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Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Sun Tzu on Dallas, Cowardice, and Training

July 10, 2016

I’ve held my tongue publicly, for a couple days, in the interest of not treading on the dead. As I’ve watched know-nothing news commentators, and politician police officials make statements that are demonstrably wrong on the nature of the attacks, however, I’ve decided to vent a little bit, in the interest of helping increase the survivability of my readers…Fair forewarning however, while I’m going to try and keep my language clean for this article—because I believe the message is important enough that I don’t want to run off those milquetoasts who are scared to read harsh language—those afraid to read the truth will probably still not want to read this. If you don’t like it, stop reading when your feelings get hurt…or man up and read what needs to be said.

(For those that are going to jump on the “John hates cops! This article proves it! He’s badmouthing cops!” bandwagon…I ran this article by almost a dozen career police officers, at the local, state, and federal level. Every single one of them agreed, wholeheartedly, with the sentiments and conclusions of the article.)

Here’s what we—and by “we,” I mean, “I,” based solely on what I’ve caught of events on social media and various network news channels—know:

On the evening of 7JUL16, during a Black Lives Matter protest march that was, by all accounts, proceeding peacefully, at least one individual began firing at Dallas Police Department (hereafter referred to as DPD) and Dallas Area Regional Transit (hereafter referred to as DART) police officers who were providing security and crowd management for the protest march.

Over the course of the incident, five police officers were killed, seven were wounded, and two non-police citizens were wounded as well. During the course of the shooting incident, police finally cornered an individual, later identified as one Micah Johnson, age 25, of Mesquite, TX, in a building, where—after attempted negotiations—they sent in a EOD remote-controlled “robot” with a demolition charge and blew him away.

Law enforcement agencies quickly announced that Johnson was the lone shooter (Dallas has a strange proclivity for lone shooters pulling off amazing feats that defy logic and physics, apparently…), and pointed to his “military training” as the reason behind his apparently superlative combat ability. Ties to the New Black Panther Army and other Black Liberation Movement organizations were mentioned, as well, but not considered a possible source of training information, apparently.

During a search of his domicile, allegedly numerous notebooks with “combat tactics” were discovered, as well as “bomb-making materials” and additional firearms, other than the SKS the subject had at the time he was killed.

That’s what we (I) “know.”

Here’s what we (I) can surmise, based on relevant personal experience:

1) Dude was an E3, with six years in the Reserves—in an Engineer unit—and a deployment downrange to the ‘Stan. His MOS was 12W—carpentry and masonry specialist. He was not an Infantryman. He was not Ranger-qualified. He was not SF. While it’s possible—perhaps even probable—that, at some point during his deployment, he gunned up and ran a convoy or two, it’s also reasonably safe to assume he was not out kicking in doors and shooting Hajj in the face. He certainly didn’t learn to be some sort of super-ninja gunslinger as a reserve E3 in a Reserve Component Engineer unit. Further, the tactical techniques he used are not anything doctrinal to the United States Army.

Nevertheless, he managed to kill five uniformed, armed police officers, and wound seven others, as well as wounding a non-police bystander (the other injured bystander was, according to news reports, injured when he was knocked down, or tripped, and stepped on, as the panicked mob was fleeing the shooting.). Dude exhibited a level of tactical acumen and aggressiveness that indicates specific training. So, dude had training from somewhere.

One of the theories that has been passed around and looked at, by several people in law enforcement and the training industry, already, was the possibility that he had participated in MilSim (Airsoft). Comparing the video footage of his taking down the officer at the pillars, where he drew fire, then buttonhooked around and smoked the officer from behind, at contact distance, with videos of some of the tactical techniques commonly used in MilSim, hinted at a possible connection there.

None of the local MilSim people have admitted to recognizing him however. So, either SOMEONE ELSE had participated in MilSim and taught him, or he watched a LOT of MilSim videos and mentally rehearsed those TTPs to a level of proficiency, OR, someone else taught him some sort of tactical techniques they learned elsewhere. In any case, dude learned somewhere, and it certainly wasn’t in his Reserve Component Engineer unit.

Ask some of your friends who have been in the service—or, if you’ve been in the service, ask yourself—how many E3, junior enlisted guys, have any real education in operational planning? As a Ranger private, we learned to plan patrols, but that was because we were being prepped for Ranger School, and were expected to be able to perform two echelons above our current duty position. That is not the norm, across the Army, before you are an NCO, or in a duty position that the MTOE calls for being filled by an NCO.

Personally, I highly suspect he was trained by others in the political activist circles he ran in. This, of course, leads us to the next aspect…

While in a built-up, urban area, shots echoing off building facades can create strange noise patterns, leading some people to surmise there were more shooters than there were, there were plenty of people in the area—both police officers and non-police civilians—with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan—that for all of them to have been deceived into believing there were multiple shooters when there was actually only one, requires quite a bit of a leap of imagination.

In the end, this dude supposedly killed give armed police officers, and wounded seven more, by himself, before being killed? That means, he kicked the piss out of one of the largest police departments in the US, all by himself…a Reserve Component Engineer private…with an SKS (although there are reports coming out now that it was actually a Saiga variant of the AK74)…Of course he did…(and make no mistake, if it WAS a single shooter, he DID kick the piss out of DPD…)

So, what can we learn from what we know?

1) News commentators, politicians, and politician police officials quickly labeled the shooter a “coward” and a “terrorist.” There are a couple of problems with this.

First of all, he was anything but a coward. The only way you could conceivably call him a coward was because he shot his targets from a covered, concealed position, and then moved before they could return fire at him. Calling that “cowardice” instead of “good tactical acumen” means that every US infantryman is also a coward, because that’s, well…sort of what we do. It’s called an ambush, and it’s a fundamental tactical task of successful combat operations.

If you expect people to fight stand-up, face-to-face, at conversational distance, you’re a sucker. The officer at the pillars was actively engaging the suspect, and got outmaneuvered. That’s not badmouthing the deceased officer; it’s simply a statement of fact. He crowded his cover and lost spatial awareness of what was going on within the battlespace. He died as a result. The shooter, on the other hand, displayed physical courage and aggressiveness. That’s not applauding the shooter; it’s simply a statement of fact.

Calling the shooter a “coward” because he chose to not engage in a stand-up, High Noon showdown with police, if we are intellectually honest, means that we also have to label the police officers who sent a robot, armed with an IED, in to kill the shooter, as cowards as well, because they didn’t choose to engage in a stand-up, High Noon showdown with the shooter. They were NOT cowards. They were demonstrating good tactical acumen, leveraging the available tools and technology to their benefit to finish the fight without further losses.

