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Formation and Organization of Resistance Movements

February 25, 2013

(This article was originally posted at the old site. I will be following it up with more articles on the role of the auxiliary in coming times. –J.M.)

Resistance movements generally begin with the desire of individuals, or small groups of individuals, to remove intolerable conditions imposed by an unpopular regime. Opposition towards the regime and hatred of existing conditions that conflict with the individual’s or the group’s values, interests, and way of life, spread from the individual (or group of individuals comprising the group), to family, close friends, and neighbors. This can result in an entire community cohering in an obsessive hatred for an established regime. Generally, this hatred has historically manifested itself as sporadic, spontaneous nonviolent and violent acts of resistance towards the regime, or available representatives of the regime. As the discontent grows, natural leaders (historically, former military personnel, clergymen, local political leaders, and community organizers- remember most resistance insurgencies in the last century had a basis in communist/socialist ideals…) emerge to channelize the discontent into an organized resistance movement that promotes its own growth. The population must be convinced by this leadership that it has nothing to lose, or at least, more to gain, by resistance, than by maintaining the status quo.


The ultimate key to progressing from increasing discontent to active insurrection is the belief by the populace that they have nothing to lose by revolting, combined with the belief that they have a genuine chance to succeed. Additionally, there must be some sort of catalyzing trigger event that ignites popular support against the regime’s power and a dynamic resistance leadership that can exploit the situation when it arises (Critical Note: this apparent focus on leadership within the resistance should not be construed to invalidate the concept of “leaderless resistance.” The concept of leadership should not be relegated to some shadowy, mythical central controlling party of the resistance, but rather, that individual cells should have the ability and willingness to take advantage of any key trigger events to leverage the already present discontent to begin active operations to win the support of the populace.).


Once the resistance begins to act out against the regime, there are two types of initial resistance: Clandestine resistance and overt resistance.


a)    Clandestine Resistance is conducted by people who outwardly appear to follow their normal mode of existence. This type of resistance may or may not be controlled by any level of leadership, and may include the following activities by individuals and/or small groups/cells.


      Political action and campaigning


      Propaganda development and dispersal




      Sabotage (see my previous post on the critical differences between sabotage and terrorism. They are NOT the same thing.)


      Black marketeering


      Intelligence gathering



b)   Overt Resistance is conducted by individuals trained along paramilitary lines. This is the guerrilla force and provides the military arm of the resistance. These individuals and groups make no secret of their existence or objectives (once hostilities have begun in earnest), although they may use the leaderless cell approach and compartmentalize information closely to prevent compromise of the entire movement. The guerrilla force will generally be comprised of those individuals who have previously been openly disdainful or antagonistic towards the regime, and recognize the probability that they have been targeted by the security forces anyway (as much as he hates sleeping on the ground, especially in cold weather, your author recognizes that he has probably set himself up to be stuck playing this role if the inevitable happens. This really sucks, since I have bad arthritis anyway, courtesy of letting Uncle Sugar convince me what a great idea it was to walk out of perfectly functioning aircraft that were in flight….and carrying a 90-130lb rucksack? Why gee, that sounds swell!)


As previously mentioned, there are three necessary components to a successful insurgency. The subversive underground is always present and is the first component of the resistance to form and begin active operations. The strategic goals of the resistance movement will determine the level of development for all three components:


     – the subversive underground


     – the support auxiliary


     – the paramilitary guerrilla force



The Subversive Underground


The subversive underground is a cellular organization within the resistance movement that has the ability to conduct operations in areas that are practicably inaccessible to the paramilitary guerrilla force, such as populated areas that are under tight control of the regime’s security forces. The underground maintains the ability to operate in these denied areas because it operates clandestinely, returning to innocuous “day jobs” when not performing missions.


Typical tasks for the subversive underground include, but may not be limited to:


      Gathering intelligence and the development of intelligence networks.


      The development and operation of subversive “pirate” broadcast systems that control the dissemination of propaganda through radio, newspaper and leaflet distribution, and/or internet communications and web page development.


      The fabrication of special materials, such as false identification, explosives, weapons, and munitions.


      Black market networks and safe houses for transport of personnel and logistics.


      Sabotage by individuals and/or small units in urban centers.


