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Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Reality Isn’t Nice. It’s a 2×4 to the Teeth.

February 7, 2017


Sam Culper posted a comment on FB recently, in light of the protests-turned-riots in Berkeley, and elsewhere, asking, “What happens when the black bloc (“anarchists”) get AR’s?” A legit question, all things considered, and one deserving of serious consideration, which we’ll get to in a moment. The problem that arose, which I, in turn, confronted in a FB post on the MG FB page, was that the responses to Sam’s questions were retarded. Seriously. The comments read like the locker room bragging of a bunch of 13 year olds, after PE class, about the hot dates they’d had last Friday night.

Seriously….these ranged from “Open season on liberals!” type macho posturing, to “they’re just a bunch of cowards who can’t do shit in a stand-up fight!”

Here’s the reality. I am going to share my response to the commentary, from Facebook, then I’m going to discuss some harsh truths that are the 900-pound guerrilla in the room (see what I did there?).

(The below has been edited from FB to make it more legible.)


So, I saw this come across my FB feed today, from Sam. I’m going to address it, because there’s a whole bunch of fucking stupid in the comments. Since I’m reasonably certain some of those commenters are also subscribers here, it will probably be wasted effort, but I’m willing to give it a shot….


Comment on Sam’s page: ‘Battlefield pickup: Plan for it. Make sure your people know how to clear them, get them into duffle bags, and into your supply channels to be re-issued as necessary. You may keep ammo as needed to replace expenditures, but the rest goes to the S4 for caching and resupply.

My response: While technically about the closest thing to a legitimate response I saw, this is ridiculously optimistic. In all of the classes I’ve taught, over the last half-decade plus of teaching through the MG blog,including the auxiliary and support classes, nobody—NOBODY—has even come close to having anything near an organizational footprint that this answer would matter too…except the Left.

Comment on Sam’s page: ‘This is what I have been chatting with some friends about for a few months. Particularly the myopic ones who don’t understand that the hapless morons will eventually be armed and given some level of training to escalate their own surge. Arming these ppl is not the next move, but it’s not far off.

My response: Dunning-Kruger much? “Hapless morons?” These “hapless morons” are off their fucking couches, engaging in the physical violence that the Right yammered about for the last eight years, without doing fuck all. I’m not condoning it, and certainly not supporting it, but intellectual dishonesty about skill at organization, and willingness to engage in violent direct-action is going to get a whole fuckton of “prepared militias” killed dead…and there ain’t no fucking restart to this game.

Comment on Sam’s page: ‘They maybe (sic) psychologically conditioning the left for kinetic operations, but it takes years to build capability and capacity. They maybe (sic) ten years out if they started today.‘\

My response: Bullshit. They could go hardcore tomorrow, and be effective, at least for some time. They’ve got organizational infrastructure in place. They’ve got leadership cadre and numbers. They’ve got the will to get violent, right now. What they don’t have is their puppet masters handing them guns and ammo…yet. Sam’s right. It’s an ugly potential that is probably not far off. Ten years? You’re fucking dreaming.

Comment on Sam’s page: ‘The left gas lighted themselves into destroying their gun culture. Where are the black block gun blogs? Training videos? PT videos? Discussion about Intelligence capability? The design of OPSEC programs? How to effectively use Command and Control for tactical, operational and Strategic success? Fuck blogs even where are their white papers? There are none.

My response: Again, see my comment above about Dunning-Kruger. Intellectual study is important, but getting out from in front of the computer, and getting out and DOING counts for more, and the other side IS DOING.

Comment on Sam’s page: ‘A blood bath.

My response:Yep. Because only one side has consistently displayed a willingness to get violent, right now, right here, despite the blatherings of the Right about ‘Molon Labe!’ and ‘From My Cold Dead Fingers,” etc….Talk is cheap. It will be a number of blood baths, but 99% of the victims are NOT going to be the Leftist pseudo-Anarchists that are willing to fuck shit up, already, without quality weapons at their disposal.

Comment on Sam’s page: ‘We get to slaughter them wholesale! YeeeeHaw!

My response: (parenthetical note to point out, I specifically referenced LaVoy Finicum in this response because the dumb motherfucker who posted the above comment had Finicum’s cattle brand as his profile picture. I’ll address the stupidity of the “Let’s Be a Martyr” mindset of Finicum below, this really wasn’t the attack on Finicum that some readers assumed it to be. This was a comment about a dumb motherfucker saying dumb shit.) Ah yes, the redneck, LaVoy Finicum response. How many people you slaughtered tough guy? Nobody? Then, you’re full of shit.

Comment on Sam’s page: ‘Are we talking about the Black Bloc types? I can see them going with drive by attacks because they seem to attack in groups and then run away. Don’t expect a standup fight.

My response: So, they’re smarter than you? Because, I can tell you what…fair fights? “Standup fights?” are a sucker’s bet. I decide to go hunting bad people, I’m going to be rolling up to their back door at 0430, while they’re sound asleep, and lighting their house on fire, while they’re still asleep inside. I’m only gonna stick around long enough to make sure nobody gets out before the house the engulfed. I’m into winning, not playing macho games.

Look, I get it. It’s fun to poke fun at the opposition. It’s easy to make jokes about ‘safe spaces,’ etc. Those dudes smoking people in the head with bricks? Those people staring down the riot cops, and taking bean bag rounds to the face and chest, to get a chance to lob a brick or a Molotov Cocktail at them? They’re not scared of you and they’re not looking for a fucking safe space. They’re willing to stand by their convictions, right or wrong.

That doesn’t make them good guys, by any stretch. It does make them far more qualified for the change in velocity of the collapse that we’re witnessing. People have been talking smack since election night, about how now, the Left was going to go away, because POTUS wasn’t going to put up with their shenanigans. Well, he may not, but it’s going to take a lot more to stop them than people are ready to understand. I’m not even saying that won’t happen, but if you’re sitting here, talking shit on your computer, instead of DOING shit, and TRAINING, and PRACTICING for how you’re going to REALISTICALLY respond to this shit, when it shows up in your neighborhood? You’re full of shit.