It may be reassuring to the masses to label the dude a “coward,” but that does a great disservice to the police officers who ran to the sound of gunfire, and it does a great disservice to both police officers and armed citizens who choose to run to the sound of the guns, in the future, by creating a false image of what the bad guys are, or are not. If you go running towards a fight, convinced that the dude who is displaying good tactical acumen is simply a “coward,” you are going to get jacked up, bad.

The shooter was, in the strictest geopolitical definition of the term, NOT a terrorist. He was a criminal, because he violated the laws of the State. The argument that he was a terrorist however, can only be raised however, if we allow that he used violence to achieve political aims—which he did, but there’s a caveat. Let’s look at the first clause of that sentence, first.

a) The shooter allegedly told police that he was “angry” about police shootings of blacks, and as a result “wanted to shoot white people, and white cops specifically.” So, he used violence—shooting police officers—to achieve the political aim of getting police officers to stop shooting black people.

Admittedly, to the rational brain, this seems counterintuitive. I guarantee you, today, police officers that have interactions with black males are far more tense and wired for danger than they were the day before the shootings. However, we’ve also seen a host of police officer shootings in the couple of days since the Dallas shooting, and we’ve seen promises and threats of more, across social media. So, he actually DID achieve a probable political aim: he convinced other angry people to begin shooting police officers. Under that aspect of the geopolitical definition of “terrorist,” he certainly meets the criteria. However, let us look at the caveat…

b) Generally, in the common, classical geopolitical lexicon, it is understood that terrorists use violence—against civilian targets—to achieve political aims. However, when that violence is targeted against uniformed, armed government personnel, it’s not terrorism, classically; it’s guerrilla warfare.

Make no mistake: the level of tactical acumen and marksmanship displayed by the shooter—evidenced by the fact that, with the exception of one non-police civilian, everyone he shot was a uniformed police officer—clearly indicate that he was ONLY targeting uniformed, armed government personnel. Had he chosen to shoot at ANYONE—in other words, had he been a “terrorist” in the classical geopolitical understanding of the word—the death toll would have made the shooter in Orlando look like a piker by comparison. He had hundreds—if not thousands—of people, in a relatively contained, canalized kill zone. It would have been like the proverbial shooting fish in a barrel.

News commentators and politicians keep talking about the bravery of the officers, rushing to protect the protesters and bystanders. While I do believe most of the officers involved DID display physical courage, rushing towards the sound of the guns, to say they were protecting the protesters—when the shooter wasn’t shooting at anybody except police officers—is disingenuous propagandizing, at best.

We have, over the last sixteen years of conflict, grown accustomed to labeling all enemy combatants—even in their own country—as “terrorists.” It is part of the political theory. It dehumanizes the enemy and makes them MORE evil (as if they needed any help with that…), making it easier to justify killing them. That is a flaw of modern society in decline, that we need to “justify” killing the enemy. At every other point in our history, the mere fact that they were the enemy was adequate.

We—whether police officer or other armed citizen, concerned with contributing to the protection and security of our communities at the Decline of Empire—need to recognize, both intellectually and viscerally, that there are people out there who want to kill us, are willing to do so, and have the physical and moral courage to be aggressive in the pursuit of that goal.

An excerpt, from Forging The Hero, discusses this reality:

Historically, we’ve seen immigrants, during affluent periods of an empire’s existence, who felt—and expressed—great pride in becoming imperial citizens. Even Mohammedans in America, during the peak of American imperial power in the 1940s and 1950s, were proud to be Americans and part of The Great Experiment. No one is more patriotic, or fervent in their support of the Empire, than the immigrant who found success and fortune in his new homeland. When decline sets in and reaches a state that can no longer be ignored though, the memories of every slight—real or imagined—is suddenly recalled by those who have held on to the vestiges of their ancestral cultures, instead of integrating successfully and totally into the imperial culture. While the empire is affluent, and there is money to be made, all the diverse cultures seem to be equally loyal and filled with patriotic fervor. As soon as the decline begins to steepen however, and wealth and luxury begin to become harder to find and hold on to, because it is consolidated in fewer and fewer hands, and the rungs of the ladder are harder—if not impossible—to scale, ethnic enclaves begin reforming, in the form of self-segregating communities, and tribalism naturally finds a resurgence in a reversion to the naturally xenophobic state of mankind, within the borders of the empire, as people focus on looking out for their own.

If we hope to see our own, common cultural values survive, we have to survive. That means not being afraid to move to the sound of the guns, and kill bad people. THAT, in turn, requires having the tactical and technical expertise to deal with unconventional, but professional level small-unit and individual tactical techniques, as well as—you knew it was coming—being physically fit enough to execute those skills ourselves, on demand, even when completely unexpected.

Assuming, because the politicians and news commentators say so, that the bad guys are “cowards,” or “common criminal scum,” rather than angry, aggressive, professional fighters, is a good way to end up dead because you underestimate the enemy, and as a result, overestimate your own abilities.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory against you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” –Sun Tzu

If you view yourself as someone willing to move to the sound of the guns, whether professionally or by avocation and conviction, you owe it to yourself, your family, and even your community, to be effective and efficient—professional—in your execution of the fight. You can’t afford to be blowing away non-combatant bystanders. You can’t afford to get shot, because you sucked, and tie up critical emergency medical services—putting the EMS personnel potentially in harm’s way unnecessarily, when they could be treating other casualties. You certainly can’t afford to get killed, because you sucked, and leave your family behind. If you’re a cop, and think your Academy training is adequate, you just saw a very graphic example of the fallacy of that (one of the slain officers was a three-tour veteran of the GWOT. One was a former 1st Ranger Battalion veteran from the 1980s. One was a former Marine. Are you better in a gunfight than those guys were?). If you’re an armed citizen, and haven’t had professional-level training with your weapon, and in tactical skills, you will be doing your community a greater service by moving AWAY from the sound of the guns than by moving towards the guns and getting killed or wounded because your ego wrote a check your ass couldn’t cover.

Go. Get training, from someone who knows what the Hell they are doing.

If you are not someone who is going to move to the sound of the guns, that’s okay. At least be able to protect yourself, if the guns come to you—carry your gun—and be able to help those who have been shot—know your Tactical Combat Casualty Care methods, and carry aid gear, so you are not forced to become a fleeing, bleating sheep, running with the crowd, as people around you are being killed. Do your part to protect your community, whatever your part is.


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  1. John Jacob Schmidt permalink

    Excellent assessment, and I concur! This was the same argument (discussion) I used with some other leaders in the patriot community. But tying it in with the org he apparently belonged to (New Black Panthers), I classified them as a domestic insurgent group, and the shooter is simply an insurgent. They want to carve their own black nation out of (some part of) America. One insurgent down.

    Keep up the awesome work. Always look forward to your posts/emails.