      Operation of clandestine medical facilities to treat injured/wounded resistance personnel.


Members of the underground are normally active, productive members of their community, and their ability to function as part of the resistance is a product of their daily life and/or position within the community. They operate by maintaining a strict compartmentalization and delegating most risk to their auxiliary workers. The functions of the subversive underground are what allow the resistance to have a noticeable effect within urban or built-up areas.


The underground operational cell should typically be comprised of a leader and a few cell members who operate directly as a unit to conduct direct-action missions for the underground. The intelligence cell is different in that the cell leader should seldom, if ever, be in direct contact with the subordinate members of his cell, and the members of the cell are rarely in contact with one another. All communications of the intelligence cell would typically be conducted through dead-drop and other covert/clandestine methods of tradecraft.


It is imperative for the potential future guerrilla fighter to understand that, until he sees, and recognizes these actions being undertaken by unknown parties, there is little point to “going to guns.” Doing so will only accelerate the actions of the regime to hunt down such “extremist” outlaws. Since the security forces will not be forced to deal with hunting down members of the subversive underground at the same time, there will be little to prevent them from focusing extensive assets to hunting down the “bandits hiding out in the woods.” If you have friends, whom you trust enough to discuss these matters and potential future issues with, who are NOT outspoken and openly critical of the current demise, educate them on the need for future subversives. They need to remain quiet and simply prepare for the day they need to wire a couple cans of ether to some douchebag’s engine manifold…(I’ve actually never tried it, but I’m pretty well convinced that it would be an extremely effective anti-vehicle/anti-personnel device to be utilized by a mechanic who happens to secretly support the resistance. If anyone has a junk vehicle that will still run, they should try it and let me know how it works out…Don’t run out and try it on a local police cruiser, please. I am NOT saying do it now. I’m saying consider such possible weapons in case they are needed in the future.


The Auxiliary


This term refers to members of the population who provide very limited clandestine support to the subversive underground and/or the paramilitary guerrilla force. Very seldom will they be “active” members of the movement, and as such, offer little intelligence value to the regime if compromised. Functions of the auxiliary may take the form of logistics, labor, or intelligence collection. Auxiliary members may not know any more than how to perform their specific function or service that supports the network. They may not even realize they are actively supporting the resistance. They should certainly never be asked to perform a job by a valuable member of the subversive underground cadre, face-to-face. Even in the modern environment of credit card payments and billing services, there are ways to accomplish such chores remotely. Until they are trusted, they do not learn the names or identities of the resistance.


In many ways however, the auxiliary personnel are at the greatest risk of compromise (thus the importance of their not offering intelligence value to the regime if compromised). Typical functions of the auxiliary include:


      Logistics procurement (either through stealing from a workplace, or purchasing on the black market, or open market, if it can be done without compromising their security or that of the movement.)


      Logistics distribution (transporting goods and dropping them in pre-determined cache locations for later pick-up by resistance forces.)


      Labor for special material fabrication (in some instances, the fabrication will be conducted in assembly-line fashion, to preclude any one group of auxiliaries from recognizing what they are manufacturing)


      Security and early warning for underground facilities and guerrilla bases (obviously, this is a task that must be reserved for well-trusted and very secure members of the auxiliary…cooks in regime mess halls/dining facilities who may overhear conversations regarding upcoming operations, mechanics who notice an increase in the request for pre-mission checks on vehicles, etc…)


      Intelligence collection (intentional or otherwise)


      Recruitment (obviously, in this case, the auxiliary member KNOWS his part, but can still be compartmentalized to reduce risk to the actual underground or guerrilla force)


      Communications networks staff such as couriers and/or messengers.


      Propaganda distribution.


      Safe house management.


      Logistics and personnel transport (if functioning as part of the black market, the auxiliary member may never realize he is actively supporting the resistance).



The paramilitary guerrilla force


The paramilitary guerrilla force is the overt military arm of the resistance. As individuals who actively engage the conventional military in combat operations, guerrillas have traditionally held a significant disadvantage in terms of training, equipment, and firepower (it should be noted that, in the event of an U.S. resistance movement, these would not necessarily be the case. That’s the purpose, after all, of this blog.) For all their disadvantages however, the guerrilla force has one distinct advantage that can offset any unfavorable balance- the initiative. In any operational planning, the guerrilla leader must strive to maintain and exploit this advantage.


