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Wake The Fuck Up, Already!!!

September 20, 2016

In the last several days, a couple of different IEDs have been detonated within the CONUS borders of the United States, along with several IEDs being discovered that were not successfully detonated. A jihadist in Minnesota attacked a handful of people, armed with a knife…

Those things happened.

Here’s what didn’t happen…

The United Nations did not invade. The US Armed Forces were not used to invade a town or city and declare martial law. An EMP device was not detonated over the CONUS, plunging us immediately into a new dark age, instantaneously (but, damn, that would have been convenient, huh? “Look, Honey, I don’t have to go to work today! It’s SHTF time!”).

If we are actually PRACTICAL “preppers,” “survivalists,” or–to use the term I prefer–simply, “adult human beings,” we SHOULD be prepared for bad events and WTSHTF. Far too many people who call themselves “preppers” though, focus too much on far-fetched “Black Swan” type of events that “could” happen (and perhaps even “will” happen), but choose, whether consciously or unconsciously (I tend to believe it is semi-consciously, because the implications of the potential for something that occurs regularly elsewhere, to happen to “me” is fucking scary), to ignore the reality of what is happening all around them every day.

Yesterday, I was stuck at a social event for about five hours. In the course of that, I had conversations with an even dozen people (after the first three in a row, I consciously kept count) who admitted that they were actually carrying their CCW gun, even though they “normally” don’t carry it regularly, according to their own admission. When I asked what had happened to change their normal behavior, each of them pointed at the “bombings” in NYC and NJ, or the knife attack in MN, as the catalyst.

Don’t misunderstand me, this is not a “bad” thing. Good guys carrying guns is seldom, if ever, a bad thing. However, I would hasten to point out that, against a remote-detonated IED, a gun is fundamentally as useless as “teats on a boar,” to borrow an old Southern Highlands colloquialism. Despite that, none of the twelve that I conversed with had so much as a pair of nitrile surgical gloves on their person, let alone chest seals or a tourniquet. Three or four acknowledged that they had a current First-Aid/CPR certification, but even those admitted that their certification classes had actually not even mentioned dealing with gunshot wounds or burn/blast injuries. The other eight or nine admitted that the depth of their “first-aid training” extended to putting a band-aid on a cut.

Guys and girls, putting on your multi-cam ACUs and plate carrier, with lots of “sheepdog” and “III” and Homo Hoplite “SPARTA!” morale patches does not make you an “operator.” It does not make you “prepared.” There is nothing wrong with taking these classes, otherwise I wouldn’t teach them. BUT…my experience, among both “preppers” and the general public has been that there is a metric fuck-ton of Dunning-Kruger going on, when it comes to CCW handgun skills. When it comes to medical shit? Hell, most people know they don’t know fuck-all, but they are also dumb enough to believe “it’ll never happen to me.”

I’ve had the discussion on this blog before, about the ideal progression of training, using my classes as the metric, but whether you’re taking them from me or someone else, your first training priority, from a contemporary emergency/SHTF perspective, should be a serious medical/trauma aid/TC3 course that covers GSW and burn/blast injuries, followed by a concealed-carry APPLICATIONS course (note that this is distinct from the concealed-carry licensing course). After that, there’s lots of value in attending rifle courses and tactical classes like SUT, vehicle-based, and fighting in structures.

In light of this, because I believe this so ardently, from now on, anytime I teach an open-enrollment Clandestine Carry Pistol course, or a Combat Rifle class (whether Fundamentals or Applications), I am going to attach a TC3 class at either the front-end or back-end of the class. It will be a completely separate course, but…students who choose to attend both will get a steeply discounted attendance price for the TC3 class. An example of this is the class I am getting ready to announce in the next post. It is a Clandestine Carry Pistol course, followed by a two-day TC3 course. The cost for the CCP course is $500, while the cost for the TC3 course is $300. If you choose to attend BOTH courses however, the TC3 course will only be $100, for a total price of $600 for both. The cost for TC3 won’t ALWAYS be $100 when appended to the other coursework, because we determine what we charge for classes largely on travel expenses, etc, but, it will always be steeply discounted. You NEED TC3 training. The life you save might be MINE!

The point though is not about the upcoming class (that will be in the next post). The point is, if you don’t have a realistic, effective, fighting handgun course, focused on getting the gun out from concealment and getting solid hits on an appropriate target, in time, but you have a dozen carbine/rifle courses under your belt, and are doing SUT training every weekend or every month, you’re wronger than two boys fucking. Whether you carry a gun or not, if you consider yourself a “prepper” of any sort, because you are concerned about the state of affairs in the nation/world today, but you don’t have first-aid/trauma training in a course that specifically deals with GSW and burn/blast/shrapnel injuries, you’re even more wrong.