That was my Facebook response. Here, as ol’ Paul Harvey liked to say, “is the rest of the story.”



A whole lot of ‘ardent patriots’ and ‘expert preppers/survivalists,’ breathed a giant sigh of relief on the morning of WED 9NOV16. They woke up to the news that “R” had one, both the White House and a majority of Congress. All was saved from immediate damnation, and since everything was cool now, they could get on with not worrying about the future anymore. Big D got this, right?

There is a huge problem with normalcy bias in this country—a subject I’ve written about a lot on this blog, in the past. As long as “our guys” have control in DC, all is fine, right? Well, just like this last presidential cycle demonstrated that people on the Right were no longer content with the Beltway status quo, it should have demonstrated that people on the Left were no longer content with the Beltway status quo as well. The DNC pissed all over their own party, broke their own rules, and then basically, told the voters to “go fuck yourselves if you don’t like it,” in order to get their gal the nod to run. People on the Left are not fucking happy, and just like people on the Right swore they would contest the election results, and be ready to take up arms if Hillary Clinton got the White House, people on the Left are ready to take up arms, since there is a dude with an R behind his name sitting their instead.

It’s not that they wanted HRC—although, I know for a fact, some of them did—it’s that they didn’t want a person with an R behind their name in there. Donald Trump getting the White House was, to the modern day Left in this country, the exact same as Abraham Lincoln getting the White House in 1860 was to the Southern States. We are, make no mistake, in a Civil War. Fort Sumter is past, folks. Seriously. Wake the fuck up already.

Now, before I’m accused of being melodramatic, or hysterical, slow the fuck down for a second. There are some pretty serious differences that DO have to be taken into account, when we look at this.

#1) The people of Dixie weren’t stupid, and neither was their leadership. They didn’t run right out and start attacking the Army of the United States. They took a defensive role, and said, basically, “Hey, leave us alone, and all is well.” They didn’t want a fight. The Left today isn’t content with that, for a variety of reasons. They DO want a fight, and they’re not taking a defensive role. They are already attacking their enemies. They’re just not doing it with guns…yet….much.

#2) The Confederate States of America was the disgruntled party in the last go-round, and they were the more “libertarian/anarchist” of the belligerent parties. In this go-round, the roles have reversed; the “disgruntled party” is the statist party that wants to control everything, in accordance with their world view.

#3) While not technically accurate, Fort Sumter was the first “official” battle of the War of Northern Aggression. It was the real opening of hostilities between the uniformed services of two distinct, autonomous governments. In the current conflict, the legitimate government of the United States is, at most, a bit player, thus far. The War of Northern Aggression, while labeled a civil war, was not. It was a conflict of conquest by a sovereign state, against a sovereign state, that had declared its independence, and been recognized as a sovereign state, in accordance with international law. None of that mattered of course, but the difference with the current conflict should be obvious.

This is an actual civil war, as in a conflict between ideologically-opposed factions within the civilian and political population of a country. Like real civil wars, it is not going to be pretty. It’s not going to be armies, in pretty uniforms, fighting pitched, conventional battles. It’s going to be a matter of assassination, sabotage, hit-and-run raids, targeting ideological leadership figures, enemy families, etc.

As Matt Bracken pointed out in a recent Facebook post himself, we’re looking at more of a Balkans and/or Argentine “Dirty War” conflict. People just haven’t accepted that, because it doesn’t fit their mental images of what “war,” even “guerrilla war” looks like. That, in turn, is because, even the most devout conversions to the “Church of the Anti-Media” in this country today, have a lifetime of conditioning to the media’s portrayal of what “reality” is. From what a “proper” war looks like, to what “collapse” looks like, to what “bad guys” look like.


We commonly jump to the idea of “well, George Soros is funding this shit, so it’ll cause a breakdown, and currency collapse, and he can make a fortune off it.” There’s probably a lot of truth to that. I don’t know Soros, so I can’t tell you what his ultimate goals and motivations are. I have however, met a lot of Leftists, both in the US and elsewhere, and I can tell you, they are not looking for a currency collapse, in order to get richer.

It’s easy to sit in your lounger, with your laptop across your knees, and pontificate on the false motivations of the Leftist activists. “Oh, they’re just attention whores!” “Oh, they just want their safe spaces!” “Oh, they’re just useful idiots being played.” “Oh, they’ll quit as soon as the money stops.” There’s a very real problem with that though, and it’s called underestimating your enemy. If you don’t believe that a dude who is out, in wintertime, in a protest/riot, and eating some riot cops baton, as he receives a solid washing with “hickory shampoo,” is not a dedicated True Believer, you’re deluding yourself.

If you think that some twenty-something kid, who just saw his buddy take a bean bag round from a PD riot gun, in the dick, and then ignored his friend’s screams, to continue advancing, is not dedicated, and a True Believer, you’re fucking stupid.

If you think POTUS is going to magically save you? You’re dumb. Large urban areas and entire states are telling the federal government to go fuck itself on the immigration issue (and granted, the states are wrong on this one, but that doesn’t change the fact that this—as I mentioned, in detail, in Forging the Hero—is symptomatic of the collapse of the American Empire.) Things are not normal, and if you’re still stuck in your normalcy bias about “Make America Great Again,” you’re WAY behind the learning the curve.

I’ve talked with a number of friends in recent days; police officers and public services personnel, in large urban areas, across the country. None of them are taking this shit lightly. A fireman friend, from a major urban enclave on the east coast, that has been the scene of a number of ethnic conflicts in the last year or two, posted the following on FB recently,
They are organized, they are violent. The cops aren’t shooting back because when some Tumblr shit biscuit doxxes them, their kids will be targets. Molon Labia and snowflake bluster isn’t cutting it anymore.
I’m a fucking fireman and have had body armor issued. That should say something very loudly and clearly

A cop friend told me, in private conversation, “Yeah, man. It’s serious. We know it can kick off at any moment. Sitting in your cruiser, at a stoplight; writing a citation, sitting at lunch. We just have to be ready to rock, all the time.”