The guerrilla element only attacks when it can develop and maintain a relative, if temporary, state of superiority of force. The element avoids any sort of decisive engagement, thus denying the conventional force military of the regime, the opportunity to recover, regain their superiority, and use it against the guerrilla force (the application of conventional small-unit tactics, such as raids and ambushes, in an unconventional manner, such as an IED/EFP-initiated ambush, followed by selective targeting of personnel, then an exfiltration, or a rapid, snatch-and-grab raid to kidnap a key enemy leader, are the definition of guerrilla warfare tactics.). The guerrilla element is only capable of generating this type of tactical success in areas where they possess a significant familiarity with the terrain and a connection to the local civilian population that allows them to harness clandestine support for security and intelligence-gathering purposes. Don’t ever allow yourself or your unit to suffer the terminal disease of testosterone poisoning and think you’re going to survive, let alone win, a toe-to-toe slugfest with a conventional force rifle platoon. You might have better riflemen, and even bigger numbers, but they have indirect-fire support, close air support, and a faster Quick Reaction Force (QRF) to call on for reinforcements.


Depending on the degree of control over the local area, a guerrilla force element may range in size from fire-team size all the way up to a brigade-level force. In the initial stages of a resistance, the guerrilla force, regardless of size, will generally be limited to stand-off attacks that we typically think of as “guerrilla warfare.” This may include the aforementioned raids and ambushes, albeit on a slightly larger scale. As the guerrilla force grows however, so should its ability to engage the regime’s conventional military forces on a larger scale, allowing some degree of parity with the enemy. In these cases, formerly isolated bands of guerrillas may be able to connect and coalesce, forming liberated territory that allows for the development of a larger, more conventional military force to face the regime’s conventional force.

It is critical to delineate the difference between a true resistance guerrilla fighter, and other small-unit, irregular force operatives that may appear similar, but in fact, are drastically different, such as militias (although the local militia may operate as a part of the guerrilla force in liberated territories), mercenaries, and criminal/narco-terrorist gangs. The militia’s only intent should be to provide security for the local community and its residents. Mercenaries and criminal/narco-terrorist gangs will seldom hold themselves to any sort of moral construct similar to that of the resistance-force guerrilla. It is critical for the guerrilla force insurgent to recognize that ONLY uniformed personnel of the enemy regime are legitimate targets for the guerrilla force. Key political personnel, civilian population sympathizers and informants, etc, MUST be dealt with solely by the subversive underground. This is critical to the PSYOP campaign for the resistance, since conduct of assassinations/kidnappings, etc, by the underground can be plausibly blamed on the regime’s security apparatus if it is not conducted by organized paramilitary forces of the guerrilla.

De Oppresso Liber,

John Mosby

SFOB- Rifleman’s Ridge


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  1. Disciple of Night permalink

    Another good one. There already exists a network of alternate media stations online and on conventional radio that could serve to transmit propaganda.

  2. Rod Lopez permalink

    Hello, I emailed you awhile back but hadnr heard from you. Would you be willing to do another Colorado class and finsih up the SUT material in the next few months? Rod

    • Rod,
      Emailed you back. We have shitty luck with email. Working on another Colorado class in April, with J from down south. Let him know you’re interested, and I’ll be putting the word out soon here.

  3. John,Im always blown away with ur writings,I learn something new with everyone of them.I would love to hang around the fire at night and mostly listen and IM sure laugh like hell.Some way I m gonna get out to the left coast and take some classes with you.Im in the peoples replubic of new Jersey.If it wasnt because my 6 is here.I would left for New Hampshire or maine,the freedom and the mountains.thanks for the writings.tom k.

  4. Mt Top Patriot permalink

    Well about that resistance, it surely gives much food for thought. Especially about the straw that breaks the potential resistors back.

