly found…it works. Not just well; it works like a Creole hooker during Mardi Gras…


That lesson was on the importance of visualization. Play the “what if” game. Not just in the context of this conversation, I play the “what if” game constantly. “What if” that car in front of me suddenly loses control and starts sliding all over the road? “What if” that dude walking into the steak house pulls out a Glock and starts shooting people? “What if” I look out my front window and see a group of jocked up dudes in black nomex in my yard? “What if” I’m driving down our road and come to a tree across the road, then gunfire starts pinging into the truck? “What if” I take a gunshot wound to the lower abdomen below my plate carrier?


The key to effective visualization of course, is REALISTIC mental images. Basing your visualization on John Woo action movie behaviors is not going to do you much good. Fortunately, if you’re reading this, there is an amazing resource just a couple mouse clicks and typing away, in the form of YouTube. Despite the noise:signal ration on YT, the fact is, there are lots of camera recordings of everything from helmet cam footage of gunfights in Iraq and Afghanistan to criminal assaults and convenience store robberies. By studying the appropriate videos, and dissecting the behaviors and movements of the key players, you can begin to form a relatively accurate mental image of what a given scenario might look like, when you experience it.


This allows you to begin formulating realistic, effective responses to those scenarios. There is ample scientific experimental, research, and anecdotal evidence out there, aptly proving that if you can create a realistic image in your head—visualization—of yourself performing certain actions in response to certain key stimuli, to your brain, it’s as if you had actually performed them. You get the benefits of the experience, without the attendant risks and costs of the experience.


Ultimately, for the inexperienced, the surest way to inculcate the ability to be extremely violent, without actually going out and beating the shit out of people…or chopping off stranger’s heads with a pen knife, is through visualization. Visualize the reticle of your optic superimposed on a bad guy’s face or chest, and “feel” your finger squeeze all the way through the trigger break. Visualize the recoil cycle of the gun, and visualize seeing the rounds impact his shirt or jacket. Visualize his face being distorted from the impact, and the violence of high-velocity blood and brain matter spray out the back of the skull.

Visualize the slight resistance and sudden give of the tip of your kabar puncturing his clothing and flesh. Visualize the warm, stickiness of blood flowing over your hand. Visualize punching a dude in the face so hard that you can “feel” his cheek bones fracture under your fist.


The catch of course, is that you have to actually visualize the entire physical performance, in all of its details, and ACCURATELY. You also have to actually be physically capable of performing the action. I don’t care how realistic your visualization is, if you’re a quadriplegic, you’re not going to be able to perform a Master-level run at the local 3-Gun match. Having the physical ability to perform the tasks, of course, requires,



You have to engage in effective training. This means learning proven, effective TTPs, and then practice them in an effective manner. Shooting Appleseed alone won’t cut it. You need to be able to shoot, but you also need to know what it feels like to run a dynamic, fast-moving break contact drill, from the way your movement patterns change when you’re kitted up, to the way it feels to twist and slam into the ground as you bound backwards while your Ranger buddy provides protective suppressive fire. Performing as the maneuver element during a Hasty Attack requires actually having trained in the task, so you know what it feels like to make that long, sprinting bound around. You need to know what it feels like to perform 3-5 second rushes and crawls through the terrain you will be visualizing that you will be performing on.

Beyond visualization, you also just have to be able to perform the tasks necessary. From throwing a rapid-fire, machine-gun barrage of punches to beat the piss out of an attacker, to executing a blistering fast drawstroke from concealment, to SEEING the front sight superimposed on the bad guy’s face. If you don’t train and learn how to actually, accurately, effectively perform any given task, all the visualization training in the world won’t do you a fuck-all bit of good.


At the same time (and you KNEW I was going to slip this in somehow….), you have to be physically fit enough to execute the violence you need to execute. Knowing HOW to crash and clinch then stab a dude in the carotid artery is not the same thing as being fast enough and strong enough to actually pull it off. Visualizing humping a 40-50 pound rucksack for 6 days straight, on less than 2 hours of sleep per night is NOT the same thing as having the physical and mental discipline and conditioning to actually pull it off.


That doesn’t mean you have to be able to pull off any given physical feat today. You just have to be trying to improve. If you are doing more today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow, you do more than you did today, you’re doing the right thing. Right?