    • Absolutely. BLM is the Sinn Fein of the Black “Liberation” Movement…and of course, BLM=Black Lives Matter, and BLM=Black Liberation Movement.

      • jessejames87 permalink

        Excellent analogy. BLM has a level of support in their communities that is reminiscent of what occurred in Ireland and something I have been screaming at the patriot community to develop. I think much of the ‘support’ the current regime is giving the organization is an attempt to keep the angst directed at traditional America and the ‘Trump’ people, rather than have them direct their violence on both .gov and Caucasians. We shall see if .gov manages to co-opt BLM like Sinn Fein was. By pushing a racial conflict the regime is heading off a political conflict that will necessarily develop if the BLM folks take a minute to actually asses how to achieve their political goals. We shall see if they manage to keep riding the tiger. There’s a pretty nasty multipolar conflict brewing here.

      • Noah Baudie permalink

        That’s one formulation. But I think you’re thinking small.

        The Democrats regard the Crips and Bloods and all the other black criminal gangs as their “paramilitary wing,” as they also do the Latin Kings and Locos Intocables and MS13 and all the other wetback criminal gangs. Guys like the Dallas shooter are the Viet Cong to the Vietnamese Communist Party, and are indoctrinated by State institutions and State propaganda and sent on their way with the intent to terrify the white voters into trading liberty for dubious promises of “security.”

        This guy was just doing what Democrat “community organizers” have been telling people like him to do for fifty years now: kill Whitey, because Whitey votes Republican. Whitey resents having to pay for all that free stuff we give you. Whitey stuck the needle in your arm and made you a heroin addict. When you robbed that liquor store and raped those women and kidnapped that baby it was Whitey’s justice system that made you a convicted felon. Whitey dumped that garbage all around your shack. When you moved into the high-rise housing projects (that Whitey paid for, and gave you), it was Whitey who came in and spray-painted gang graffiti all over everything, Whitey who broke out all the windows, Whitey who came in and dealt dope in the hallways, pissed in the stairwells, and pimped kids too young to have hair one between their legs out of the rat-infested rooms. Everything is Whitey’s fault. Only Whitey is a moral actor and you’re a victim, willy-nilly, of every choice Whitey makes. That this reduces them to the moral stature of a child or a beast is a distinction your typical IQ-55 urban goblin lacks sufficient working synapses to grasp, nor do they have the wherewithal to grasp that they lack the wherewithal (see also, Dunning-Kruger Effect). Nonetheless this is the message they are fed, by “community organizers,” by TV and movie agitprop produced by the propaganda organs of the State, by “gangsta rap” that’s played on the public airwaves with the approval of the FCC, by the “educational” system that can’t teach them that two and two add up to four, and can’t teach them to read before they’re old enough to shave, but goes on for year after year of the horrors of “slavery,” an institution that six hundred thousand white men died to end: kill Whitey. Register to vote the straight Democrat ticket, to keep “your” Food Stamps and Section 8 checks coming (and the status of felon is certainly no impediment to voting, nor is the status of illegal alien), but never forget to kill Whitey. And it seems to be working: the aggressiveness and brazenness of black-on-white crime have risen drastically since the Kenyan moved into the White House. “We President now!” (I wonder what kind of pardons the Kenyan is going to write on his way out.)

        As for this particular urban goblin, in addition to his aggressiveness and adroit use of cover and concealment, what stands out to me is that he had the wit and initiative to bring a rifle to a fight where his opponents were not similarly armed.

        See also, FBI “Miami Massacre” of 1986, in which a pair of drug-addicted, dishonorably discharged former MPs named Platt and Mattix brought a Mini-14 and a riot shotgun along in their attempt to run an FBI roadblock, and methodically shot up eight FBI “special agents,” killing two of them, who nibbled them to death with minor caliber handguns that had trouble penetrating the doors of their car instead of getting the M16s, MP5s, and riot guns out of the trunks of their own vehicles, thus setting off thirty years of very expensive hilarity as the Bureau blamed the issue handguns (which did not malfunction) and the issue ammunition (which worked exactly as designed, to exactly the specs the Bureau requested when they ordered it, within the limitations of .38 Special and 9mm) rather than admit that due to Affirmative Action and a deluge of would-be Bureau “agents” who stood four feet ten and weighed either seventy-eight pounds or three hundred and fifty pounds, who had never seen a gun before except on television, training standards had slipped a bit since the days when J. Edgar Hoover was running things, switching issue calibers and issue firearms and issue ammunition over and over and over every few years down to the present day.

    • Oh, and when are you going to have me on RFR? I actually can keep my language clean, if I think about it.

      • Hey, glad I clicked the link from my email to see your comments here. Funny you should mention it (RFR)… I wrote in my notes this afternoon to contact you. I read the ‘not-a-terrorist’ portion of your post on tonight’s show, but would love to have you on to talk about ‘going armed everywhere’ and specifically, citizens organizing among themselves for community defense. Rhodes is calling for reestablishing ‘the militia’ in every town, but as you know that would not come without pitfalls. That’s where you come in. I think you’d be exactly the right person to address the ‘how’ (and how not). They get the ‘why’.

  2. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    The most thought out summation of the Dallas cop shootings that’s been posted anywhere on the interwebz-read the whole thing and take appropriate actions to do what is necessary to protect you and yours-and to make yourself useful if caught up in such an event.

  3. You nailed it. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. John C. permalink

    Thank you for taking the time to offer a perspective I could not get anywhere else!

  5. Ezra Hazard permalink

    great thoughts and words, we need the truth from someplace

  6. Sean permalink

    Retired law enforcement and military here, and concur with your friends in you aren’t bashing. Absolutely good analysis of the situation and what it means.
    Only thing to add is that it appears he did obtain tactical training at one of the local facilities, to supplement what limited military training he had – and was seen by neighbors rehearsing apparent tactical movements. Geez, bad guys can plan and train too – warn DHS 😀

    I also agree there are a great number of unanswered questions on this one. But also feel the same on Orlando. And, with this administration, there certainly is no incentive for them to probe deeper.

    • I saw that on the news, right after I posted the article. The instructor said he only did combatives training with them, but….

  7. A sad night here in Dallas. I agree with your assessment given the available info except the comment ” the DPD got their asses handed to them”. I doubt they went over this scenario in the ready room and they did adapt and overcome. The fucktard shooter did have balls to what he did but, it was a cowardice act.

  8. The emphasis that this was Guerilla Warfare not Terrorism is something we all need to sink in real good. Thanks John.

  9. Excellent analysis. I have had several discussions with fellow .mil and the LEOs that I know about the Dallas incident. We are all not entirely convinced the shooter was alone. There are several unanswered questions about the entire event that may never be answered. One of the things that I have been wondering about is the other three suspects that were taken into custody. There has been nothing said about them.