    Seems Fourth GW is something, if recent history’s involving UW are any indication, something the vast bulk of present .mil and amerikan executive branch regime forces are institutionally and strategically ill equipped to fight. Add to this what appears the rise of the Praetorian Class/”law enforcement.” Which in at least the larger population centers, has such a siege/protect their own at all costs mentality, that if you don’t give it existential threat/cause to go full bore totally off the reservation/white mice/secret police on we the people, who does that leave among government actors of monopoly of violence to fight 4GW? And just Who, Where, is the Praetorian class loyalties lie? At this point as a class, it has in some ways far more power than the ruling class. The Roman’s found out about that the bloody way.
    Considering the class warfare and politics of power of an outside the rule of law government,(am I repeating myself here?), who really has the power to control all these armed government forces? It’s like Hienz’s 57 varieties with these mall ninja actors and their mini military banana republic head honcho’s. Who are they going to follow or obey when it comes time to use all that fancy gear and ninja training? How are they going to perform when people with a bone in their teeth give em hard ass payback? Nobody but that whack job Dorner has given these clowns in blue a taste of their own medicine, and look how FUBAR’d that all went down. What are they going to war Waco rules on any who threaten their power? How many American’s will they have to burn alive in their homes?

    Considering the trend of political diversity pogroms and purges aimed at destroying the patriotic/moral cadre, who remains among the officer corps and noncoms, that are true war fighters? Fighters who can fight the G for a government in a state where it’s legitimacy is questioned by possibly 100’s of millions of citizens? A government bent on transforming a Constitutionally based Republic through undertaking a coup from the top down inside out to turn it into the worlds largest banana republic military junta?

    Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. That goes for members of the .mil and local/states police departments. Are these American’s going to split down and go their seperate ways along demographics lines in the manner they vote/believe in particular forms of government?

    Is it king putts “…civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Or is the regime going to pull the plug, crash the greenback, let it burn, wait for the first big die off, then send in the one world order apparatchiks in an attempt piecemeal to round up and or liquidate American’s who figured how to survive and organize outside the diktat and centers of power of the regime?

    Would it be prudent to force the issue of Liberty verses tyranny through armed civil disobedience? Disrupting the regimes political OODA loop of the appearance of legitimacy, giving the moral high ground to the resistance of tyranny? Make them react?

    Who wears the crown of legitimate state actors in all this if/when it starts?
    I’m just saying, in the realm of resistance to tyranny, considering the Fact this Republic was created and is predicated on the rule of law, not rule of men, where the sovereign power rests ultimately in the people, how is the crown of legitimacy once again placed upon we of the people for all to see? This seems like the ultimate form of winning hearts and minds.

    Is the larger context of resistance to tyranny involve this axiom:
    “We not only have to teach people how to fish, we have to teach them that such a thing is even possible…” – Tom Baugh

    As Mr. Mosby say’s, as Confucius said “If you want to make a stand help others make a stand”

    Not for nothing, being a free American is not only Liberty, and prosperity, and happiness, but it is culture also. In that culture somewhere lies the truth of things and the potential of resistance. And the truth has a sanitizing effect when it gets out of the bag.
    Tyranny and it’s crop of big lies is the new normal. Nothing revolutionary about it these days. It’s dear leader this and dear leader that and his lapdog press sycophants 24/7/365. Last I looked, this ain’t North Korea.
    So maybe, just maybe this resistance thing has a chance of winning the day, if as one who knows said:
    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.-Sarah Palin

    That right there is the ultimate in assault weapons if I have half a brain.

    Besides, I’m fucking fed up with a skinny lyin’ sack o shit cock sucking faggot without a birth certificate testing my manhood to see how far he and his tyrant traitors pals can go to test my courage and honor and sense of propriety through the lie of legitimacy, the threat of giving me a choice between backing down for the sake of protecting my loved ones, or standing my ground to defend my Liberty if confronted because I don’t grovel before edicts and diktat foreign to my very existence and birth rights? Fuck the prospect of dying lying in a cold wet ditch. If that is what it means to die with the dignity of Liberty never surrendered, then so be it.

    And to you trolls lurking in the shadows reading my words of wit, your day will come. You think your all front of the chosen ones bus and everything? Let me give you a piece of advice, those who forget the past take the dirt nap first. And those sycophants like yourself doing the dirty work? There’s is a free shit party waiting for you? Uh uh, you get thrown under that bus pal. But there is a special gift awaiting your blind loyalty to the likes of the One once they obtain absolute power. It’s called a bullet to the back of the head. Guy’s like your dear leader can’t risk disloyalty in any form. You are traitors to your Republic, your fellow citizens. You can not be trusted once your usefulness is completed.