You need to know your legitimate, honest level of skill…and your limitations. If you’ve never managed to hit an e-type silhouette at 200 meters, there’s little point in trying to project violence at 300 meters, until you improve your marksmanship abilities. If you’re a short little fat bastard who has no interest in doing PT or getting into a Jitz class, there’s even less point in planning on choking some pipe-hitting powerlifter in SWAT kit.


Be objective about your abilities, and you can limit your attempts at violence to what you are capable of.



Teach yourself to relax under stress, and you’ll be able to focus on the fundamentals of executing a particular skill set or task. Use patterned breathing. I tend to be really, really good at remaining disturbingly calm under stressful situations, because of positive self-talk (see below) and a lack of negative reinforcement (in other words, remaining calm has never caused me any harm under stress). As I’ve pointed out to people in daily life, ad nauseum, “unless you’re getting shot at, there are few things in life worth getting panicky about, and if you are getting shot at, panicking will only result in your dying, so calm the fuck down!”
In those occasional moments where I do lose my cool and start getting stressed out (truthfully, they usually only happen when HH6 is driving me absolutely, batshit fucking crazy), I generally catch myself in a hurry and calm down quickly and easily because of controlled, patterned breathing. Some instructors suggest a 4-count. Inhale for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. Exhale for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. I use seven, because at some point in my youth, my grandfather told me seven was the “magic” number (or perhaps the “magical” number, since I recall him saying something about it having had spiritual significance prior to computers….fucking weird if you ask me). All I really know is, THAT SHIT WORKS!!!



Positive self-talk, during training and daily life, will go a long way towards making you more effective in violence and in life in general. It goes right along with the visualization mentioned above. “Hey, if that car starts sliding into my lane, I’ll be fine. I can steer into the ditch and control the car, because I’ve done a lot of off-road driving, at ridiculously high speeds.” “Hey, if that dude walks in with a Glock, I know how to handle the situation, because I can draw and fire an accurate first round head shot at twice the distance between here and the front door. I do it all the time in training.” “If the cannibalistic San Franciscans start rioting in the streets and my life, or the life of my family is in danger, I can deal with it. It’s easier to shoot them effectively in the middle of the street than it was to hit that half-sized silhouette at 300 meters last weekend on the range!” “Hey, I’ve had SUT training, and my wife and I have practiced buddy team bounds using fire-and-maneuver, so if I have to fight off a home invasion by MS-13 banditos, we’ll be alright!”



Arguably tied for the most critical with visualization in developing a predisposition towards effective violence is having a positive support system, starting with—most important—a deep, legitimate belief in the righteousness of your actions and your cause. If you believe that your actions may be too aggressive, or you hold some retarded, childhood belief that only fair fights are okay, then you’re not going to be effective, because you will unconsciously hold back. On the other hand, if you KNOW, in your soul, that what you are standing up for is right, and that the actions you are taking are justified, then you won’t have any reluctance to do what needs to be done.


At the same time, after the fact, you shouldn’t have to deal with your friends and family second-guessing your actions. Sure, an honest appraisal, in the form of an AAR critique can be useful…but ultimately, if your friends and family don’t share your values….I’d suggest dumping all the fuckers and finding better people to hang out with.


This belief can be seen in elite military units (so much for Grossman’s sociopath arguments….), with a strong sense of esprit de corps. The cultivated belief system that “we’re better than everyone else, and we’re fighting for the man next to us” IS a support system that facilitates the use of effective violence. We know, at least amongst our brethren, that as long as we use it in accordance with the rules, no one is going to judge us harshly for being violent. It’s not until we start dealing with outsiders who don’t understand the culture or mindset that we start having to deal with doubters, non-believers, and second-guessing.




Ultimately, all of these—like so many things—are intertwined and synergistic. None of them work particularly well without all the other pieces in place. So, get training so you can practice effective visualization, and engage in positive self-talk. Most of all, develop a legitimate belief that you are doing the right thing.