Another cop friend, “Man, I’ve upped my off-duty EDC to three twenty-round mags for the Glock, and I keep eight loaded mags for the AR in the plate carrier behind my seat. It’s getting weird out there.

So, if THEY get it, why don’t you, Mr. Expert Prepper/Survivalist?


This is not about being a tough guy. This is not about the questionable PSYOP value of talking shit with social media memes about the opposition. This is about knowing, and understanding, the realities of the battlespace.

#1) Dirty civil wars are ‘tribal’ guerrilla wars. This was discussed in-depth in The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One: The Guerrilla. This is not about dudes in cute camouflage coveralls, running through the woods with Kalashnikovs. This is about people burning down their neighbors’ houses and businesses, to run them out of town, over ideological differences. Look at the Balkans in the early 1990s.

This is about a group from one side, murdering the entire family—Dad, Mom, Brother, and baby Sister—of their neighbors, over political differences.

There’s nothing pretty or heroic about it. It’s about pragmatism. It’s not about dying for anybody or anything. It’s about changing the dynamic of the battlespace, so none of your people die…or at least, as few as possible.

#2) Heroic gestures and martyrdom are dumb. LaVoy Finicum, bless his heart, may have had good intentions, but he was a fucking idiot if he thought he was accomplishing anything. If you fucking people would get outside of the echo chamber of your masturbation studio, you’d realize that. You think anybody in mainstream America—the undecided majority in the current conflict—remembers Finicum? Go up to some random stranger, in the supermarket and ask. I got good money that says, 99 out of 100 are going to say, “Who’s she?”

So, nobody, outside of his own side’s True Believers, even remembers his “heroic” gesture. There’s Strike One.

What changed, following the Malheur Malcontent Mishap? Anything? Nope. Not a single federal policy changed. He LITERALLY died for nothing. There’s Strike Two.

Despite the acquittals of the ring leaders in federal court, far more of the participants are still in jail, and the other still face trial in Nevada (as far as I know. Did it ever get dealt with down there? I quit giving a shit). At best, it is possible that his death swayed some of the jurors towards leniency, out of pity for the deceased. It didn’t help the majority of them though, that are still dealing with the effects of the case. I’d call that Strike Three, but perhaps I’m being too harsh, and that was a foul ball.

The point isn’t to besmirch the dead. The point is, it was pointless. If you want to survive; hell, if you even just want your team to win, and don’t care about survival, you have to focus on efforts that make a difference. Stand-up fights don’t make differences in this type of conflict, because the other side isn’t interested in them. Quit focusing on some macho, redneck John Wayne image of conflict, and focus on doing what works. Right now? That still means organizing, because, while it’s not “tacticool,” it’s way more important than running around in the goddamned woods in cammie jammies. That means, instead of worrying about running raids and ambushes, you should be focused on gathering intelligence information about the opposition’s leadership cadres in your local area, so you can set about changing their mindset, by focusing your PSYOP activities on a specific target audience (them). It means training with your EDC concealed carry weapon, to protect yourself. And yes—you knew it was gonna get slipped in somewhere—it means doing your PT and combatives training, so you at least have a chance of fighting your way to an escape route when you get caught in the middle of a protest-turned-riot, and then getting away, instead of getting knocked the fuck out, so you have to be rescued by the local riot police.


The Right—especially the preparedness/survivalist/III/Threeper/Militia segment of the Right—is full of tough talk from self-professed badasses about how they’re gonna “slaughter” the other side when “open season on Leftists” is declared. It’s all a bunch of bullshit, written for an audience of people they don’t even know, but need to feel big in front of, for whatever reason.

Let me tell you a couple of trade secrets:

#1) I can train a fucking monkey to run an AR or an AK in three days. Give me ten days, and I can bring a complete novice to a near-expert level of proficiency with the gun. That’s fucking easy. The hard part? Convincing somebody to actually use it. Convincing someone that they actually need to overcome the culturally conditioned aversion to interpersonal violence that Americans have been spoonfed for the last sixty years, is far more challenging than teaching someone the mechanics of gunfighting. Guess which side has already overcome that cultural conditioning? I’ll give you two hints: first, it’s not the guys typing away on FB about how they’re gonna “slaughter” Leftists, as soon as they get permission from their Mommy. Second, it’s the people that are already cracking complete strangers in the head with bricks, then putting the boots to the unconscious victims, before throwing a Molotov Cocktail through their car window.

#2) The Left has won far more dirty civil wars and insurgent conflicts than the Right has won. There are a host of reasons for this, but most notable is the aversion, on the Right, to give up the security of law-and-order. As long as there is a politician telling them, “Now, now, let’s all keep calm. Let the authorities sort this out,” the Right is content to sit at home and bitch about those juvenile delinquents. The Left? They’re all, “FUCK THE MAN! LET’S MAKE IT BURN!” As long as there is a police officer in uniform…even if he is, like so many are currently, telling people, “Hey, we’re probably gonna be busy with other catastrophes when your personal catastrophe happens, so you’re on your own….” as long as he is on the job, the Right is going to say, “Meh, we’ll let the police do their job.” The Left? They’re going, “FUCK THE MAN! KILL THE PIGS!”

#3) The government isn’t going to save you. The government isn’t going to save your neighborhood, your city, or your state. The government MAY try and save itself. Those piranhas in the Beltway, on both sides of the aisle? They don’t give two shits about Mayberry RFD, until Mayberry RFD isn’t paying it’s taxes anymore, and by then? It’ll be too late for Sheriff Andy, Deputy Barney, Aunt Bea, Opie, and all their friends and neighbors. You want to be saved, you’d better be looking around and building what SF once upon a time called “CIDG,” or “Civilian Irregular Defense Groups,” among your neighbors and friends and families….you know…your tribe: the people in your local community that share your values and traditions. There’s a couple of really good books available that tell you exactly how to go about selecting those people, and training them. Let me see if I can recall what they are, and where you can fucking buy them……


People are emailing me and asking, “John, what can we do?” “John, what should we be doing right now to get ready?” I see the same questions getting asked everywhere; Sam’s pages, Matt’s FB page, etc. Here’s the problem….