    On another note of another shooting, did the feds locate the spouse of the Orlando shooter yet?

  10. RangerRick permalink

    As usual, well done. Hugs to HH6.
    North Idaho

  11. Mike permalink

    Thank you John. Or whatever you name is 🙂

  12. Mark permalink

    I’d like to add one caveat in regard to the ‘training’ and tactical maneuvering. As a non-shooter, non-military, and non-american I think maybe you’re overlooking just how pervasive tactical doctrine and three-dimensional spacial awareness has become within western culture. From video games to films, to discussion forums I think most of us have absorbed a lot more of it than we even realise.

    Hell I’m in Australia, surrounded by friends and family who’ve never had any involvement with firearms, and out of the blue I’ve heard some of -them- criticise people on television for not indexing their weapon or for sweeping each other with muzzles. They might not use that language, but even they have picked up on some of that culture.

    This is not a “video games cause violence” argument, because the data on that is pretty clear; they don’t. But the games we’re playing now, the movies we’re watching now, even many of the books we’re reading now are -informed- by a generation of young men and women who’ve grown up with the ‘War on Terror’, spent time in their respective services or associated with people who have, and demand more authenticity from their entertainment. The representation of tactics and doctrine that we used to see in the 90’s just doesn’t fly anymore.

    I think the argument that this shooter required some kind of additional training skirts awfully close to the ridiculous and extremely debunkable ‘false flag’ narrative. It is certainly a sufficient condition, but as we’ve seen with committed mass murderers in the past it’s not actually a necessary one.

  13. Torque permalink

    Outstanding write up! Clear concise and to the point as usual.

  14. Eric permalink

    I am a 20 year LEO. I think that we just saw a paradigm shift. The officers were killed because they did not think that something like this could happen, and because the brass probably would have had a stroke if someone suggested deploying some riflemen to a “peaceful” event. (See “normalcy bias.”) If the next bad guy wins the next round it is because we learned no lessons from this. I hope that we learn and that more needless deaths don’t happen.

  15. Well THAT’S not going to be very well received by the people that need to hear it most.

    Bra-fucking-vo, John.

  16. Wes permalink

    I’m from the area glad to read your perspective on this. I’m not so sure he did this all on his own. He may have done the ambush on his own, maybe. But I think there are more people involved at some level. Either way, I think there will be nothing but negative repercussions from this.
    I watched on fox4 as they showed the officer fighting him at the pillars, it was the first time it was aired, the anchors didn’t even know what was about to happen. The media keeps saying he was trained, he has tactical training. Ok, maybe he understood how to execute an ambush somewhat, and knew the most effective way to take out as many cops as possible from ambush would be in an elevated position. I just keep going in back in my mind to him rushing the officer. That is not a solid tactic I would want to use, looks more like a video game tactic. The milsim theory maybe, I’ve never watched those dudes. But as a former player of Call Of Duty numero uno. That is the shit that people always did and pissed me off when I was trying to play the game and use more “solid” tactics. They can run around like an idiot and shoot the shit out of people but it isn’t a sustainable tactic, effective for a while but a death is guaranteed. Not trying to bring video games into this, but that’s just how I saw it. Yes It was effective for him, but had dude been a couple feet from his cover and able to dump a mag in him from cover as he rushed him, It may have had a different ending.

    • Sanders permalink

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed Call of Duty “tactics” at play. My stepdaughter used to play it, and was quite good – if boys found out they were being beat by a girl, they’d quit. I’d watch her and point out all the poor tactics, and how that stuff wouldn’t fly in the real world. Maybe that’s where the Airsofters got it?

      We went to a couple different paintball courses in the area. The first time we went, I let her try her CoD tactics and she got shot every time. Some kids also tried the CoD on us, and they got nailed every time. I haven’t been in the Army (Infantry) for over 20 years, but by the end of the day, I had an 8 person squad set up and those kids (teenage girls and boys) were doing fire and maneuver like pros and we were winning every time. I’m not any kind of trainer, never have been, but the kids just took direction well – especially when they saw it was sound and that it worked.

      Like you say, it wasn’t terrorism, it was guerilla warfare. The biggest problem folks in the country have is recognizing that we are at war. They may not think they are at war, but I guarendamntee that the other side sees themselves at war with us.

  17. TheSpartanMonkeyTheSpartanMonkey permalink

    I agree on the assessment of calling the shooter a coward. Same goes for human IEDs; While I think it’s stupid to believe you’ll get a bed full of virgins if you blow yourself up, I also believe the person doing it displays a level of guts and commitment to go through with it.
    Labeling makes for easy consumption by a lazy public. As a society, I think we’re far too eager to label individuals or groups (or accept the labeling that’s been applied for us) because it relieves us the burden of digging deeper, truly analyzing things, and possibly coming to uncomfortable conclusions.
    I think we go the other way too: labeling anyone who wears a uniform a “hero”. When everyone is called a hero just for taking an oath and wearing a uniform, it diminishes the acts that true heroes perform.
    What is the desired outcome when media and progressives attach the label “racist” to anyone who disagrees with them?
    What is the desired outcome when politicians label tea party groups “domestic terrorists”?
    What is the DPD saying about themselves when they called the shooter a “coward”?
    What is the desired outcome when politicians, media and police say an attack on them is an attack on the whole country?
    The battle is for the mind.

    On a separate note: “see something, say something” is going to get very interesting if you’re practicing IMT in your back yard and you don’t know your neighbors very well.

    • Sampson permalink

      Thank you for speaking the truth on “The battle is for the mind”.

      The mentally lazy don’t get or care how the true enemies of our freedom are utilizing PSYOPS and propaganda against them everywhere.

      It’s like the old saying ” How do you know when a politician is lying…his/her lips move”.

  18. Dan permalink

    Maybe had training from some radical group like the Black Panthers….maybe he didn’t.
    There are reports he attended a private ‘school’ for tactical shooting….if so how much time
    did he spend there. He WAS a reservist for 6+ years…..and he would have gone through
    basic so his ability to handle a long gun would have been at the least adequate. And if the
    reserve group he was part of liked to play ‘tactical timmy’ on their weekends he might have
    gotten a LOT of training in running and gunning. Someone needs to talk to the rest of his
    associates he was with in the reserves to know. And finally he may have not had all that much
    training…..he may have been antisocial but VERY BRIGHT. And smart people are able to
    visualize scenarios effectively and do it well enough to limit the need for real world training.
    Of course he could have been that wild card of life…..a rank amateur who simply got lucky.

    He’s dead. We will never have ALL the answers we might want and with the present collection
    of career criminals running the show at most levels of .gov we sure as hell can never be sure
    we got the truth from them or their media whores.