It is my firmly held belief that the idea that humans have an inherent, genetic resistance to intra-species violence that can only be overcome with operant conditioning is a bunch of statist, mind control bullshit. If the prophets of this nonsense can convince you that you need special conditioning to be effective at violence, that can only be achieved through military or law enforcement training, first-person shooter video games, or being abused as a child, then they can facilitate your being effectively controlled, without worrying about violent revolt from the proles.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian who follows the adage of “turn the other cheek.” Intra-species violence is—truthfully—one of the most natural acts of human kind. Christ may have said turn the other cheek, but I’d point out, his daddy only created you with two cheeks…..what do you do after you’ve been bitch-slapped on the other side? Same thing he did in the temple. You beat the shit out of the offenders, and drive them off with weapons.


For us heathen non-believers? The archaeological and historical record is amply clear that there is NO inherent genetic resistance to stabbing a motherfucker in the face, chopping his head off with sword or axe, or burning his house down around his ass.


If you can manage to practice the six aspects of developing a pre-disposition towards effective violence, then dropping the hammer, fist or firearm, will not be an issue when the need arises.



John Mosby


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  1. Hobo permalink


    Excellent topic / discussion material.
    The “average” American never comes in contact with someone they may have to eliminate. Why? Because these people are being housed in the local county jail or prison. Most jails offer a “visitor tour” or in many cases and opportunity to shadow one of the jail Deputies for one shift.

    I would suggest for anyone who feels a bit “squeamish” even being around this type of person to go spend some time in your local jail. These are the people you are going to meet in a grid down situation. They have no problem with walking into your compound or camp and taking your stuff. It is a way of life for them. Spend some time with them, watch their body language, how they communicate and how the pecking order is arranged.

    Request to spend some time in the “booking area”. You will get a first hand view of residents of your community that you normally will never see. It is much better to get this “introduction” in a controlled atmosphere rather at 2 AM in a grid down situation in your back yard as someone is breaking down your back door.

    Is spending time in a jail an “unpleasant” experience? Yes, without a doubt. Consider this as training. There is no where else you can get this opportunity in a safe environment. I know because I have done it.

    Great discussion. continue to prepare.


  2. This has to be one of the best articles I’ve read on violence and the willingness to commit it. You are 100% correct with respect to a person having the wherewithal, both mental and physical, to eliminate another human being.

    Prey and predator…it’s really that simple.

  3. Dusty permalink

    The visualization concept is spot on. Every task I set out to accomplish, mechanical, carpentry, electrical, I walk through in my mind beforehand. Then, when you set your ideas into action do so
    swiftly and with extreme prejudice. Anybody that has had to put down a family pet, kill a hog or steer
    for butcher, knows that you want to get the job done swiftly, the first time. I like my dogs better that 99% of the humans on this planet anyway.

  4. Wes permalink

    I do the visualization shit all the time, just last night at my daughters school program I was scanning the audience and keeping tabs on my wife and daughter and visualizing myself and what I would do if someone opened fire, my wife was closer filming it but she was behind a brick pillar (decent cover) so I told myself I’d rush the stage and dive for my daughter and then go from there.
    This works well with your, “combat mindset, killer instinct, and doing the work” probably my favorite one to read.

    And speaking of reading Cough cough book? Cough….

    • Wes permalink

      And of course I would have tried to take the dude down down if he were closer to me than her or in my direct path to her. Your not allowed to bring firearms in schools but I bring my folder in at the least every time I’m there. I know you always stress the pointy end in the soft spots, but I can’t help but thinking of the way you described the stab to the neck and then push out method every time I think about using my knife, that sounds so fucking brutally effective.

  5. Michael permalink

    Jesus was not a pacifist, and Orthodox Christianity actually struggled with rampant pacifism for centuries.

    There’s an excellent book called ‘The Virtue of War’ by Alexander Webster and Darrell Cole, which details the actual Christian doctrine pertaining to war (Section one is Greek Orthodox, section two is Roman Catholic, section three is Protestants) for centuries.

    • Pastor Costa permalink

      Yes. Some disciples carried assault weapons. (swords) There were some in the upper room for the last supper. Notice the scripture says If a man slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. Most people are right handed so the right cheek is a back handed slap, thus an idiom for an insult. It has nothing to do with self defense.

      • Not being of the book, I never really paid much attention to that. Interesting point though.

      • Frank Pinelander permalink

        Yep. When anyone asks me (or doesn’t, I tell them anyway) if Jesus had an opinion on assault weapons, I tell them most assuredly so, Luke 22:36.

        I also remind them that tipping tables and whipping people is acceptable as well.