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  1. Mike permalink

    Well fuck you very much.
    I woke up years ago, That was my reason for joining the nasty guard 3rd&172nd infantry Mtn.
    and earning my 11b and soaking up as much as uncle sugar would teach me, after my 7 year break in service from the USCG.( at the time no private courses were available)
    A few years after that I joined the local fire department and sucked up all the training i could get.
    I am now a Lieutenant FF1 and advanced EMT on that same department with an advance TC3 course under my belt as well as wilderness first aid from SOLO.
    So now I push my guys to train up for the worst and push the chief to keep that stuff in mind in training.
    So Keep up the good work and if I can shake loose some time and money Ill take more training like you and max offer until then I save lives get real world experience and training for the most likely of shit.
    Tempus fugit

  2. Reblogged this on The Tactical Hermit and commented:
    Practical Thinking about Trauma/First Aid from MG.

  3. ensitue permalink

    LA County Lifeguard, EMT/Firefighter, ex-Infantryman, Long Time CCWer, and no I don’t carry blue gloves because I know that a pair of gloves is nearly useless in a mass casualty event and my main concern will be to get my ass off the X, not walk into the meat grinder.
    Thank you very much

  4. jukk0u permalink

    Our local gun forum has members who are combat medics. these guys put together courses for us that were great. we stuffed NPA’s down each others’ throats, needle aspirated a dummy for pneumothorax (while getting sprayed with fake blood!) and applied chest seals and tourniquettes, and learned evacuation carry methods etc. Sent us home with the applicable military manuals and tests that covered all we learned.
    Great stuff, but still need to PRACTICE, practice, practice!

  5. bruce wann permalink

    Taking a TC3 class this weekend. 7th Inf. Lt.

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Agreed 100% with the original post’s sentiments. Any chance at all of any classes ever being offered in the Belly of the Beast, i.e., the American Northeast, particularly New England?? Thanks for all you do.

  7. Cannot stress enough how important TCCC is to know and learn from a knowledgeable instructor. We flattened the 72 hour mortality curve by making it system-wide in DOD. Now if you have a survivable combat injury and a TCCC trained medic can get to you, you have a 99% chance of being alive for at least 72 hours.

  8. bdm permalink

    Next time you are in Oregon I’m in on the medical. Need it.

  9. Comrade X permalink

    If schedule allows I intend to sign up for the next Clandestine Carry Pistol course and TC3 class offered back to back in the either Washington State or Oregon, thanks.

  10. John Alsobrook permalink

    I have never posted a comment before on any blog, but amen brother. I am a RN in rural AL and while myself and my family have CAT’s and IBD’s on us at all times (even my 7 year old daughter and yes she knows how and when to use them) the Orlando shooting really woke me up. I have since been teaching a brief form of TC3 at church just bleeding control and shock treatment. What some folks may not think about is it doesn’t have to an “event”. It could be using a chainsaw on the back “40” (I know we always wear all the PPE!) or a wreck on a rural road. Yes my wife and I always carry Glock 19’s with a couple of Glock 17 spare mags. But honestly I’ll probably need the CAT or IBD before I’ll ever need the Glock. As an aside we have been buying extra supplies and helping older members of our church sent up simple blow out kits. Maybe Mr. Mosby will consider this tribe building, I have been trying to learn and apply your 3 books :-)! I’m sorry if this has been too long of a comment but it really struck a chord with me, now I got to go do PT, see some of us are listening.

    • My wife got to apply an IBD to yours truly a couple years ago, when I buried my Benchmade, hilt-deep, in my lower thigh. We tend to forget how often we put ourselves in predicaments where they can be useful….

  11. David Decker permalink

    You are spot on once again. I have been remiss in not taking any medical training since my navy days, (back when men were made of steel and ships were made of wood.) I was actually a wayward child of the Navy, a Seabee. This week I am helping my daughter and son in law move to New Meadows, ID. They are both EMT certified and full-time in the security business. Mike is x-Army Ranger also contractor from the sandbox. Once my wife and I get moved out there too, perhaps before, I need to get some trauma medical training.

    I want to say God bless you for doing what you do and even giving the price break to encourage old farts like me, and young folk too, to get their shit together.

    David W Decker Never mistake an act of compassion for a sign of weakness for executive protection contact: Summer grasses, All that remains Where samurai used to dream (Matsuo Basho)


  12. Eric Weaver permalink

    In NC, a Basic EMT certification can be had for about $300 and the time to do it. Continuing education can be had for free through fire departments and volunteer EMS agencies if you volunteer with them. Other states are probably similar. The training does cover trauma, and if you volunteer, you will get to have some hands on experience with it, hopefully in time to get you comfortable by the time you need it for your loved ones. No, it is not the same as TCCC, but it is still a good thing.