    • whirlwinder permalink

      Knowing now that he was Muslim, perhaps he had training at one of their jihad training camps.

  19. Max Ord permalink

    Excellent article, and as stated above- it will be poorly received by those who need to read it the most. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Hugs to HH6 and your girls.

  20. I appreciate the clarity you bring to the discussion. There is so much bullshit out there.

  21. Bruce permalink

    John, You are a mentor to many, I being one of those. I train on a regular basis in a small tactical team and listen closely when you speak. I would disagree with you on one point. When that shooting started, NO one knew the intention of the shooter/s. The police did in fact run to the gunfire, while the protesters ran away. I think there is some irony there. The group protesting the Po Po were in fact protected by the same group they were protesting. Many videos of police moving people away from danger. Prayers to the families of the fallen.

  22. Some thoughts:
    1. A guy who was a big shot during the black civil rights movement in the 60’s wrote a book few years ago about the role of firearms in black Americans’ efforts to secure civil rights. I heard an interesting, and surprisingly positive review of the book on none other than National Public Radio (which in my family has always been referred to as “Taxpayer Funded Socialist Broadcasting”). Link to the review and interview here: You can download the book for Kindle from Amazon and it only takes a few days to read it. It was a worthwhile read for me, and explained a lot that I had never really understood. I always wondered why black people in this country put up with the bias and abuse on the part of the white authorities without going all night-time-guerrilla and burning down the racist sheriffs’ and mayors’ houses, police stations, and city halls. In other words, why didn’t stuff like Micah Johnson happen all the time in the 60’s? The book explains a lot about that. There were times when black people did defend themselves with guns, but except for rare instances they never went on the guerrilla offensive because it was clear they would not get back up from State or Federal authorities or from the black community in general if individuals or groups went on the offensive. The book is fast-reading and I highly recommend it even if you are not inclined to be sympathetic to the black civil rights movement. The book is about guns and the role of them in the movement, not about the movement itself.
    2. There are always going to be some guys who are dissatisfied with the government, society in general, the direction of the country, etc. There always have been, and always will be. Individuals like Eric Frein or Micah Johnson will be inclined to act, either on their own or as part of a wider group, and thankfully there are not many of these guys who actually will do this stuff, although many talk about it, plan it, think about it, train together, etc. Back when Eric Rudolph was on the run, what occurred to me is what I call the “concept that you can never go home again”. That is what makes people like Rudolph, Frein, and Johnson so rare. Once some insurgent “starts the war” with these kind of attacks, their life as they knew it is over and they can never go home because the government will be on your ass and they will hunt you down and they will not give up. I think the government has even shown recently, although it got little sustain attention, that even with stuff like the Bundy Ranch “demonstration” the government will quietly record license plates, photos, etc and work on identifying the people involved and then bide their time wait for a good chance to go pick them up, even a few years later. Just ask the “guy on the bridge” and the others from the original Bundy Ranch thing that got rounded up in the days after Levoy Finicum was killed even though those guys had nothing to do with the wildlife refuge takeover. You can never go home. The government will come find you and no, the wider community is not going to get off the couch and come out of their houses with their ARs and battle packs and back you up.
    3. As a Jewish guy, I’ve always been filled with wonder and anger that the Jews in Germany did not fight back when the Nazi’s were ascending to power. (Remember, by the way, how the Nazi’s got into power: They were elected by the voters.) Individual cases of Jews fighting back did exist, of course, but most did not fight back, probably for the same reasons that I described above. Once you engage in the fight, your life as you knew it is over and you are going to have to be on the run and can never go home, forever. And no one was going to come riding in to help individuals or groups that wanted to fight back. It was only in desperate circumstances like the Warsaw Ghetto where Jews organized and fought back. Another situation which I always keep in mind because it could be how it happens here, is that of the Bielski brothers and their guerilla movement against the Nazi’s. Those brothers ran for the woods when the Nazi’s showed up at their farm and rounded up their parents. In that situation, the wolf was at the door and their lives as they knew them were never going to be the same anyway, and they could never go home again anyway. Link for information here: Theirs is an important story to educate people in our community because you see lots of people who say that you can not survive a SHTF situation if you are not in great shape, “soldier-fit” and have all the training, and that you can’t expect to run away to “the woods” and be able to live without having some already-established mountain command post, etc. While that stuff is important (and I’m definitely not knocking PE), John’s theme that it is your community and your ties to it that are going to save you is born out by the experience of the Bielski’s. They took in elderly Jews, women, and children, and lived in the woods, and were able to save 1,500 people from the Nazi’s all while moving through the woods, fighting the Nazi’s when needed, and living in as a make-shift community hidden deep in the forests. They did engage the enemy and they did ruthlessly kill those in the surrounding area who turned them in or tried to help the Nazi’s, but they survived by having a community of all types of people, not just as a band of former .mil SF types.

    • lineman permalink

      That’s why I’ve been advocating of Patriot’s moving to certain areas to establish Liberty Communities…I have found out though until the pain and suffering is too great people are staying put…

  23. Fact is that there are multiple insurgencies underway in the United States.It only gets worse from here.

  24. George permalink

    You might want to dig a bit deeper into the ‘what we know’ aspects of this Hoax.
    If you’ve taken a hard look at any of the other scripted shootings you got to know not to take anything the ‘officials’ or MSM say as reliable information.
    You nailed it on the low probability of this shooter killing 5 and injuring 7 police.
    This could only happen if the shooter had perfect cover and the police were standing in a barren field, unless the DPD is the most incompetent police department in the nation.
    What you’re not seeing yet are the scripted aspects of this event.
    The primary thing that’s different from other scripted hoaxes such as, Boston, Sandy Hook, Orlando, and Denver, is that here the focus of the shooter/bomber is the police and not civilians, but otherwise it’s chock full of scripted elements that they all have.
    That would be because the same FBI agents are more than likely involved in setting up all of these events.
    Yes, they do use patsies sometimes but given their ability to create fictitious individuals through social media, etc, many of the supposed shooters/bombers don’t exist at all.
    The fact that they supposedly used C4 to kill this alleged shooter should generate huge warning signs about whether he actually existed at all. And dead men, completely blown apart, tell no tales.
    This just scratches the surface.
    I suggest you dig deeper.

    • PJ London permalink

      I am glad to see that I am not the only cynical, sceptic around.
      Blowing him up was easier than shooting his voice box out.
      We know all the facts about the incident because the police told us those facts.
      We know that even though the USSC said it OK to lie to people, the police would never lie to us.

  25. Greg Gowen permalink

    They are a politically correct police force in Dallas, at the news conference they bragged about not wearing tactical gear to that protest. All these protests had the police bunched up on the sidelines, standing around, nothing more. I don’t know how much skill you need from an elevated concrete bunker to do serious damage when your prey are in staind down mode. Someone better come up with a far different plan for the Republican National Convention, seriously.