    • Soren permalink

      I feel like adding to Michael’s comment that although *I* am instructed to turn *my* cheek, there is no Biblical case for forcing my friends/family to do the same by standing down in the face of Capital ‘E’ Evil. To my admittedly novice knowledge, Orthodox Christianity has very little problem with violence when it’s truly righteous.

      Mess with my kin? It’s going to be a righteous anger, and such is a terrible thing to behold.

      Also, this post made me think of the book “Naked Empire”, by Terry Goodkind, a novel that is centered around a small tribe of pacifists who ask a sword-swinger to save them from the bad guys. Violence can be a terrible thing, and almost always is, but if some guy’s raping your daughter, violence is the right move.

      • Bill permalink

        Soren let me add to this a bit if you dont mind…The turn the other cheek was only for Christians dealing with Christians, this was considered their personal enemies..So this could be applied like lets say JM and his Ranger comrades had a problem with one another, maybe one offended the other in some way. The principal is let it go(within the boundaries of Christ) to get the job done at hand..This can be compiled with, have no divisions amongst you, and do not put stumbling blocks before your brothers..This turn the other cheek verse was never applied to Christ or Gods enemies(and yes there is a difference between Gods enemies and my brothers as enemies) The scriptures are full of scenarios of Gods people dealing with heathens and pieces of breathing shit…You see the rules of Real Christianity are only applied to the Christian community, its an inward thing not an outward thing. However, it seems that most of our modern day “pastors” have cast their pearls before swine and now its came back to bite them in the ass..And through my years of studying I have noticed most people don’t understand Christianity, most go to the so called church to get some emotional addiction filled that some fat ass pimp in a suit has sold to them with the keys to heaven included..Not to mention they all get to eat afterwards…Did I mention they get to eat..
        Pastor Costa made an excellent point on the idiom of insult, this is made much clearer in the Greek. I am sure he would agree.

  6. dashui permalink

    I heard if u r being attacked and start to panic, u should visualize the attacker in his underwear . What do u think MG?

  7. SemperFi, 0321 permalink

    Another great article.
    Spent a lot of yrs training in some of the roughest places and skills, never got shot at once.
    Even though I’ve killed a lot of big game, elk mostly, I still get the shakes when finding myself in a close stalk, or just hearing something move a few yards away. It’s all natural, and learning to calm oneself down is a learned skill. I practice a lot here, just from the grizzly sign I encounter in thick woods and brush. I’m always walking point with all my senses on overdrive!
    How many times you been 1/2 second from a fistfight, and then turn around and just start shaking from the adrenaline rush? good learning experiences.
    I also agree with the combat vids, watch and learn, even the combat vets get rattled from the pressure, learn to move thru it and keep functioning, it’s when you give in to the fear and panic that you lose.

  8. lost in the woods. permalink

    I also recommend dispatching and butching food supply animals by all three hand, blade, gun and then complete the skinning/butchering process. crash course in getting serious about having to kill something is killing something.

    • Bishop permalink

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking about. I have been raising and butchering chickens, quail, and goats for several years now. Next month I’ll do a bull calf. I think meat buyers (shoppers) really take their meals for granted. It’s really not an easy thing to start doing. Temptation is to just blast the poor thing from a distance like when hunting. Really remove yourself from the deed. The hard one is cutting the throat of a yearling buck that you’ve bottle raised and children treated as a pet. How sharp is my knife? Am I going to have to make more than one pass? Is the hair going to stop the cut or will my blade follow through to arteries? If I miss, will he struggle? Can I follow through? Will he just leap around bleeding everywhere making ungodly sounds until I blast him?

      I’ve decided that I have quite a few more large animals to slaughter before I become a completely heartless bastard.

  9. “(FYI, before anyone starts citing BG SLA “Slam” Marshall, do more background research into the repudiations of his “research.”)”

    “Unfortunately, because of the prevalence of feel-good, New Age humanist bullshit in the soft sciences like psychology, there is a lot of nonsense in the world about “mankind’s natural, inherent reluctance towards intra-species killing.” All the archaeological evidence to the contrary, too many people have conflated a CULTURAL conditioning that illegitimizes interpersonal lethal violence, with a “natural” human reluctance.”