  13. John Stark permalink

    Well Said John, RLTW

  14. Robert permalink

    Reblogged this on CIVILIAN GUNFIGHTER and commented:
    John and I plan to start reblogging articles from other sites that relate to our mission here on the Civilian Gunfighter blog.

    In our first edition, I chose to reblog this article by John Mosby from his Mountain Guerilla blog. Though I don’t consider myself a “survivalist” in the colloquial sense, I (and John) tend to share many of the views that Mosby presents in his articles. Mosby’s articles tend to be funny–if a bit caustic– but tend to get right to the point.

    I guess this particular article resonated with me because it is virtually the same stuff John and I post on our blog whenever one of these “incidents” happens in the news. Get training, not just with firearms, but medical knowledge and kit. Such medical know-how is much more likely to save your life or the lives of others than the pistol you carry on a daily basis.

    Hope you enjoy the article.–Robert

  15. HunterRavenwood permalink

    While I agree that people need to wake up, I think the people who read your posts here “John” have already woken up. Preaching to the quire – not that I’m complaining! A shame you are not in Australia; I need the medical/trauma aid/TC3 course for gunshot/blast wounds. Although I have read your books I don’t think I can learn just by reading, buying the right equipment, and trying it out on myself. (I hope my self mocking sarcasm wasn’t too subtle).

  16. Lame-R permalink

    Some community colleges offer decent courses, not sure how they compare cost- and content-wise, though.

  17. Doug permalink

    Have to wonder through these last 4 plus decades of cultural marxists and globalists stirring up shit, TSHTF could have been orchestrated at any time. In fact, it would have been more effective effect of order out of chaos back in the 80’s or 90’s, even into the early 2000’s.
    Yet I’m beginning to think about it in different terms. Maybe everything going on is TSHTF, indeed because it has been bit by bit, a relative slow burn destruction of the precepts of western Christian American culture, it is TSHTF by another name.
    And I’m thinking, the sonofabitches running things are the kind of deranged waco’s and psychopaths, now don’t laugh, that enjoy all this turmoil and chaos, that they get their nut off causing trouble, and this long slow burn of societal upheaval is the whole point.
    I’m saying, to them, why ruin a good thing, all this power to fuck with everyone, make people dance and react to their tune. Not for nothing, that IS power right there.
    Just look at the actors out front and behind the scenes pulling the strings of civilization. It is a who’s who of psychopaths and shit-stirrers. The political class, they have grown hideously wealthy, gathered all political and administrative power exclusively unto themselves, at the expense of and disruption, and the consequential demise of aspects of traditional western culture that constituted this Republic.
    I’m saying in simplest terms, this is TSHTF, right now, your in it. “Listen for The dog that didn’t bark”
    It isn’t being prepared that counts, as much as is it is time to fight.

    And the best place to begin that fight is with ourselves. Because nobody is coming to save you. You are your own savior, your your own responsibility, you have to be working and keep working at it, that it is indeed it all begins with each of us. And only from there can we become an indomitable force that wins.

    Like you said John:

    The fundamental human right to self-defense and its tools does not stem from any piece of parchment or other act of man.
    It is much more elemental than that.
    I have more principled reasons for my stand on owning firearms, and I don’t care one whit in the world for the Second Amendment. It means nothing to me. My rights have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution, and when it dawns on people that it has finally been erased — the principal danger of all political premises posed as “social contracts” — my rights will still validly exist, even if I die defending them. I own firearms because I have a right to private property. That is the First Thing.
    …As the Regime takes off the gloves, every day it creates tens of thousands more American Patriots who realize yes, it really probably is going to get that bad, so really, they may not have that much to lose after all.
    So why not stop being afraid and stand up to the Regime?
    Join the honorable Resistance, or make your own. Garden, cook at home, teach your children, and get right with the Lord. Cut expenses, avoid taxes, learn new skills, and build savings of tangible real assets. Train, stockpile, recruit, prepare, guard, protect, and defend.
    Make this your finest hour.”

    Yes Sir, Make this your finest hour.