WE ALREADY FUCKING TOLD YOU WHAT YOU NEEDED TO DO!!!!!! WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS!!! Hell, in Bracken’s case, he’s been telling you for over a fucking decade!

You want to know how a Dirty War is fought, even on defense? With pistols, in urban areas. Guess what? I know a dude teaching a Clandestine Carry Pistol class in a couple weeks, in Arizona! He’s doing a CQB class the following weekend! If you live in motherfucking Arizona….with the cartels running shit through your neighborhoods every…single…fucking…day….and you’re not already keyed in on this shit? You’re too fucking stupid to save. So, why is it that my wife is telling me that we’re gonna have to cancel these classes, because there’s not been enough people interested in taking them? Because nobody wants to face the ugly reality, that it’s already started. It’s easier to sit on your computer, order multicam gear off, and talk shit about “open season on libtards!” than it is to face the task of somebody maybe telling you that you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, after all, by bucking up and taking a class on shit that is actually relevant to you.

Don’t want to take my class, because I’m an obnoxious, foul-mouthed prick that calls a spade a spade? There’s a host of classes available from qualified dudes who are far nicer than me (not really. Anyone who has taken a class with me will tell you, I’m actually Prince Charming…in my own inimitable way…)

That’s okay. I get it. Classes are expensive, and might be embarrassing. I mean, not as embarrassing as getting anal raped with your own EDC gun, by the dude that just killed you and took it from you, but, yeah, it could be embarrassing. So, there’s an alternative. I fucking wrote THREE goddamned books for you people. They are all how-to books. Two of them have the step-by-step curriculum, and the techniques and drills that make up those curricula, to train with somebody you know, that already has a background in the skills. I’ve written seven or eight books worth of free information on this blog, over the last six-plus years, explaining what you needed to be, know, and do, to be ready. When you ask, in public, “gee, golly. What should I be training in for this?” it tells me, you haven’t done your fucking homework. You’re just reading shit on the Internet forums and Facebook, and imagining yourself as Sergeant Fucking York.


So, here’s my actionable steps for readers (who haven’t yet) to take, to play catch up, and start getting ready for the festivities to come to their ‘hood:

  1. Enroll in a fucking legit concealed carry-centric gunfighting course.
  2. Get some advanced trauma medical care training.
  3. READ THE FUCKING BOOKS! Yeah, they’re expensive. As someone pointed out, not long ago, they’re a fucking post-grad course in “how to be The Most Dangerous Man You Know.”

Yes, I just pimped my own classes and books. Get over it. They’re that important, and that valuable.



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  1. AK49 permalink

    Thanks for the shake up..much needed and appreciated.

    Ever been to AK? Would be great if you had some classes up here.

    • WhereEaglesDare permalink

      Definitely a shake up….and it is much needed. Ever been to Texas??

      • Armed and Larry permalink

        Georgetown TX? I’ll sign up.

  2. Baddad310 permalink

    1)I am Excited for CC class in Oregon!

    2) As a graduate of 3 classes from “Prince Charming” I can tell you that they are worth every cent. I definitely come from a different background and different world view (Christian) but still I was challenged on some of my very core beliefs by JM. He wasn’t what I thought he’d be from the reading. I am fortunate to know him and to have learned from him. The people I’ve learned from the most in life are not the ones I’m most like, but people who challenge me. Those are the men I admire and respect the most.

    Let me challenge you to sign up this week for the CC class in Oregon this spring and join me. Just send in $100 deposit then save each month to make it happen. You won’t be sorry.

    Does that get me a discount? 😉

  3. Reblogged this on Uncommon Sense in America and commented:
    Most important thing you will read this year

  4. Jacobs permalink

    Don’t think your words only fall on deaf ears. I’ve never taken a class with you, but your posts have gotten me to start lifting again, after far too long, and dry-firing my pistol four nights a week. When we get our tax return, I’ll be buying my wife a pistol and 1,000 rounds of ammo to practice. My father-in-law, who has never been a shooter or one who ever thought about violence, has asked me to teach him how to run his shotgun and his wife how to shoot the pistol he too will be getting her. And next year, I’m hoping to have enough saved after paying off all our debts to take the concealed carry class with you.

    My family is slowly coming around to the reality that here in SoCal a lot of people hate us for who we are, and when they ask what we are to do, I say “Fuck ’em, we’re our own tribe.” And they’re slowly coming around to the reality that our tribe needs to take care of ourselves.

    Thanks for all you do.

  5. keithdgilbert permalink

    I rarely find anything to disagree with in your writings, nor do I now; there is one point that is worthy of your consideration for use herein.

    Take a minute and Google “The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” because it contains within it everything that is driving our enemy…even the islamics are using it. And all the while good people sit back in the comfort of their nice warm homes and think that they, we, are ahead of the game without for a moment taking into consideration what is driving the war against US all.

    At 77 I know my own limitations…but it doesn’t stop me from understanding and acting upon our need and recognizing the ‘enemy’ for who and what they are…all else is futile. KDG, Esq.

  6. Alex Forbes permalink

    Thank you for your no bs attitude most of the folks I know think exactly what you’ve described in the above.I live in a rural area and many folks own weapons and are good shots,but I’ve asked several U ever kill someone…deer in the headlight look. I’m an ole fart now 68 but can still kick ass if need b I still work out run in the woods on an on point being Shit has hit the fan and most people don’t see it and won’t see it till those a holes are kicking in there doors. etc. Nice to hear someone that knows what the hell is goin on!