    • Nisroc permalink

      Nicely said……MT. Top Patriot.

      • Well thanks. Terrible thing about it all, there is nothing nice about any of this commie collectivist ruling class bullshit breathing down our necks.
        And the worst of it all is yet to play out.
        Thank the good Lord for Patriots like Mr. Mosby.
        May there be many in his mold waiting in the wings.

        All this tyranny aside, Mr. Mosby is absolutely correct in his learned advice concerning folks sticking together. This one thing he espouses constitutes the only strategic viable and tactical means of assuring our and our descendents Liberty. It was the crucial means of our founders success.

        But right now, we are caught with our pants down. The connections we do have and share are nebulous and fleeting in general terms. There must be a movement towards strength in our numbers and resources some how. We must grow strong together we who cherish Liberty. We must learn these things. They are as much a part of our founders ways as their arms and politics. The lessons are there. We must never forget the past, it gives wise council for those who understand it, our founders did not fail to head the warnings, and wisdom’s history, and that history pointed the way to the future.

        The potential, we of Liberty have within our capability, to kick the crooks thieves and tyrants arses to hell where they belong is enormous. American’s, people of and for Liberty, constitute the largest army in human history. We are armed to the teeth with superb small unit battle implements. As a nation of industrious and inventive people, we have within our ability to enhance and further equip this Army of Liberty, not only with arms and material, but the knowledge and skill to win the day and secure the blessings of freedom and prosperity.

        It says everything about our grasp of the evil overcoming us that there are but a tiny handful at best of men like John Mosby who are willing to put everything on the line to get it going and help create that army of Liberty.

        Maybe I’m being presumptuous, naive even, to say all that. But it is what I believe in. That people Like John Mosby inspire me, that there is good, and good men in the world willing to do the hard things, face the truths behind the lies, even when it looks bleak and your outnumbered thousands to one. Well that to is something to believe in too. That you can prevail, that you can never ever give that up.

        No matter what, men like Mr. Mosby hold the high moral ground. His convictions and the courage he possesses to find that high ground, and fight from that position of dominance is far more important than the 2nd Amendment, or our arms. Without this reason of just cause to fight tyranny, victory is almost impossible. That moral imperative is the greatest assault weapon there is in the arsenal of Liberty.

        If any think the assault on our arms and Liberty to posses them is an affront to your manhood. Just wait and see what will happen when the assault on our beliefs and convictions begins.

        William Ayers was right about having to kill at least 25 million American’s to obtain a totalitarian state. Guess who the targeted American’s will be if the motherfuckers are allowed by us to implement their final solution to Liberty?

        Because there are no other existential threats to their absolute power except us of Liberty.
        Because there are no other American’s who have the ability, means, and moral imperative, to fight this tyranny.

        Times up everyone.

        Lets win!

    • Bradford C joy permalink

      Damn,, well put Mountain Top,, well put!

  5. Ted permalink

    You really should pay some attention to the handling of informants. In Germany during WWII the population feared the Gestapo far beyond what was warranted. The information given to the Gestapo exceeded their ability to process this information and many leads were not explored. This happened in all the territories that the Germans held. It also happend in most county behind the Iron Curtain. Many people will be quick to bow to new masters. Motivation may come from a wide spectrum of human emotions. Greed, power and revenge are good bets. New masters and new rules makes it easy to settle scores.

    Today the information processing bottleneck has probably been overcome, and the logical place to act should be with those that relay information. Dealing with this early on will probably make the problem less severe.

  6. thank you – many of us need this

  7. Excellent piece of writing which is on par with strong coffee in the morning.

  8. Aesop permalink

    Knowing that the raw intelligence always exceeds the capability to process it, the subversive underground should make plans to place ad/or exploit informants, spewing >95% nonsense tips, and the occasional low-grade actual intel, either as SWATing in reverse, or intelligence information that has become obsolete and/or overtaken by events.