    A good-but long article that shoots down most of Marshall’s methods,and conclusions,and also disproves the “natural human reluctance” bullshit…

  10. An additional step to make range time more realistic: I print out life-sized images of my head in different expressions (blank face, screaming, angry, surprised, profile, etc) and stick those to the target where the head should be. I also do that for my wife and kid. Using combinations of these, I can set up various scenarios like “single angry guy”, “man with wife hostage”, “man holding kid hostage”, etc. To add even more realism, you can audio tape your family members screaming and play it when the scenario starts. Does your wife always wear the same purfume? Spray it on the target. The idea is to get all the senses involved – the more you include, the stronger the experience becomes. By using my own family’s images, especially for the hostage scenarios, it really pulls together the visual, physical and EMOTIONAL, plus if any range Nazis bitch that I’m a freak and just want to shoot women/children, I’ll explain that these are my real family’s pics and why I’m doing it. You can also do some calisthenics/weights before you start, to simulate an adrenaline dump. Basically, this is IDPA on steroids.

    • LFMayor permalink

      Good stuff SP. Suggestion: tape those onto a milk jug or detergent bottle filled with water, that will give you a little more feedback.

  11. tim permalink

    thank you ,that was alot of great info,,,

  12. B.R. permalink

    I was at the Iowa class, just call me “knockout”. Good read thanks. So I’m not the only one that does the “What if’s”. I’ve taught my kids the “What if” method. It works.

    • I think it was the doc that asked the question, during the AAR.

      • Daniel permalink

        That’s how I remember it.

      • B.R. permalink

        Yeah could’ve been, not good at remembering names. Kick ass class though.
        I hope there is another one soon at the same location.

      • Not sure when, but we’ll be back. HH6 is in negotiations with the farmer to do one in eastern NE this fall.

  13. Swamp Fox permalink

    I work on my Tactical Breathing during PT. I will use a heart rate monitor to monitor how effective I am using it. I will set up a CF WOD to be done as intervals. During the rest period I will work on my breathing to get my heart rate under control. Once I have hit my goal standing I will use a more compromised rest position to simulate what life might throw at you, think crouching behind cover. You can also alter the rest period length.

    The same principles work at the range for stress shooting training evolutions.

    Gotta love the Geeks an app for everything.

  14. RobRoySimmons permalink

    I agree with the other posters the visualization thing works. Highlight the moral high ground paragraph as well.

  15. Solid article with great info! Learn it, know it, live it!

  16. Reblogged this on Rowan Oath Keepers and commented:
    A little rough around the edges as far as language but I agree 100 % with the concepts. It is worth the read and to put into practice.

  17. I spent over 5 years in an Islamic country. Your techniques are what keep me out of trouble. I am glad to see we think alike.

  18. the fukkn A-team permalink

    Pure hatred for the bastard makes it easy.

  19. Chris permalink

    There is a book by Lt. Col. Bob Grossman named “on killing” and it gives very good information on some soldiers simply not kill and how through persistent pressure their kill rates increase dramatically

    • It’s LTC DAVE Grossman, and it’s about 3/4 full of shit (I’m feeling generous today, or I’d have said 7/8). The resistance to killing he notes is cultural, not genetic…evidenced by hundreds of thousands of years of archaeological evidence.

    • Wes permalink

      Is he the one that is telling police officers that they are warriors? I may be alone in this, but that seems to be a problem to me. Police are not warriors they are public servants and are there to uphold the law.

  20. Agree that LTC Grossman is 99% full of shit-did you by chance check out the link I posted that affirms that and Marshall’s bullshit?

  21. Dan permalink

    While there may be individuals who lack the needed mentality to dispense required violence they are the exception…..and from a Darwinistic viewpoint they don’t survive as well as others to pass that defect along. Ask any cop or anyone who has worked in an ER….they will tell you that the propensity for intraspecies violence is widespread and common.

    When the balloon goes up MOST people find their inner primate quickly enough….the few that can’t die. That’s life…..REAL life. Not the movies.