    On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 12:00 AM, MountainGuerrilla wrote:

    > mountainguerrilla posted: ” Sam Culper posted a comment on FB recently, > in light of the protests-turned-riots in Berkeley, and elsewhere, asking, > “What happens when the black bloc (“anarchists”) get AR’s?” A legit > question, all things considered, and one deserving of serious” >

  7. Dwight W Florio permalink

    Thank you,hope this opens some eyes.
    Our snowflakes are zealots-thats scary as hell!!!
    No shame in “pimping” your books or classes,saving for classes for a while. Reading RP vol.1 (and yeah,learning a shitload!!).
    Thanks again John,

  8. Have read all three of the books (Pt 2 was most valuable for me). I cannot stress the medical training aspect enough. I’m a marginal shooter (in no way a door kicker) and have always been into PT (JM convinced me to add a LOT more strength training to my cardio), but had zero skills when it came to first aid, trauma care, etc. Making steady progress in that area; not quite where I want to be, but getting there.
    Thanks for the books and all the free advice on this page John.

  9. Diz permalink

    As in most things, there is probably a bit of truth to both sides of this argument, vis-à-vis the leftist radicals. On the one hand, they espouse this anti-gun schtick, put co-exist stickers on their Volvos, and don’t eat meat. This might lead you to believe that they are pussies and essentially harmless. On the other hand, they do show up and protest, and are not shy about resorting to violence- at least with environmental weapons lying about.

    So yeah, if they AR-d up, they would probably resemble all the hadji vids on line, spraying over the top of cover for the cameras n such. But history has shown that just surviving the day is a victory for the guerilla, regardless of combat-effectiveness. Or maybe even in spite of it. I can think of several conflicts where the losers were far more combat-effective, but in then end, it didn’t matter; the “tide of history” or whatever was with the insurgents.

    The crazy thing is that the country has become so polarized, that reason and logic don’t really enter into it anymore. I don’t think most of the people out there protesting can really explain why they feel the way they do. They are just angry “at the other side” . I don’t really understand what their fucking grievances are, other than they are tired of being fucked by “the man”, or “the system”, or whatever.

    But in the end, it really doesn’t matter. The reality is a civil war is brewing. I don’t think either side is really ready. It will be ugly. And senseless. And really settle nothing. In other words, business as usual.

  10. IMHO it seems that there are a lot of people who have come back, are back, and are coming back from our never ending wars with IED knowledge. This may be more important than AR’s. Attach an IED to a drone, and it’s a cheap fearsome weapon.

    • pdxr13 permalink

      AR’s are “personal defense weapons” for guarding the bomb technicians. Artillery causes 85% of casualties, and well-placed bombs are monkey-simulations of artillery. Then, there are EFP’s for more stand-off and armored vehicle kills, also low-tech (1940’s chemistry/metallurgy) to build from a design template (Iranians make them VERY cheaply).

      Agree with proposal that history repeats, because people are the same. New-Improved rocks-clubs-blades-bombs (now with Artificial Intelligence Pilot _SkyNet_ and wideband sensors!), same old diseases and infectious corpses resulting from same-old Man.

      Don’t underestimate your opponent. He’s long figured out that a face exposed leads to being kidnapped from bed in 3 days. He’s a little broke, but highly motivated with wealthy benefactors, and will get rifles (+ quickie training) when/if useful. He already has a team, with spares. He has “safe houses” within walking distance of the Direct Action site. He is practicing coordinated tactical movements, with an understanding of the ROE that the police use. Portland is ideal for this practice, with a compact Downtown, next to a river with bridges every few blocks. They are training Cadre for here and everywhere, count on that.

    • Bob permalink

      Especially since there’s people who can use onboard computers to program a drone to fly to a predetermined spot via GPS.

  11. Wes permalink

    Who’s to say that there aren’t groups on the “left” that are now, or have been organizing, preparing, and training in opposition of the widely known fact, that people on the right have been doing it for nearly a decade.

    Even if they are not organized or trained right now doesnt mean shit either, look at the Ukraine situation, that went from 0 to knee deep in shit in about half a second, and started with protests.

  12. Greg Schindler permalink

    OK, help us crayon-eaters out here. I have been on every page on the website, I cannot find a link to WHERE TO BUY THE BOOKS. Will you please add a link somewhere, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe on the page that has the chapter listings? I know us Jarheads aren’t as smart as you SF types, but help out your allies a little, OK?

  13. You sound like a dipshit. You know whats stopping the well trained right from fighting back? Self restraint and the law. When the latter goes the former goes with it. You can train someone to operate an AR in 3 days but you can’t train them to operate it proficiently within the confines of chaos and to work as a team with it. What the right has the useful idiot communists (they aren’t anarchists dummy – they are statists theres a big fuckin difference) is millions of years of cumulative training.

    The antifas you’re talking about ARE pussies. They tried their tough guy act at the state capital in California with neo nazis and it was a blood bath. They were on TV crying and claiming victimhood. It would be a whole sale slaughter despite your thoughts on the matter. It would look like Afghanistan 2001-2002.

    • You should probably re-read the article, because your reading comprehension sucks.

    • Gunny 1960 permalink

      @ MT…I agree… “Silky” sounds like some 24 year old, ONE TOUR “vet” with a dope problem.
      The left is angry, organized, well funded and fanatical in their “mission”, while the “right” is NONE of the ABOVE!
      Most people do not live in Hicksville, USA surrounded by deer and giant squirrels..
      MOST of US LIVE LESS than a DAYS WALK from a MAJOR CITY or in the suburbs of said CITY.

      This is by far the BEST article and STRONGEST “wake up call” I have read in years.
      It is so ON POINT as to be simply scary, even to this old Gunny. (as the writing is now “off the wall” and in the streets for ALL to witness on CNN/FOX or whatever “news” you follow.

      The LEFT is already marching, destroying, vandalizing, and maiming AT WILL and with complete impunity.
      To deny this shows you are either mentally unbalanced, or some SHILL/TROLL.

