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The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground

November 24, 2014

The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two:

The Underground
Concepts, Methods, and Skills for Living in A Collapsing Society

Volume One of The Reluctant Partisan focused on the rural guerrilla skills needed to establish security for retreat locations and rural communities. Volume Two follows the doctrinal construction of an insurgency by covering the underground.

This volume focuses on urban skills needed for surviving the continuing collapse of the socio-economic and political/legal order in our world. According to the US Census Bureau, over 80% of Americans live in areas defined as “urban.” The rest of us have to go to town at least occasionally, to buy groceries (and take the wife to a movie!).

Absent an epic, immediate event, such as an EMP event, or sudden nuclear exchange with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), it is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect a) everyone to move to the country, giving up high-paying jobs for subsistence wages in the boondocks, and b) to quit going into town for groceries and other needs and desires.

With the events occurring in Ferguson, MO and other urban areas, the importance of community defense organizations that allow people to rely on themselves and each other for survival are all too obvious. Whether you’re fighting cannibalistic San Franciscan rioters in order to get home from work, or trying to escape the urban madhouse, from direct-action defense to intelligence collection and assessment; from building resilient, cellular networks of trusted associates, to developing an autonomous economy within—and outside of—those networks, to communications concepts and other tradecraft, Volume Two of The Reluctant Partisan picks up where Volume One left off, and keeps swinging from the floor.

From general and specific discussions of the specific skills needed to establish and utilize a functioning cellular underground in an urban area, to drills and practical exercises needed to master them, along with one of the most popular features of Volume One—the POI that I use to teach classes—Volume Two promises to be better, more user friendly, and more useful in general, than Volume One was.

As we did with Volume One (only better, because I’ve learned from most of my mistakes along the way, and hopefully have improved….), in cooperation with Sam Culper and Forward Observer, we’re going to offer a one-time, limited-time chance to pre-order the ebook version. This is a pre-sale event. Sam will open the link in the FO Store on 1DEC14 and it will stay open until 14DEC14, to order the ebook. It will be delivered to your inbox on 25DEC….Yep, consider it a “Christmas present” from John (except, well you’re paying a small fee for it, of course).

The cost of the pre-order will be $15.00. After the pre-order period ends, there WILL BE NO MORE EBOOK VERSION AVAILABLE!!! The hard copy (not hard cover…) will go on sale 1JAN15, and be ready to ship at that time.

Improvements (besides new information, obviously):

1) This will be a full-size 8.5×11 book, so the small font size will be a non-issue.

2) The shipping and order processing issues we’ve had to deal with recently have been remedied (see my notes at the bottom on these issues), so the book will be to you much sooner after you order it.

I’m currently working on the final revisions on most of the book, with two chapters that I am completely rewriting. This volume currently sits at 450+ pages. It may lose a few, but it’s more likely to end up running closer to 500 pages. It’s going to be a BIG book. It’s been a lot of work—perhaps harder to organize and write than the first volume was. I don’t know what the final hard copy price will be, until I get the complete work to the printer and get a quote from him. It SHOULD be less expensive than Volume One, despite the size differences, but don’t hold me to that.

So, what’s in the book so far?

Introduction: “I’m Rick Jam…..errr…Nostradamus, Bitch!”

  • Where we are on the Scale O’ Doom

  • How that affects Life and Preparedness

Chapter One: “Let’s Get DOWN!”

  • What is the Underground, and how does it apply to Survival Preparedness?

  • Cellular Network Construction. You’re already doing it, and you don’t even know it.

  • Recruiting: Be selective now, and you’ll find more good people as you need them, I promise.

Chapter Two: “We don’t need no steenkin’ training!”

  • Training and Education within the underground

  • Core Cadre as a training and education force multiplier

  • Direct-Action Training Considerations

  • Finance and Procurement Training Considerations

  • Propaganda/PSYOP/MISO Training Considerations

  • Intelligence and CI Training Considerations

Chapter Three: “All ‘Bout the Benjamins”

  • Historical trends in funding the underground

  • Your Storage Preps are NOT a revenue source.

  • Barter goods,” as you know them are bullshit.

  • What the black market REALLY wants, and what you can get for it.

  • Finance and exchange within and without the network.

Chapter Four: “Eat Their Brains!”

  • The Importance of PSYOP/MISO

  • The PSYOP Process

  • It’s not about convincing each other.

  • If you scare the sheep, you’ll have to chase them down to save them.

  • Teddy was wrong. Sometimes you need to speak loudly and carry a big stick.

Chapter Five: “Teacher’s Pet”

  • Intelligence and CI cells within the network

  • Fundamentals of Military Intelligence

  • Fundamentals of CI

  • Intelligence Collection: IR/PIR/etc

  • Intelligence Analysis Considerations and Methods

  • Communications for Intel Distribution

Chapter Six: “Hey, Let’s Play Doctor!”

  • Strengths of the Underground for Medical Care

  • Medical Cells in the network.