  26. jessejames87 permalink

    Reblogged this on The Virginia Freeman's Society.

  27. Just call me Tom permalink

    I have to say thank you for clarifying some of my own thinking about what to do if it all goes south. I am over 65, an Army veteran on a VA medical pension, out of shape, unable to perform most tactical tasks. But I shoot okay for an old guy. Riding to the sound of the guns is more in my nature, but I would probably be better advised to set up a defensive perimeter for non-combatants and hold that line. When you cannot run, crawl, or climb, things get kind of limited.
    I am going to have to leave the hero work to the younger guys.

  28. D Dina permalink

    Terrorism VS guerrilla warfare. That is an interesting distinction. Makes sense to me. Thank you.

  29. Uncle Larry permalink

    Read about the shootings of white folks in Bristol, Tn.? One women dead, one critical. Some of the victims might be kids. Black loser in custody.

  30. Bunny permalink

    Johnson apparently trained here.
    Of course, you probably have already seen this by now

  31. There is a problem with being one of the one’s who’ll “Mount up and ride to the sound of the guns!”

    In 1967 at the University of Texas tower shooting. Charles whitman met resistance from citizens who grabbed their rifles from their trucks and returned fire. That allowed one policeman and one citizen the opportunity to go up the tower and end the shooter’s rampage.

    Such a thing shall not happen today, even though more citizens are bearing arms than ever before. More citizens now own appropriate rifles and a substantial amount of ammunition and magazines that their great grandparents would have dreamed of.

    Let us say a group of citizens, say two to four, would have grabbed their rifles, located the shooter and returned fire. What do you believe the outcome of that would have been? What if that group of citizens, actually maneuvered on the shooter, using suppressive fire and maneuver tactics just as they had done in the .mil? What do you think Officer Friendly’s reaction would have been?

    I’ll tell you what I believe, firmly, would have happened. They would have been cut down by the police as soon as they coalesced into an effective fire team. The mere sight of a man with a gun who is NOT a policeman, would be enough to engage them. The police have been trained and indoctrinated to believe that anyone, who is not them, who is armed, is a threat to them. In an ongoing shooting situation, these “good guys with guns” would not be seen by the police as good guys.

    It doesn’t matter that the good citizens would say to the policemen, “Hey, we’re good guys, we’re here to help!” If not shot immediately, they would be forced to the ground at gun point and disarmed and probably charged with some “crime” after the fact.

    Lets say Joe the veteran sees the location of the bad guy / shooter. He analyzes the situation, recognizes that with some fire and movement he would be able to get to the shooter and put him down. He grabs his rifle and a couple of mags from the trunk of his car and begins to move. He whistles to the nearest policeman, and shouts, “I see the shooter! Follow me and lets put this guy down!’ Do you think the policemen in the vicinity will be inspired by his actions as infantrymen in combat would? I don’t. I think the policemen would see him as “…one of the shooters!” and act out of fear and indoctrination.

    The public has been cowed by similar indoctrination. “The police don’t know if you’re a good guy or a bad guy. The police MUST get control of the situation. Citizens should just let the police handle it. If you are carrying your weapon and encounter a policeman, behave submissively, and everything should be fine.” Etc, etc, etc…

    Peele’s Principles: “The ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions.”


    “Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

    How often do policemen refer to their fellow citizens as “civilians”.


    “The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.”

    Think about the use of SWAT to serve simple warrants these days. Think about the public display of military hardware and equipage, etc.

    No matter how trained, prepared, and willing a person, or percentage of persons might be, the police, in a tense situation such as Dallas, will see an armed citizen as a threat. THIS is what MUST change.

    In October of 1892, at Coffeyville, Kansas, the Dalton Gang made their last bank robbery attempt. Citizens, seeing what was happening, grabbed their privately owned weapons and engaged the Daltons as they emerged fro the banks just robbed.

    The citizens of Coffeyville DIDN’T cower in fear. They didn’t shelter in place and hope for the best. They screech like a bunch of helpless women, “Police! Police! Help!” They took action and protected their property and their fellow citizens. The citizens of Coffeyville ended the Dalton Gang.

    This is what must happen today in situations such as we just had in Dallas.

    • Great thoughts here. I especially like your example from history. It really shows how far we have fallen as a society.

    • LetsPlay permalink

      Uh, sure. You are going to play John Wayne and jump into a fight just because you have a gun. Right! You deserve to get shot because you would be an idiot.

      Look, in the middle of a chaotic situation, your job as a citizen is to back off and protect yourself. You cannot just “deputize” yourself and jump into the mix and expect to be accepted as one of the good guys.

      When I think second amendment rights, I think about the right to defend yourself. So now you are going to defend the police? Let them do their job. Got a handgun. Good. Get it. Conceal it but have it ready just in case the fight comes to you. But conceal it otherwise you will be identified as a threat.

      Better yet, get out of Dodge. You don’t help the situation by being there. That’s my take.

      • Except, Mr. Coward, when the police are not there, yet. You may choose to hole up and wait for the cavalry. Since I know, for a fact, that I am far more effective in such a situation than 98% of sworn officers in the US, and I take responsibility for the safety and security of my community, no, I am NOT going to sit idly by and wait for help.

  32. Shocktroop0351 permalink

    The law enforcement of this country are in for a fight they are not prepared for. I’m sure most go out for their shift with the knowledge that they may not come home, but rarely do they have to go out with the knowledge that they are going up against an enemy that has been training and studying them. I seriously doubt most go out with a true combat mindset, convinced that “There’s a man with an RPG (rifle, pistol, bomb, etc.) and he will kill me if I don’t kill him first”. Call it paranoia on my part if you want to, but that’s the only way to truly not be complacent. Treat every patrol like it is your first. Don’t assume this day or night will be the same as the last, and don’t assume that the next bad guy will be the same as the last. Time and time we see what a motivated and well-trained person or persons can do to a stagnant, complacent, lumbering force with minimal training. The LEO’s have a lot of training, spread amongst many areas to accomplish their goals. The attackers only have to focus on a few basic skills and refine them to accomplish theirs.