      SILKY… Please stay behind your keyboard.. it will be safe for a while.
      You are now DISMISSED.
      E-7 Ret.
      Seattle, USA

    • How many Ranger,SEALs ect. Have been killed in the last 15 years by poorly trained low IQ dudes with old AKs? The will to kill for what you belive in has gotten alot of bad ideas a long way. Undestanding your enemy and yourself is key to winning, read Sun Tzu

  14. I admire your thinking on so many levels, and just last week ordered one of your books, but I have to admit I am one of those libtard leftists…who regularly carries a gun, trains with the best in the field (Southnarc, Sharp, Burch, Ellifritz…) and can probably come close, at least, to what you have mentioned are your performance standards with both rifle and pistol. I have no idea WTF you guys are talking about. If there was some big, organized ‘leftist’ movement, believe me, I would’ve heard about it. All I see is a bunch of people who are scared to death that a dangerous lunatic is now running the country unchecked by Congress, and maybe even the courts. But, yeah, you’re right, some of them are taking to the street, and some are getting their heads cracked, and some are doing completely counterproductive and meaningless shit (more evidence that there is really no organizing body behind much of anything). What I am trying to say, if you really think of yourself as a reality based person, please get to know the reality behind those you seek to demonize – you may find that there is no such person. If we sat down for a drink after a day at the range, and I kept my mouth shut about my political *opinions*, and pretty much ignored yours, we would have a nice time…I know this because I’ve done it with all the above mentioned training gurus, and I know you have too. You’re too smart to confuse characature with reality (and I’m apparently to dumb to spell it correctly)

    • I’m not speaking in caricatures. I’m speaking in broad generalizations.

      The ironic part, as Sharp, Burch, and Ellifritz could all tell you, some of my own views are pretty left of center too, on a few subjects. In fact, if you saw me on the street, these days, you’d be more inclined to guess I was on that side than the other (and really, I’m not actually on either). The point of this was less that the Left is a big, bad, boogeyman, and more that, there’s a whole lot of people with a major case of D-K.

      • European American permalink

        “and really, I’m not actually on either”

        Bingo, that’s the key. The world IS as you ARE, and, You DO Create your own Reality. Without trying to get too esoteric here, there are multiple Universes out there and it’s very easy to pick and choose which one to spend (quality) time in IF the consciousness is there supporting the action, i.e. one is established in THAT, allowing one to naturally and automatically circumnavigate through the veritable kaleidoscope of mindfields.

        BEING THERE, here, will be the ONLY safe place to BE in the next 5 to 10 years. My small arsenal, and preparation since ’81, is really quite meaningless with out THAT. Victory before War or by averting the danger before it begins, might best describe the primary objective, while simultaneously being “guided” to take the path of least resistance. I don’t want to shoot anyone and I don’t want anyone shooting at me. Been there, done that. It’s no fun…It’s just not any fun.

        And even though I have few guns, and honor and respect them, I only have them now to show the subtle demons that if push comes to shove, I will use them, but only as a last resort. In the meantime, I’ll stay in shape and watch the drama on the screen from afar…maybe from a couch.

        PS thanks for articulating your insights and vision. it was meaningful. I love it when people stir the pot and activate awareness in lethargic minds.

    • James Willie permalink

      Some Dud,

      “All I see is a bunch of people who are scared to death that a dangerous lunatic is now running the country unchecked by Congress, and maybe even the courts.”

      You are behind the times. Obama’s gone…

    • Anubis permalink

      (((Hello fellow gunslinging white people))) I really don’t like this TRUMP doing the same thing Bathhouse Barry did. How dare he use a list from Obama’s DOJ for the nations he isn’t accepting refusegees from, then mention the 6 month ban from Iraq in 2011. But nothing to see over here. You should take the high road like all the Cuckservatives who couldn’t even conserve little girls bathrooms from trannies.

    • Another Dude permalink

      Some Dude, you are naïve, or just lying. What I see here in Chicago are arrogant, hypocritical narcissists who are using Trump as an excuse to advance their own totalitarian agenda. And they are more organized than you or they care to admit.

      The city is covered with leftist organizations. Leftists infest all levels of government, and everyone knows that the mayor is an Obama crony. The Chicago Police Department is basically just a militia of the Democrats, and many of the pests have relationships which go back decades. For example, since the 1990’s, Lara Weber of the editorial board at the Chicago Tribune has known Judy Dever, deputy corporation counsel at the city’s law department. Judy, who had judicial ambitions even back then, has long known Tom Cullerton, now a senator in the Illinois general assembly. And once upon a time, back in Oct. of 1997, Tom spent the night in a bathtub after a Halloween party in Lincoln Park. (It was a modest success.) These people are on a first name basis, and they have many other mutual friends and acquaintances, too. If they want to do something, they can just casually pick up the phone and dial, like they did back in their younger days. So events can come together spontaneously and with little planning. (Of course I’m not saying that these particular individuals are directly responsible for the “anarchist” riot in Berkeley or the big protests on Sat, Jan 21.)

      Perhaps your problem is one of perception. You aren’t well connected, not even at the gun range where you practice to murder as many of your enemies as possible on the pretext of imposing “social justice” and resisting “a dangerous lunatic [who] is now running the country unchecked”. So you wrongly infer that there is little organization among leftists, or at least not a single mastermind who plans and guides all of you toward another of your many despotisms. This implies that you will be merely a useful tool during the civil war which leftists have already started. It suggests also that you are ignorant of leftist history. For example, Fidel Castro rose to power through a chaotic rebellion over which he did not have control. I would admit, however, that he helped to bring it about and benefitted greatly from the actions of “social democrats” who did much of the fighting and dying while removing obstacles in his way.

      It doesn’t need to be this way for you, however. If you really think of yourself as a reality based person, get to know the reality of which you claim ignorance. The knowledge you acquire now will reduce the odds of fatal disillusionment later.