  • Medical and Nursing Considerations for the Underground

  • An Ounce of Prevention is worth 50 pounds of Cure.

Chapter Seven: “I’m To Old For This Shit!”

  • Passive Resistance Considerations

Chapter Eight: “Leroy Brown!”

  • Cool-Guy Action Figure Direct-Action Cells

  • Operations for Urban DA

  • Combat operations in built-up areas for the DA Cell

  • Vehicle-Mounted Urban patrolling operations for the DA Cell

Chapter Nine: “I’ve Got a Black Belt! (and a couple of brown ones, and even a really cool, metal spiked on that looks like a dog collar!)

  • General Urban Self-Protection Issues for the Underground

  • So, what is this “awareness” shit, anyway?

  • Battlefield Recovery: Combat Rifle with stuff other than AR15/M4

  • Clandestine Carry Pistol: The “Rifle” for the Non-Permissive Environment

  • Unarmed Combatives: When even a pistol is more than you can get away with.

  • Vehicle-Mounted Urban Survival: When you don’t have a DA cell that can ride around with you all fucking day.

Chapter Ten: “Ludwig, you can kiss my ass, I’m outta here!”

  • Escape-and-Evasion cells and networks

  • The Evasion Plan-of-Action for the Underground

Appendix One: “More Shit from the Schoolyard”

  • Clandestine Carry Pistol POI

  • Combat Rifle POI (for the AK, FAL, and M1A)

  • Vehicle-Based Patrolling POI

  • CQB/Room-Clearing, and fighting in built-up areas POI

Appendix Two: “The Big Bad Wolf ain’t getting nothing here!”

  • Hardening and Defending Buildings and Neighborhoods

Recent issues with Volume One:

We’ve had a couple of relatively minor issues with Volume One, and of course, the big one that everyone has complained about. Let’s take a minute and look at some of them, and how I’ve fixed them for the future:

1) Tiny-ass font size: When I sent Volume One to the printer, it was a full-size PDF file, with 12-point text. Unfortunately, when they shrank it down to fit the pocket-size format, the text shrank accordingly. Is what it is…..

For Volume Two, we’re actually going to keep it as a full-size, 8.5×11, book. So, you’ll have nice, big, 12-point text to read easier.

2) Initially, when we started taking Internet orders through FO, Sam C. would forward me all the orders received once a week. I would package the orders, and ship them the following week, when I could get to the post office. This means, many orders were shipping a full two weeks after the order was placed.

We’ve fixed that, by having book orders forwarded, automatically, to my Inbox. This means, orders are going out within a couple days of being placed, not two weeks later.

3) In light of my very vocal, very loud, advocacy of “support local community businesses,” I decided to utilize a (relatively) local printer, instead of an anonymous, online print service like CreateSpace or Lulu. Obviously, either of those would have a) increased visibility to the buying market (I’m pretty sure the 1450+ subscribers to this blog are not ALL the people in the world who would find the information useful and interesting—besides, I KNOW I ain’t sold no 1450 copies…..), and b) made my life much easier by allowing the printer to handle all of the labor in getting the books out. Unfortunately, I am more interested in standing by my beliefs than I am in making a fortune as an author (otherwise, I’d be writing horror or romance novels, right?).

This has actually not been much of an issue (it just takes me a couple of hours a week to package and ship the books), until the last print run. The printer decided to change glues, didn’t like the result, and switched back without letting me know, so some orders got shipped a week later than typical even. I have discussed it with them and this has been fixed so it will be a non-issue in the future as well.

The only other option was ordering a supply to hold on hand. I don’t have room—or funds—to sit on a couple hundred copies of the book that might never get sold….

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  1. I look forward to it! I’m still working on the first one, and have nothing but praise!

  2. I will keep an eye out. I liked your first, will look forward to reading the second. keep us apprised. thank you.

  3. TFAT permalink

    Can you put it out on an audio tape now that my eyes are ruined from the first volume? Seriously dude. I had to buy a pair of those cheapo $ store specs to finish it. Glad you’re making it “more better”. And where’s the MG apparel?

  4. What are the chances of in the future bringing out a volume 1 & 2 the same size?

  5. D W permalink

    Great News – I’m in for the ebook and I will take 2 copies of the printed book.

    One comment – I am not sure why the smaller book got so much bad feedback. I actually like the smaller book as it fits easily in my pack!

  6. Volunteerveteran permalink

    Damn JM,

    How the hell imma fit an 8.5″ x 11″ in my cargo pocket, UGH? Well, at least my ruck has a radio pocket… Flexicute, that’s my motto!

    Just fuckin’ around. You could etch it in stone and I’d still be one of the 1st in line. Good shit! Thanks.

  7. Wes permalink

    Hell yeah this sounds badass. I live in kind of a blend between rural and urban so this has to have some good information for me. Look forward to reading it.