  33. Don Templeton permalink

    The course of action is clear: the BLM protesters are not organic. They’re artificially created. They’re funded by Soros. Clearly, if paid protestors are engaging in ANY violence and being paid for conducting these disruption ops by a private person – then that person should be culpable for the actions of his “employees.” If the money trail can be proven, why aren’t the police departments filing charges against George Soros and seeking his extradition to the US? He’s guilty of crimes against humanity and now his minions are trying to start a war with the police. Send Delta Force or CAG (same unit) to round up Soros immediately.
    Sinister Stories for Danger Grrls

  34. LookandListen permalink

    Exceptional clear assessment. I disagree about his “training” as I do not see great tactics. I see a committed insurgent knowing he was going to die for his actions. His Guard training would have been enough for what I saw as it unfolded (I happened to be online as the first reports came out and I download everything so as to document any changes and why). All the officers were shot in the first couple minutes. If more than one shooter than more officers would have went down as most were not taking “cover” but trying to hide themselves. His rifle (I do not believe it was an SKS as it appears he changed magazines at the “columns” twice), at the range (point blank) the firefight started would easily kill vested officers taken by surprise and not realizing for several long seconds what was happening to them or where it was coming from. At no time is there sniper fire from on high, the death toll would have been in the scores. I believe he was wounded during or right after shooting the officer at the column as he was taking heavy fire and retreated where he reloaded while on his knees. At the time he shot the officer at the column there were other officers behind the column officer which he passed as he retreated. After this he retreated into the car park and there was little shooting after that I can find until they blew him up. EVERYTHING reported by the PD except for officers being down, was wrong. A couple of the arrest of others was filmed and it was obvious to me they were not involved. I DO NOT see the police as any type of heroes, if they had up holed the constitution and not allowed the murdering cops to get away with their crimes this would never had happened. War is coming to these USA and it is to me clearly the Peace Officers fault as they did not up hole the constitution and instead up held the “law” as written by traitors and criminals. You can not have a “bad” cop without a “bad” judge and “bad” prosecutor, PERIOD! As Edmund Burke had said, much more than 100 years ago: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.”, and the “good” cops did nothing.

    • The shooter was no hero. The protesters are all fired up by a media machine that lies to them, and an infotainment industry that has people who aren’t criminals aiding, abetting, and sympathizing with criminals. Most black folks shot and killed are shot and killed by other blacks, primarily in gang-related or inspired incidents. Not all cops are heroes, but a lot of black folks are getting played for fools by people a long way above them who aren’t in any danger.

  35. Cochise permalink

    What I saw in FL and TX was a drill! Since when does a 7.63×39 make sparks when being shot into concrete? Listen to the “survivors” of both hoaxes…does even one show signs of being put through a life and death situation? Any tears???

    • Anonymous permalink

      Most 7.62x39mm ammo available in the US through commercial channels uses lead-core bullet with a “bimetal” jacket–a mild steel jacket with a thin copper wash. <– start watching around the 20 second mark.

      Yes, there are sparks. They're not visible with every shot, but even cell phone quality video can pick up some of them.

      • Cochise permalink

        Thanks for the ammo lesson ass hat! Did you see a 2 foot flame shooting out of the muzzle of that AKM???

      • What the fuck are you talking about?

  36. Vlad permalink

    Good assessment, but you forgot to mention he was jacked up on methamphetamine.

    • I didn’t mention that, because yours is the first allegation of that I’ve seen. Since I’m reasonably certain an autopsy has not been released, this falls into the rest of the unfounded allegations, along with the “False Flag” that so many want to believe so heavily in.

  37. TheSpartanMonkey permalink

    Six years in the reserves including a combat tour in Afghanistan and this guy was only an E-3??? Anyone else think that’s strange? Either he was a reeeealy lazy shit bag, his chain of command never promoted anyone, or he got busted a couple times.

  38. Steve Kristmann permalink

    I agree with George’s post above.

    The angle that you HAVEN’T looked at is that this situation isn’t anything
    more than another ‘False Flag’ gov op designed to stampede the sheeple
    while continuing the myth of the ‘noble sheepdog’ propaganda swill.

    I would not put it at all past the HMFTITTIC to use 4 or more of their own
    trained snipers to take out fellow ‘sheepdogs’ (‘take a couple for the team’)
    and then plant the event on some witless patsie, ala ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’
    who’s ‘strangely unavailable for comment’ because he was ‘blown up’.

    This whole situation is nothing more than a ‘False Flag’ to scare the
    sheep into continuing to believing the myth that they still ‘need’ “protection”
    provided by armed leg breakers working for sociopathic narcissistic klepto-
    parasites called ‘gov’… secondly to further propagandize ‘guns are evvilll’..
    and third, to continue to play divide and conquer between trhe races.

    Larken Rose was and still is right…there is no such thing as ‘gov’ and
    cops are nothing more than an armed gang of costumed thugs doing
    the bidding of other thugs!

    If you doubt this, read “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and
    see for yourself.

    Yours in Liberty, without any damn need for cops or ‘gov’!!
    NorthGunner III

  39. Has anybody identified the weapon Inconspicuous Johnson used. Maybe that should be the Unorganized Militia Rifle

  40. TheSpartanMonkey permalink

    One of the scarier things is that the police blew him up. For some time, he wasn’t shooting and they were negotiating with him. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know the whole situation, but I find it hard to believe that all those police couldn’t contain him until he surrendered or terminated himself. I’m all for blowing his brains out, but using explosives takes it to a new level. I’m guessing that using explosives was allowed because their emotions got to them. Now that he’s gone, the opportunity to interview him further is gone. Maybe we could’ve eventually learned more about who trained him and how and brought that network down. I really hope that using explosives doesn’t set a precedent and, in the future, police decide that, for “officer safety”, they just blow somebody up instead of risking anyone getting hurt.
    I don’t believe this was some set-up/hoax/conspiracy, but if it was, the desired outcome would’ve been to get the police back on the militarized track that they were on, but had previously retreated from. Remember: Problem -> Reaction -> Solution. Or more likely in this case, “Don’t ever let a crisis go to waste”.

  41. PHOEBE permalink

    My penis is fully erect and I’m high on Vicodin – life is good, BITCHES……………..

  42. Walter Mitty permalink

    There is some disagreement in the comments section as to whether or not the shooter received some type of special training. One thing I think we can agree on , He was ” committed “. No vacillation, no hesitation. He was not worried about getting hurt or going home alive at the end of a shift.

  43. LetsPlay permalink

    “Except, Mr. Coward, when the police are not there, yet. You may choose to hole up and wait for the cavalry. Since I know, for a fact, that I am far more effective in such a situation than 98% of sworn officers in the US, and I take responsibility for the safety and security of my community, no, I am NOT going to sit idly by and wait for help.”

    Is this reply from MountainGuerilla? I was responding to “Longbow” and his post about jumping into the fray in downtown Dallas.

    Based on your “reputation” there is nothing I can dispute about your quals or your intent to protect your community. However, in the scenario that Longbow was describing, I was only commenting that it would be a very dangerous thing to “gun up” and join the good guys when they don’t necessarily know who you are.

    As for me, you don’t know me. So quit with the name calling. You change the situation by stating “… when the police are not there.” That Sir, is a completely different scenario and what I would do then is completely different from what Longbow was discussing in his post.