  15. Thank you for this article. It made for very interesting reading. With regards to the current similarities of US and the Balkans in the 90’s, a well known ‘survivor’ of that time recently wrote this piece:

  16. Mike Davis permalink

    One should never underestimate the enemy. But one should be equally careful not to overestimate the enemy. What they do have is infallible belief in their screwed up ideals and a willingness to resort to violence. Sound like anything, perhaps the school bully. How did your father teach you to deal with the Bully?

    Most people on either side of the argument are sheep. The won’t train. They won’t prepare. They might buy a gun a couple of hundred rounds of ammo and think that they are protected.

    They are essentially the sheep.

    The wolves will act and will do so in packs. They will attack whenever they feel strong and run to the media when they are weak.

    Book suggestion for the non-sheep. “Secrets of Street Survival Israeli Style.”

    Second book suggestion which all reading this should have already bought, read and thought about.

    “Total Resistance”

    available in pdf form here.

    Class suggestions for the non sheep.

    1. CCW class with scenario based training.
    2. Marksmanship class
    3. tactical class covering light fighter tactics
    4.Patrol type class
    5. add information to taste

  17. somedude permalink

    the actions and actors on the street have sympathizer, if not out right leaders, in places of high positions of government. we have seen in many of these so called protest were the mayors, senators, etc have stood down police while the innocents were attacked and assaulted. if any right’ish leaning group stands up, you can be certain to be deemed the agitators, aggressors. we have sailed right past the island of the hero, we will be the bad guys, the terrorist, the aggressor.

  18. PSYOP permalink

    as always, spot on..

    regarding intel on OPFOR, here’s a nifty link that will get you info down to your fucking names in some cases, numbers and zip codes on the enemy….they are organized, have docs/strategies, etc…..add this shit to the books, culpers stuff and failure of civility…

    get comms, scanners and old fashioned 4×6 index cards, red, green and yellow stickers and start making lists of those naughty n nice and undecided……

    get local maps made and laminated at staples and start plotting shit out, it’s not if, but when, where and how bad….

  19. I think people really underestimate how difficult it is to break that psychological barrier into violence. It’s a much bigger deal than people think. Frankly, it frightens me that there seems to be such an imbalance in that area right now. People who want it more usually wind up writing the history books.

    • Anubis permalink

      Dan Savage was willing to lick doorknobs(actual on door doorknobs) of politicians on the right when he had the flue in order to win

  20. I’d like to thank Matt and my oldest boy for giving me a heads up on Mountain Guerrilla

    Good work

  21. Comrade X permalink

    …Prince Charming…in my own inimitable way…

    And pretty too!

  22. MNisic permalink

    Glad to have you pimping your wares, because now I have an excuse to ask you, on your blog, how a Canadian can get a hold of said post-graduate course.

  23. Sean permalink

    I used to serve with a Colonel who had two stars on his CIB, and only half a left foot. He was relaxed, toned, competent in the extreme, and vulgar all the time. Mountain Guerrilla, when I see what you write, I think of him. He really didn’t care for bullshit, and if your shit was weak, you were out of the unit like greased lightening. All of what you say is the straight dope, and people that want to quibble, disagree, and carp, are just pissing in the wind. The Left is already ENGAGED. They’re more prepared than we are, they’re in the field, right now, testing the environment, sizing things up on the actual battlefield, and demonstrating to our faces that our preps and training mean squat, without action. When we show up, if we ever do show up, we’ll find the field is already occupied by guess who? And guess who is already tapped into funding, infrastructure, media, bureaucracy, everything? Guess who has the numbers? And I mean the ones that can be actually counted? Guess whose normalcy bias is a brick upside the head, any head? I’m reminded of Captain Willard, in that hotel room in Saigon. “Every day Charlie squatted in the bush, he got stronger, and I got weaker”. You are right about the PT, and the key pounders need to turn it off, and get on the stick. We’re about to find out who has the stuff, and who is just stuffed.

  24. Anubis permalink

    For an actual bloodbath a couple of box of thumb tacks dumped on the outer loop of a Die Verse City will be all it takes to it to make it self destruct. A single accident in normal times can jam up a die verse city for a day, interrupt delivery of food stamp items and the Free Stuff Army will tear Die Verse Cities apart without any more help from us.

  25. This bit made my day, thanks.

    People are emailing me and asking, “John, what can we do?” “John, what should we be doing right now to get ready?” I see the same questions getting asked everywhere; Sam’s pages, Matt’s FB page, etc. Here’s the problem….
    WE ALREADY FUCKING TOLD YOU WHAT YOU NEEDED TO DO!!!!!! WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS!!! Hell, in Bracken’s case, he’s been telling you for over a fucking decade!

  26. KEVIN and KAY CHICOINE permalink

    I have all 3 of your books but cant find all those articles over the years you have written. Are they still available and what web address can they be found. Thanks for all your good work.

    Sent from my iPad

  27. God that was hilarious! Yeah and agreed, I saw it before when I was a kid, these folks don’t care when or where, they are believers…

  28. Jacob permalink

    With all due respect, Sir, I will be very curious how these young rioters maintain battlefield discipline after looking down at one of his comrades with half their head blown away. If they advance under those circumstances then we will indeed have a fight on our hands. It would be foolish not to prepare and take their retreat for granted but I am skeptical that they will will advance when heads start to explode.

    • Then, go read a fucking history book. You know, covering all the successful Leftist revolutions of the last century, that all started with “whining” college students.

      • KillaCommie4Fun4AGreenCardIcarvehimuprealgood permalink

        You’re conflating baby shit soft, middle class white kids, who were raised with participation trophies with people that lived in mud huts in the jungle killing and eating their own food. These people have never known struggle a day in their lives. These Berkeley rioters have 7 figure trust funds from their parents home equity and work at starbucks. 1 in a 100 might have the heart to actually fight.

      • Jacob permalink

        I’ve read a fucking history book or two, you know, like Sun Tzu, “if you know the enemy and know yourself you don’t have to fear the outcome of a hundred battles” my comment was a question assessing the strength and resolve of the enemy. see the comment below mine, he makes the point perfectly. Got it?