    If you shove enough paper in the in-basket, the machine crashes.
    And the headless minions run to and fro, wasting time, energy, and resources chasing their own tails.

    If the 1 time out of 20 happens to be a meticulously well-planned ambush for forces grown complacent from so many false leads, oh well…

  9. Dan Knowles permalink

    Mr. Mosby,
    I’m a lurker, reading most of what you post and saving it for later use, and I’m certain I’ll be needing it. I served in the 1st Gulf War, but the lessons you impart are better than I could hope to disseminate to my neighbors in teh event.
    I couldn’t find a way on your site to contact you directly with a Q, unrelated to this post, so if I may…
    Some time ago, couple months maybe, you wrote disparagingly of teh Springfield M&P series.
    I am not a fan of the striker-fired system myself (I own a S&W model, I prefer my SiG’s), but my wife wants to switch from her S&W revolver in .38+p to the S&W M&P22. I’m trying to steer her towards something that is not striker-fired, but with a de-cocking mechanism.
    What is the nature of your negative opinion of the M&P series?
    Feel free to contact me directly via my e-mail address provided.

    • I spoke ill of the Springfield XD, not because it’s striker-fired, but because they basically took a Glock, and then added the single worst feature of the 1911 to it…..

      I really liked the ergonomics of Smith’s M&P series, but have limited experience with them (as in none). The biggest complaint I hear about them is that the stock trigger sucks. Lots of pretty hard core guys really, really like them though. I don’t know of any experienced guys that like the XD….

      I don’t have a problem with striker-fired pistols anymore, although like you, it took me a long time to feel that way. I was a SIG guy, through and through. I just couldn’t trust a gun that I couldn’t see the hammer function on….retarded, huh?

      The biggest issue with SIGs that I have now, is the damned bore axis is SO high above the hand that they actually tend to have more muzzle-flip than other guns, leading to a longer shot-to-shot break. It’s a negligible difference, and in the real world, probably actually irrelevant, thus the reason so many units have gone to SIG in various western forces.

      On the other hand, to my most reason knowledge, a lot of USASOC has gone to Glock, as I have myself.

      The only thing I would try to dissuade your wife from doing is dropping from a .38 Special to a .22LR for a carry gun. You’d be better off having her go to the M&P 9.


  10. Dan Knowles permalink

    Thanks for the response.
    And for the correct critique of my mistaken request.
    My wife is small, and is not as comfortable with the recoil of the .38 as one should be. The .22 is a caliber I’ve heard is fairly well-suited b/c the low recoil allows for rapid follow-up shots, an auto is quicker to reload in addition to having more rounds on hand to start, and with practice, she should be able to put 5-6 rounds into an eye socket or larynx from a comfortable distance. Although it’s not a “belly gun” and wont put down an aggressor if he gets his mitts on her, I’m not a proponent of 9mm. Too high velocity and will over-penetrate, better suited for SMG’s IMO. The way our house is laid out, the kids might be down-range from our bedroom if an intruder made it up the stairs and I went from .45acp to .40s&w for that reason.
    Again, thanks for the response. I’ll look into the S&W more and avoid teh XD. And I have the same hang-up as you, so no Glocks in my immediate future. But what’s teh worst feature and how did you overcome your aversion to it?
    Thanks again.
    p.s. DOL? I can’t piece it together.

    • I won’t get into a 9mm debate, except to point out that every serious gunfighter I’m aware of has pretty well made the switch, and few of us have any doubts about its ability to do its job. Obviously, I’m going to have to break down and do an article on the drawbacks of .40 sometime, the which there are many, any one of which outweighs any potential benefits of the round.

      The only other aversions to Glock I had was the feel, which I remedied by heavily stippling the frame, and the aesthetics, which grow on my daily.

      The single worst feature reference was about the XD. Why the fuck they thought adding a grip safety was a good idea is beyond me.

  11. Dan Knowles permalink

    Looking forward to info on the .40 cal.
    Actually, looking forward to reverting my sidearms back to .45, but for the reasons I mentioned.

    Thanks for your time.

  12. Shorty permalink

    If she’s having a problem with the recoil from .38sp and you’re buying a whole new platform, find a range that rents and have her put 50 rounds through a .380 Bersa Thunder. The trigger is lighter than the Walther PPK’s, the ergonomics are good, and I would not personally trust rimfire ammo with my life unless I have no substitutes.