  22. at nine i stapped a bigger kid in the leg with a pencil so he,d keep his dam hands off my thought just carried a big fat we grew older knives were are only friends.while walking at night with my girl 15 at the time we were attacked by a large black had kabar knife hidden curled under sleeping bag..we were backing away when he got close enuff tryed to bury it in his chest he saw it coming.. he turned to run slipped and was clawing away like a cat just missed burying it into his back..lucky .best of times this kinda shit goes down..motherfuckers come outta no got to have your weapon in your hand…understand what your sayin.strike first and all..dwellin on killin motherfuckers.might not be good idea..count butterflys read budda shit…yeah..that keep the trouble away…

  23. What seems lacking in this discussion is circumstances. Grossman et al talk about people able to kill or not, where that may vary quite a bit depending on the circumstance. If you believe you are fighting to literally protect your family, you are obviously going to be a lot more motivated and able to kill, than if you think you are protecting the profits of an international oil cartel.

    • Nonsense….Regardless of circumstances, the will to kill is natural in humans. Whether that is in self-defense or for personal/group profit is irrelevant, according to the archaeological record.

      At the same time, throughout the western world, people are raped and killed…hell, entire families are killed, with no one raising a finger to fight back. It’s cultural conditioning.

      • Dave permalink

        Are you still planning to release an article series based on Keeley’s “War Before Civilization”? I picked it up after you mentioned it and found it to be superb for gaining a better understanding of man’s relationship with violence.

      • Eventually, yes. Life has happened, in the meantime. Sorry.

  24. Swamp Fox permalink

    It is culture conditioning.

    There are some interesting discussion on early man, art and the stone hand ax. The big brains all agree that there is a lot of evidence that many examples are art, they are just trying to figure out why the stone hand ax.

    A Ranger Private could answer that, it’s a nice weapon.

  25. RobRoySimmons permalink

    Grossman probably sits at the peak of the Blank Slate Theory hysteria, but here we are in 21st century ‘Murka where political life is guided by which set of girls male or female can have the biggest hissy fit and then which group can be the best mothering group so what can you expect?

    • RobRoySimmons permalink

      I would recommend the “Book of Five Rings.”

      • the fukkn A-team permalink

        I would recommend visiting Detroit’s eastside on a friday night. You’ll understand what kill or be killed means.

  26. Frank Pinelander permalink

    Kurtz got off the boat.

  27. Texas Frederic Bastiat permalink

    Great article, John

    One of my major take-always from your patrolling class was getting a glimpse into your mindset on the applications of violence

  28. HawkDriver permalink

    Excellent article, and it works! Before my 1st trip to the sandbox, we never focused on downed aircraft drills (I’m a helo driver). When we rolled in country and started having our aircraft shot up, I began the visualization phase. We soon truly learned what the limits of our skill set were as we operated in very close proximity to each other’s aircraft, the ground, and the few palm trees. A few of us “war gamed” every engagement we could find in reports and INTSUM’s. When my lead aircraft was shot down one hot summer night, these few practices aided greatly in our ability to survive and rain death on the perpetrators of the ambush.after that incident, training was incorporated for subsequent trips to our favorite box o’ sand. It’s a continual learning curve as your abilities increase with training, your AAR’s become much more detailed, and the enemies TTP’s and capabilities change.

  29. Johnny permalink

    Those are great suggestions for training live fire (which is absolutely 100% necessary obviously). But what do you think about Force on Force training with airsoft (simunition would be ideal but since they hate civvies… airsoft). Not “mil sim” “cosplay” type stuff I mean serious drilling (especially “CCW” close contact type situations) integrating H2H and shooting etc at combatives range 0-5ft (where a guy w/ a shank is actually deadlier than a gunman). As good as realistic live fire targets are I think there’s great value in conditioning yourself to pull a trigger “in vivo” against a living breathing human being who can move and shoot/stab/hit you back.
    On a related note didn’t the SAS develop CQB tactics using air rifles and fencing masks? Also Wyatt Erp or one of those wild west types, used wax bullets to practice shooting against moving living human targets.

  30. And isn’t it ironic that those who have been coddled in the lap of luxury and raised by the “staunchest anti-gun advocates” like Eliot Roger can commit egregious acts of violence against innocent defenseless people. Violence is an inherent part of human nature.It can only be controlled by good men standing up and using violence in response. Civilization of mankind has a right to use violence to control the senseless.

    • the fukkn A-team permalink

      Another psy-op. 911, sandy hook, boston bombing, idiot al. Cached
      More at U.S. Attorney Eric Holder announcing a public campaign to “really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly ….Play Video.

  31. Vbressner permalink

    Outstanding explanation. Thank you sir.

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