  29. I’ve been trying to warn friends, people just talk about going to the woods and train, and play soldier (some don’t even do that, they just stay home and play operator online). Don’t get me wrong, I also like it, but it’s not realistic. We need to train in clandestine operations, that’s what they are doing right now. They are training in the art of sabotage, spycraft, escape and evasion (urban style) …
    If this gets hot, that’s how it will go down, not in a forest guerrilla, not running around in BDU.
    Please tell people

  30. There is a deliberate deception going on that is manifested at the beginning of your post and that is that most people on the right see the SJW snowflakes as the face of the hard left’ “resistance.” This is a very deliberate deception to lull us into a sense of overconfidence. The reality is that the SJWs are merely useful idiots/canon fodder for the hard core anarchists of BLM, Antifa, etc., who, in reality, are well funded, well organized and have absolutely no qualms about committing violence, including killing folks. They are already armed. Antifa in Europe has literally taken over entire towns. One would be a fool to underestimate them, but underestimate them we do, because we lump them in with the quivering snowflakes looking for safe spaces. I would dare say that these committed anarchists are both better funded and organized than our side. I believe at this point, the odds are really good that it is going to come to armed conflict and there are going to more than a few folks on our side who are going to be surprised that it is not going to be the walk in the park they think it is going to be. Time to get serious.

  31. James permalink

    Thanks for this article,a few others have said the same thing and I have thought about it/tried to ready myself if things turn out this way.Yes,the pathetic crying of the dem supporters has gotten a bit funny,but I realise there are a lot more folks behind the “useful idiots”.

  32. M. Sage permalink

    Heh. Multi Cam. If fuckers were paying attention, they’d be hitting thrift shops and preparing to “camo up” as bums and road construction workers. Y’know, the people that we don’t really even look twice at as we drive by?

    This ain’t going to be fought in the wilderness, it’s going to be on the streets. People are way behind the curve in their mentality…

    • Already doing it. I have two fluorescent-yellow/orange “traffic directing” vests. I keep them in the truck. Once, I was in a restaurant wearing one, and a patron said to me, “I hope you guys don’t have to work in that nasty weather today.” Disguise functional!

      But JM is right: I need more PT and more training for my middle-aged self.

  33. Gunny 1960 permalink

    Please remove my prior comment if you ever plan to post it in the first place..
    I will not be visiting this page again.

  34. Another Dude permalink

    Here’s an essay by another delusional gun hugger who insists that victory is assured for “the people with all the guns and all the training”. That stated, he makes some good points about seeing the hateful, bloodthirsty left as it is.

    The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.
    By Kurt Schlichter

  35. Mike Ryan permalink

    Nice post John, thanks for the dope-slap.

  36. Bob permalink

    Here’s a good book on what the Weatherman organization was like from the inside:

    Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence

    The author actually sat down and interviewed a bunch of them. Ayers, Dohrn, Black Liberation Army guys, that crowd.

    In terms of violence, the new leftists aren’t to the level of Weatherman…yet.

  37. YIH permalink

    ”I see the same questions getting asked everywhere; Sam’s pages, Matt’s FB page, etc. Here’s the problem….”
    There’s another problem. Here’s how to do it right: Cut out the facebook middleman, email or print it out and ‘snail-mail’ it here instead:
    NO STUPID, they’re NOT ‘on your side’! You forgot about LaVoy Finnicum too, didn’t you?
    You want to facebook? Fine, post inspirational messages (not Christian ones, facebook doesn’t approve of that sort of thing) post pics of your pets, post jokes, post funny memes, IOW, NOTHING IMPORTANT. OPSEC, learn it, love it, DON’T facebook it!

  38. Roninvalhalla permalink


    I enjoyed your post! You were totally spot on with all of your colorful commentary :). If I might ask, in your post you mentioned, “culturally conditioned aversion to interpersonal violence”. How does one go about reconditioning themselves against this conditioning/normalcy bias?

  39. Dion Bafundo permalink

    Thank you for the smack to the head.. I needed that.

    Though I don’t post stupid shit I have had some of those stupid thoughts .

    Again thanks

  40. As one of the people that emailed you those exact questions (since I just found your stuff, realized my head wasn’t on straight, and am now trying to fix it), I thank you.

  41. Old 1811 permalink

    Something else almost nobody thinks about:
    If there is actually a shooting war in the U.S., it won’t be a two-way war. Does anyone think the Iranians or ISIS will just sit back and watch? It will end up as a three- or four-way war, and anyone who thinks the good guys will automatically win has spent too much time watching Red Dawn.

  42. Here’s a suggestion for clandestine training. Join your local volunteer fire department. More than half of the firefighters in the US are volunteers, yet almost every rural, small town, and suburban VFD is hurting for people — men and women.

    Learn the first aid, how to use radios, how to work as a team, and make personal connections with local sheriff’s departments, police, and other emergency personnell.

    If the shit ever does hit the fan, you will have some degree of organization and people whom you know already on your side, without having to start your own “militia.”

    • As a Volunteer Firefighter myself, for a long time now, I can actually tell you, the percentage is WAY higher than 50%. Something like 85%, IIRC.

      Beyond that, this is something I’ve been advocating to people pretty much since the inception of this blog. Thanks for the reminder!

      • You are the first person I have ever read who called the “Civil War” exactly what it WAS and explained the difference. Not the first EVER, probably…but the first I have ever read. In my family it has been referred to as The War Of Northern Aggression since I was in swaddling clothes.

  43. Roseman permalink

    Thanks for another thought provoking article.

    The difference between the response of the authorities to rioters has changed over time. Rioters in the sixties would be arrested when damaging property. Also, it was common to see armed business/property owners guarding their properties.
    Now, the police arrest armed property owners and allow the rioters to have at it.
    We are no longer a ‘nation of laws’ when the authorities pick and choose those laws they deem enforceable.

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