    I will not volunteer to have a magazine of .22lr shot into me though.

    • Dan Knowles permalink

      Hah! Personally, I wouldn’t volunteer to get hit with a slingshot!
      And thanks for the input, well try that.

      And John, I figgered out DOL.

  13. 3%Insuragant permalink

    “It is critical for the guerrilla force insurgent to recognize that ONLY uniformed personnel of the enemy regime are legitimate targets for the guerrilla force. Key political personnel, civilian population sympathizers and informants, etc, MUST be dealt with solely by the subversive underground. This is critical to the PSYOP campaign for the resistance, since conduct of assassinations/kidnappings, etc, by the underground can be plausibly blamed on the regime’s security apparatus if it is not conducted by organized paramilitary forces of the guerrilla.”

    This is not true, because in order to down size a government and stop the expansion all those working communist who work for the enemy need to be removed and exterminated as well. The true 3% are becoming the next generation as a Insurgent. As I and we all know what has to be done and its not just taking out political targets. Just like Che Guevara did. Its the only way to prevent more from wanting to operate in those buildings and keeping the Government small and preventing further corruption. Mountain G. needs to remove his Military Biases and wake up to what has to be done to restore liberty. The same thing our forefathers done.

    • 3%Insuragant permalink

      Unless I am miss-understanding you and am agreeing with you.

    • Guevara, for all his understanding of insurgency, died in the jungles of Bolivia, after being hunted down by the local COIN forces and USSF, because he ultimately decided he knew better than the “rules” of UW. He decided he didn’t really need the local populace to be on his side, he’d just convince them they were ready…..

      I find it humorous, in a sadly ironic sort of way, when someone cites Che, right after talking about killing Communist sympathizers….

      You want to condone and commit genocide, that’s your bag? So, what makes you different than the folks who you purport want to hunt you down and kill you? Because you’re right? Because God is on your side? If you want to tell me what I need to do to restore liberty, feel free. But if you want to condone genocide, do it elsewhere.

      So no, you’re not misunderstanding me and no, you’re not agreeing with me. You’re misunderstanding history, liberty, and the concepts upon which Jeffersonian liberty rest. There’s a vast difference between the subversive underground hunting down and assassinating active collaborators. It’s something else entirely to talk about exterminating anyone who is doing what they feel they have to in order to feed their kids. That’s not a military bias. That’s called being a fucking human being.

  14. Patriot, not Patsy permalink

    Thanks for the info. It looks like America died tonight. I’ll be starting a resistance movement to preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States from der Führer and you, his sheeple traitors. My dad fought Hitler’s armies. He’s spinning in his grave at Ft Huachuca because America died and you fucking rethuglican nazis won. There is no daylight between the Republican Party and ISIS. They are the same organization. Nazi, ISIS, Taliban, Republican: all fear democracy, women, reality, and civilization.

    Anthropic climate change is real. Evolution is real. Reality is real. Bullets are real. Belief in, and support of, civilization is a fragile idea.

  15. Diz permalink

    Good look-back here. In light of all the bullshit the left has been doing since Hillary was defeated; the left has been basically doing this as a resistance movement for decades now. They have just come out of the woodwork, as a “Tet Offensive” of sorts, since the election. I see it as a tipping point; the guerilla now becomes the mainstream, and vice versa. I remember there was an old movie about South American revolutions. It starts out as El Supremo is up on the podium, as all his troops and tanks parade by. It then goes through a revolution. At then end, the guerilla leader is now dressed up as El Supremo, and the troops and tanks again pass in review. I think that is now the situation you have in this country; the former revolutionaries are now in charge, and the former “mainstream” are on the outs.


    Instead of a guerilla movement to take over again, how about just opting out and doing our own thing. Very much like our fore fathers. Frankly, I don’t see the motherfucker as worth “taking back” anymore.

  16. John Mosby-
    I am looking at Joe Fox’s video on your books, and am seeking info on titles, prices and availability. Can you help me out?
    Thank you in advance, John Block
    People’s Dem. Rep. of Maryland

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