  8. Dan R. permalink

    Hey now, thanks for doing these books. I ordered Volume One through FO’s website, November 8. I’m not complaining about the delay, I understand, but just starting to wonder where you are in the shipping process for books ordered around then? This is a special thing you have put together, and I do appreciate you for doing this book. I’m just anxious to get my copy and start reading. Thanks.
    Liberty-minded Citizen in Lancaster, PA

  9. Will the ebook have the same content as the print copy? I have an ebook copy of Vol. 1 but as I understand the print copy has additional material. Curious if it will be the same for Vol. 2?

    • Yeah, this one will be the final revision. Same as the hard copy (unless something drastic occurs on Christmas Day before I drop the pdf at the printer on 26DEC15.

      • Survivor permalink

        Any chance of releasing the Vol 1 in ebook format? Have the paper version. Appreciate your efforts.

  10. CAN’T. WAIT! for the h/c version.
    Looking forward with much interest.

  11. Oregon Hobo permalink

    Waiting eagerly for the hardcopy. Many thanks for all that you do.

    Any possibility of also offering a small-print copy the same size as vol1 for those of us whose eyes can do just fine with it? Also, large-print copies of vol1 to lend out to those whose eyes can’t? One for the bag, one for the library?



  12. Joe Somebody permalink

    I missed the train on the ebook copy of Vol 1 and can’t afford the hard copy at this time. However I am glad I have the advance notice to grab the ebook of Vol 2. I look forward to reading it.

  13. Sled238 permalink

    Man, just print the bitch with yellow paper. You cost me a FORTUNE in highlighters….

  14. papagrande310 permalink

    Reading your posts are so much better after meeting you in person… Haha

    Looking forward to Volume 2. Have a great Thanksgiving with you family!


    • Daniel permalink

      While I was saving pictures of Tallulah Willis from a recent yahoo news article, the thought of you crossed my mind 😉

      Hope all is well

      • papagrande310 permalink

        Haha! Yah she is sexy. 😮 funny I was talking to some guys at the i594 protest yesterday about getting yelled at for jamming my muzzle into the dirt the first time I hit the ground with my rifle. Good times! Things are good. Nice to hear from you

      • Daniel permalink

        LOL 😀 Man, I’ve been following the whole I594 debacle for a while. What a clusterfuck. Elections DO have their consequences though, so I’m optimistic of the same thing happening in Washington as what happened in Colorado (not that I put stock into tiny hearted cowardly bureaucrats, but they do have their uses I suppose).

  15. Bob permalink

    Hi John,
    I was wondering what the size of the E-book will be?
    Megabyte-wise that is.
    Volume one was fantastic, can’t wait to dig into volume 2.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Anonymous permalink

    Any chance of a vol 1 and 2 set in full size?

  17. If I really need that book, I’m going to want a hard copy rather than an ebook, which I may not be able to recharge. I’ll place an order when the hard copy becomes available.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  19. I’m on it. Got the vol 1 in e-book and hard copy, waiting to pull the trigger on both for vol 2. For some reason I just like reading a hard copy book better. I’d second the request to re-print vol 1 in new larger format. I must have 6 copies of the ranger manual in different formats over the years, so getting another copy of your manual is no issue. It’s well worth it.

  20. robroysimmons permalink

    I’m in for a hardcover. Off tangent a bit, Matt Bracken’s Boone Vickerson character had the wrong operational activities, he should have used the country to R&R and focused the attacks on the “pacified” areas. This kind of segues to what you write.

  21. KAPG permalink

    IT’s 0021 hours on 1DEC14…where’s the eBook on FO?!!!!

  22. Mike permalink

    John I ordered vol 2 on the website but haven’t received an order confirmation. Do you show my order? When will I get my ecopy?

    • From the post above……

      “This is a pre-sale event. Sam will open the link in the FO Store on 1DEC14 and it will stay open until 14DEC14, to order the ebook. It will be delivered to your inbox on 25DEC….”


  23. Daniel permalink

    I’ve got to admit, this makes me happier than a night in a house of ill repute. Im going for a hard copy because it appeals to my luddite sensibilities.

  24. Ok, I came late to the party. How do I order both volumes?

  25. Chad permalink

    I too would love to see a large size Volume One. Just waiting for my tax refund to knock off my book buying list. I look forward to getting them both.

  26. Francisco permalink

    Nothing in my inbox yet.

    • I need a valid, working email. My emails to you keep getting kicked back as undeliverable.

      • Francisco permalink

        The one I provided to add these comments was the one I gave Forward Observer. I just sent an email from the same account to your business email. Look forward to reading the book. Thank you.

      • Francisco permalink

        I just got my email returned to me saying it was rejected by your server. Does Gmail not work with hush?

        I have a student email address, if that’s kosher.

      • Francisco permalink

        Alright, I tried again. The email address Sam gave me was at, not Hopefully it goes through now.

  27. l2a3 permalink

    And the e-book went where on 25 Dec 14? (Not to the account, or spam)

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