    Man. I am really surprised at the anger you display towards me when I thought this was a forum to “discuss” things. Personal attacks? WTF? And people look up to you? Maybe you should take your meds.

    BTW – Just a request but it would have been helpful to have a “reply” link to Longbow so my comment would have been interpreted more accurately.

    • This is not a forum. This is my blog. Don’t like it? Go fuck yourself.

      Your words were…

      “Uh, sure. You are going to play John Wayne and jump into a fight just because you have a gun. Right! You deserve to get shot because you would be an idiot.

      Look, in the middle of a chaotic situation, your job as a citizen is to back off and protect yourself. You cannot just “deputize” yourself and jump into the mix and expect to be accepted as one of the good guys.

      When I think second amendment rights, I think about the right to defend yourself. So now you are going to defend the police? Let them do their job. Got a handgun. Good. Get it. Conceal it but have it ready just in case the fight comes to you. But conceal it otherwise you will be identified as a threat.

      Better yet, get out of Dodge. You don’t help the situation by being there. That’s my take.”

      That, regardless of context, reeks of cowardice, and allowing others to go in harm’s way for you. “You job as a citizen is to back off and protect yourself.” No, just like the Founding Fathers, and every generation, until the last two or three, MY job “as a citizen,” is to help in the protection of my community. I have moved in and assisted police officers and emergency personnel, on multiple occasions. I have never received anything but gratitude from them.

      If people “look up” to me, that’s their deal. I make it a point, repeatedly, to point out that a) I’m not a hero, and b) I’m just a dude who used to have a cool job, so I might have some information of value to share.

      For someone who resents personal attacks, insinuating that a veteran is on meds is a particularly vile personal attack, in the current climate. Fortunately, I’m not a bitch, so I don’t actually care, because you’re right…I don’t know you. So, again, go fuck yourself if you don’t like what I wrote. I didn’t ask you to read it. I certainly didn’t ask you to comment.

  44. Grog permalink

    John, excellent observations as always.

    Here’s a picture of the rifle, as noted in the link, this was distributed anon and forwarded from there.

    If you will, please expand on the brief point you made, “Law enforcement agencies quickly announced that Johnson was the lone shooter (Dallas has a strange proclivity for lone shooters pulling off amazing feats that defy logic and physics, apparently…)”

    Given the street layout, the buildings, and what we know as of now about this, I don’t see how it could be possible that he was the only shooter. What’s your take?

  45. loucleve permalink

    we now know the guy got trained at a weapons and tactics school in Texas. which I figured the Left would be all hot and bothered about. somehow they missed it.

  46. Swamp Fox permalink


    Good article, some points from my research.

    There is no such thing as Guerrilla Warfare, there are Guerrilla TTP, There is Revolutionary Warfare and a Revolutionists will use all tactics and forms of fighting to win. This point needs to be made as the US military uses the term guerrilla warfare to take the Political Warfare element out of it as they do not understand it and cannot effectively deal with it. Conventional FM 7-8 teaches raids and ambushes and this is not a guerrilla warfare manual.

    Terror is a tactic of the Revolutionist. Very few terrorists and what we call terrorist organizations just do terror to have fun, they have a political agenda, and there is a Political Warfare element there. Remember the modern CT TTP came out of the Counter Revolutionary Wing of the Ops/Support Wing of the 22 SAS.

    Good read and keep it up.

    Here is a good read, NSC 68, and it guided US strategy to win the Cold War. We knew that with both sides having nuclear weapons we most likely would not have a straight up fight. They would use Revolutionary Warfare to spread their secular religion.

    Click to access 10-1.pdf

    Please read and do not think Soviet Union think Islam and the Caliphate.

    We need a NSC 68 for Islam

  47. Kurt Saylor permalink

    Excellent article, easy to read full of useful information. I have two of his books they are full of great information but hard to read,
    Maybe his next book he will stay closer to the email format.

  48. Black lives matter is now officially a terrorist group. When protests start, they should be met immediately with tear gas and rubber bullets. A 30 minute warning should be given and then police should be allowed to open up with live ammunition. We’re not going to take this garbage anymore. They want a war, let’s give them one.

    • Well, that’s one potential solution. Are you a police officer? I’m guessing, based on your FB profile picture, that you’re not. So, you want the police to ramp up a shooting war that you’re not taking part in? How courageous of you.

      In fact, have you even been to war? I generally find it’s the people who’ve never been that seem most anxious to see one start.

      Do you know what freedom of speech and freedom of assembly mean?

      Perhaps…just maybe…we should consider Constitutional issues BEFORE we start randomly shooting people, many of whom a) have legitimate complaints and concerns, b) have no desire to shoot police officers, and c) are simply exercising their Constitutionally guaranteed rights, we ought to consider the implications of the second- and third-order consequences of those actions.

      Oh, and…unless you’ve been in combat, go fuck yourself for talking about “they want a war, let’s give them one.”

  49. Reader of lots permalink

    Wow!!!! Simply WOW!!
    Best thing (I) have read about his whole incident …bar none!!
    I will be frequenting this site.
    I found it thru a link from another site
    Well done sir!!!

  50. shooting with a purpose permalink

    Fantastic article. It really made me think critically about this incident. I should not have to be schooled like this at my age. I’m awake now.

  51. Roger Johnson permalink

    None of you guys have addressed the lack of equipment, training, tactics, and weaponry of the responding dpd folks. I have worked with dpd for 30 years and they are hard charging, do the best with what they are allowed- folks. That moves the total responsibility for the loss up to the politically correct, deny training where possible, deny ammo where possible, deny leadership where possible, non management team at dpd hqs. The only way this will change is to put the heads of all mgmt above sgt in a vice and crank down until they change their management style! And I also believe the flashy but wrong, militarization of police, does nothing to make the matter any better. Training, not toys, is the way to go!

    • If you work as a cop in America today, and you take seriously the adage, “To Protect and To Serve,” you probably have a moral obligation to yourself, your family, and your community, to seek out training on your own dime and time, since you know the administrations are not going to foot the bill. Every single good cop I know does so, regardless of challenges involved, such as raising children and spending time with those children, and all on a cop’s salary.

      So, in the end, it doesn’t change the conclusions I mentioned in the article.

  52. Tom permalink

    You have inspired this disgruntled veteran(OIF III). Your words are true and could have only come from a smart, intelligent veteran.

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  11. I See a Bad Moon Risin' - Appalachian Tactical Academy
  12. UPA Report 7.17.16 Anti-Muslim Refugee activist Suzanne Shattuck talks about the Refugee Resettlement Program on great video filmed behind the wheel. : :: United Patriots of America ::
  13. Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Sun Tzu on Dallas, Cowardice, and Training | New York City Guns

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