    I’ve taken this to heart. I have embraced this catechism and found it is wholesome, provincial, inherently agrarian in nature as Jefferson would highly approve.
    It is the most inspiring advice imaginable to me, and the most empowering thing I have ever done, (small unit infantry combat widows from you John, and SUT training at Max’s has been a pretty close second on that score), and even though before I took these succinct precepts of self determination and self sufficiency to heart, I think I already, because I am an American born into liberty, and having learned of much of the long history of the birth of liberty and this nation of Freemen, I have the primal freedoms running through my blood and in my bones. But this is a different time, age we live in, things are very different than 2 to 300 years ago, we are different people, and having the truth of us spelled out in salient terms to our time and through the lens of our present culture, it really means something in the ways that matter most to our time.
    They say history is circular, but it is the contemporary truth of the history of us that counts for everything.
    It’s time to get right with ourselves on this as john points out so we can get right with each other. Wr seriously need family and tribe, kith and kin, council and precinct, on the small local scale, and that only begins with each of us, it is where everything else begins. There is no other viable way but the long term stay behind operation.
    The large nation state as we see directly before our very eyes is, as those who as Patrick Henry said, smelled a rat, when the federalist foisted that instrument of administrative tyranny, aka The USC on the confederation of 13 free sovereign nation states, an unmitigated disaster. They had every reason to distrust a large state, and none to admire it.
    And that goes back to what John and a lot of other thought leaders in the small infantry unit community keep saying. Which in itself, small unit infantry, possesses a sublime correlation with local local local/Kith & Kin/Tribe, how effective both are because they are both kind of the same thing, small, flexible, rapidly adaptive, open source, and insurgent in nature.

    Local local local. It really means something contingent upon survival of TSHTF.

    This is an excerpt from a truly great masterpiece on the history of the 2nd Amendment, which is really the story of the history of freedom and liberty. I think every man woman and child in this country should read this incredible essay. The entire work speaks directly to John’s axiom above. Written in 1994, it is timeless, as much as the birth and fight for liberty is, as our primal rights are, and defending and protecting them:


    “…The Antifederalists relied extensively on the works of Baron de (p.1033)Montesquieu to support the proposition that the geographic size of an area strongly influenced its form of government.[190] Montesquieu had written democracy could survive only in a small-sized state, small enough to permit the actual participation of the people in government and small enough so that each citizen understands that promoting the public good directly promotes the individual.[191] A middle-sized territory, as Montesquieu terms it, would inevitably become a monarchy; to an extensive territory, a despotic form of government was best adapted. In large republics, the public good is sacrificed to a multiplicity of views and the citizens do not perceive the nexus between promoting the public good and their individual welfare.
    According to Montesquieu, a middle-sized territory would tend to become a monarchy because ambitious persons who do not perceive the public good as beneficial to them seek grandeur by imposing their will on others. One person eventually prevails and assumes the role as prince. The monarchy then exists through a system of honor established by giving perks and titles. If the territory is too large, one person cannot command sufficient allegiance on honor of enough of the populace to control the territory. Ruling a large territory requires more than a system of titles and perks. Order can be maintained only by immediate, passive obedience to the rules; passive obedience can be achieved only by an instilling fear. The multiplicity of views, the dissents, are stifled by fear. According to Montesquieu, rule by fear, despotism, was a logical incident of the government of a large territory. Montesquieu’s theory continued that while a small republic could internally maintain its republican character, it would be destroyed by foreign forces.[192] The dilemma could be resolved only by a confederate republic, a form of government in which small states become individual members of an association which is able to provide security for the whole body.[193]
    The Antifederalists used Montesquieu’s well-known works to argue for a less powerful central government and more autonomy for the individual states, a government which would more closely resemble the Articles of Confederation model and Montesquieu’s confederate republic rather than that proposed by the Constitution. Antifederalist publications confirm that preserving the autonomy of the states was a means to the end of protecting the people’s rights, not an end (p.1034)in itself…”

    This is a wonderful cautionary instructive tale of where the answers lay for this great dilemma of our time we find ourselves in. It goes beyond then tyranny breathing down our throats, it is ourselves who are both our greater enemy, and the solution to the dilemma. We must choose between the two, there is no middle ground on this. And wether we like it or not, we are all committed, all in it together, and it begins with each of us.

  18. Kevin Barry permalink

    Spot on as always. Did a TCCC class last year and taking a wilderness med class this fall. After I got out and realized I wasn’t toting an M4 anymore I made an effort to focus on concealed carry. After being the second car arriving on the scene of a rural wreck I decided I needed to spend some time brushing up on med training.

    Like John alluded to you really need to prioritize your training. Unfortunately we (myself included) like to train on what we are good at and not necessarily what we need, Fuck yeah I wanna go shoot. Hell no I don’t want to give/receive a nasal pharyngeal but what do I need more?

    Maybe I missed it but John didn’t harp on PT in this post so I will throw in my opinion for free. If you are squared away on the firearms aspect good, if you are up to speed on the med side great but if you cannot drag your loved one/significant other/team member/dog out of harms way or worse yet get physically dominated to the point you cannot access your weapons(s) then you are wrong as two boys fucking.

    Go do some PT. Better yet incorporate BJJ/MMA/Rasslin’ of some form of empty hand aspect into your PT program. There are few things in life more gratifying than physically imposing your will in a competitive non-consensual training environment.

    Prioritize your weaknesses then go train.

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